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Fluttershy, the timid bearer of the Element of Kindness, is soft spoken, soft hearted, and... well.... Soft.
She's easily frightened, terribly shy, and prone to hiding at the slightest provocation, yet, she lives only yards from a terrifying forest which is home to some of the most dangerous creatures in Equestria.
Her friends don't understand it; they can't reconcile the confusing disparity between her actions and her choice to literally live on the knife's edge of the wild, unforgiving, primal forest.
How can she not only live there, but thrive?

There's a storm coming, and if you're very quiet, you might just find out.

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Comments ( 17 )

I think it would behoove me to be following you.


I remember a time I sat against a tree, covered in snow, and a fox trotted up and sat in my lap. It sniffed my nose, then walked away.

I'm going to read this again.

Holy shit.
That wasn't a story, it was an experience. And a damn good one.

Atmospheric, lovingly decsribed, and an excellent, understated character study. This is a superb piece of writing. Well done.

Dangit that actually made me tear up near the end. Reminded me of the steam game "Dear Esther" This was poetry. You will be followed.

Am I allowed to ask a question about the very very end because I don't think I got the message?

My first suggestion would be to read it again.... it changes subtly with re-reading, but if you're still curious, hit me up with a message so other folks can experience it for themselves. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might be wondering about.

**Edited because I apparently don't notice when I double words up at 6am.

I'm glad SA caught wind of this, it's highly deserving. You say to look deep, and I do, and I have an idea or two about what I'm looking at, but even without it is a very beautiful piece you've written here.

That was literally one of the most moving stories I've read on this site. It's a perfect examination of Fluttershy's inner character, and how kindness and recognizing one's kinship with everything else in the world come from the same place in the heart. Thank you for this experience. :fluttercry:

So according to your author's note, there's a lot in this story that's going on very subtly and very quietly. Well shit. Chances are I didn't catch any of it.

Oh well, I liked it anyway. The story, while slow-paced, still managed to be engrossing. The narrative and the scenery felt serene and beautiful, and Fluttershy's characterization here was well done. I may not have picked up on what else was going on under the surface, but even at face value this was an enjoyable read.

With that said, I've read the story once. I've read the Seattle's Angels reviews of it (which led me to this story in the first place), and I've given it a like. And yet I feel like it would be a good idea to keep this on my read later list for the long term, just to give it a few rereads and see what I can pick up. That's not to say I'll do it, but it seems like a good idea. :twilightblush:

This was really nice. You didn't use many short sentences, and your story's first half was rather mellow. Regardless, I'm very glad I was able to read this story, for yur characterization was facinating. Fluttershy is not weak, and she's barely timid. Her actions in society are just a consequence of the life she lives. She's almost of a different culture. At the very least, she's of a different worldview.

I once stood at a broad window during an overcast afternoon, listening to distant thunder rolling across the countryside. It was one of the most epically peaceful and moving things I've ever experienced of the outdoors, and I wished desperately to go outside to wait for more; unfortunately, I was too sleepy at the time do do jack squat.

The story reminds me of that very same feeling. [Additionally, the fluid, poetic prose reminds me of Autumn's End, by Martian.] You painted some fairly vivid images of nature's gentle and wild beauty, as you did with Fluttershy's own nature. Since one of the key pieces of Fluttershy's character is being at one with nature, describing them both in tandem the way you did was very effective in bringing that fact to light. Looks to me like an accomplishment.

There's just this little hiccup right here:

Small fronds danced lazily in the afternoon sun as she approached, glowing golden in the afternoon sun as the occasional bead of water decorated their leafy boughs.

You also have "she continued on" several times in a cluster of paragraphs. But nothing's perfect, amiright?

Always thankful when folks find glitches. Fixed one, fixed another in the following line, and I'll read over again to see if the 'continues on' were intentional or if I simply wasn't paying enough attention. <chuckles>

Danke danke!

Beautiful (even though I don't understand it all). Perfect Fluttershy. :yay:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

7569655 I don't suppose you could PM me the correct interpretation? Because I have no idea what it is.

<chuckles> I'll message you what I was thinking, but I strongly suggest re-reading and feeling it out before tainting your thoughts with the results of that message. Stories are meant to be alive, after all, and I'd hate to steal a bit of that from you.

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