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In a sunless world, there's no hope of light touching the world again. An evil Queen has plunged the world into a everlasting night, with elements of darkness and chaos leading her armies to total conquest. Ponies have lost their freedom and are forced to work as slaves in harsh conditions. It's only natural for a rebellion to bring the light back to a dark world, as well as the harmony that should have been there all along.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 4 )

Seems good so far, however, you may want to get a proof-reader, I noticed a couple of mistakes. Interested in where this story will go.

seems pretty intresting! i just hope there is more gore in the later chapters

this is brilliant! I just gotta wonder which of the elements have become General cruelty

7339404 Isn't it obvious? Element of Kindness corrupted = Cruelty

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