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Samual Cronan was happy with his life. He was 16 and his life was set sail on a path to a great future. But he has always had an itch for adventure, he is a brony and has always fantasied of going to the world of ponies, Equestria.

You can obviously guess how happy he was when it actually happened. He and his dog Riley were ready to start a new life. Befriend the locals, party with Pinkie Pie, save Equestria with his new friends, maybe even catch the heart of Rainbow Dash.

But fate thought different of his stay there, and all he expected was wrong and he now has to fight against his most praised dream to stay alive.

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It's good to know that Samual does have back up lol! Glad you all enjoy it

There are grammar errors here and there

Yeah, srry about that, I'll fix them up

sweet work, thanks for the update. But you need to add some tags for the characters appearing

When's the next chapter coming?

4408736 very soon, iv just been a bit busy lately

4421893 Well, he would is covered in wounds and burns from escaping the house. The one on his leg was the worse.

When s the next chapter coming out?

4507942 Soon as I can, srry for the lack of attention to the story, its just that its getting near the end of school for me which means exams and final projects. I'll try to get another chapter out as fast as i can.

School is done and I have free time! A chapter is on the way!

good to see you back dude, nice work as usual

When s the next chapter coming out?

Hope the next chapter comes soon

When's the next chapter coming

Greatly sorry for the lack of attention. My internet has been out for months! I will have to catch up on the lost time!

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