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There will be multiple titles in here so watch out.

A unicorn colt wanders into Ponyville only to be greeted by Pinkie Pie of all ponies. After getting him to agree to stay the night she takes him to meet her friend Twilight Sparkle. But this colt is accompanied by a strange yet familiar presence.

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Gonna track out of interest. Probably going to read later.

I'm liking this story, your doing well in my opinion so tracking and I hope to see what happens.

Yes, yes... Very interesting. Shall be tracking.

Just a heads up: I won't be posting any chapters tomorrow or the day after that because I'm writing the grade 10 literacy test 2 days from now. (fun) So please be patient and if I don't have a headache I might have the mental capacity to get another chapter up the day after tomorrow.

Interesting so far

Rainbow sounds like a bithe right there. I know what she means though. Just wish that people would make her a little smarter.


I seem to be running into that sort of problem. I can't exactly pinpoint Dash's character. At this point I was trying to show that she was loyal to Princess Luna because Tag almost killed her, although later I think I get a little closer to her real character. Please keep in mind that this is my first attempt at writing something over 10,000 words and I'm still finding my voice/ everything else in writing. Thanks for noticing though. (I don't actually know what a bithe is so I'm going to assume you mean that she was being aggressive)


418642I meant bitch Ha! oops misspelling.

Horrible doctors and nurses I mean really.

I'm pretty sure Discord is lying.

Lol forgot to hit the publish button on Tuesday. Sorry about that.

-Management (Tag)

This chapter makes my head hurt. It's still a great chapter, just confusing as all hell.

only two words can describe this: Excellent and SWAG!:pinkiehappy:


Well things got twice as complicated as they were before

Yay:yay:. I was starting to lose interest but this has just now gained it back.

I'm truly sorry to say, but I don't think there will be much reference to this in the near future. I will be exploring the entire human aspect at another time. Forgive me if you've lost interest in the series but do look out for the next storyline thingie that should come out around the time I finish this Discord story arc.


I'd like to start with MOTHER OF ALL UPDATES...

Anyways, I've followed the The Shadows Saga since atleast chapter 3... and I must say you've improved your writing skills considerably since then.

So, about the chapter(s).
They all flow well, with a great deal of information about the story, do keep this level of writing up.

A question though... how long do you intend to have The Shadows Saga be? :p


The next one is the last one. I have quite a bit of work to do. :raritywink:


EDIT: I've been meaning to say it but find myself at a loss for words so I guess I'll just wing it. Thank you to everypony who enjoys reading my stuff; I'm glad that I've been able to find an audience who likes it. And thinks for leaving comments with feedback, helps me improve.


Great job on this arc!

Will the other stories be on this story, because it says that this is incomplete.


Sorry 'bout that, I'm kinda new here. <_< Fixed it though. :pinkiehappy:


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