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I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.

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A decent opening to this story, though I'll wait to vote on it till there's more of it.:unsuresweetie:
:trixieshiftleft:Also I thought you were concentrating on Suitors, Consort, and Celestial Mother?:trixieshiftright: Speaking of which, where is the chapter of Celestial Mother you were working on a week ago?:unsuresweetie:

the ending seemed a little rushed but overall, good.

Uhm... is this anthro or not? I don't mind if it is but it's not exactly clear. Most of the time they are using their hooves but at least once it was mentioned that Twilight had fingers.

Sorry, Sorry but I need to say this:

"Luna shook her head, “but thou art there leader Twilight"
Should be
"Luna shook her head, “but thou art their leader Twilight"

This is the only kind of grammar mistake that annoys me, but i need to say it.

4096057 Let it be hooves... Let it be hooves! :twilightblush:

Gait is how you walk, gate is a portal to an area.

And I only have one question really, why is it a good idea for Luna to save herself for someone who will save her and no one else? Realistically she's a goddess, and wouldn't need saving from about anything, and even if she did save herself for her saviour, what then after they died? Go cold turkey with sex until the next convenient kidnapping?

shoot, I thought I removed everything like that.

I confess, I kinda got caught up in this idea.....:fluttershyouch:.....please don't hurt me!

you had something you wanted to talk to me about something

Got a repeated word here; fix please! Other than that, this is the beginning of an excellent story. When Celestia finds out who the "mystery mare" is, I can just imagine poor Twilight and Luna fleeing through Ponyville from Celestia's wrath to this tune...

i love how it going so far can't waite to read more.

This going above normal.

Head into Knight Templar level of OVERPROTECTIVE


As Luna stated, she kind of went a bit overzelous with the whole saving herself thing, also she may have had a thing for fairy tails when she was younger, which lead to her little dream.

As for the whole mate dying thing, :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: lets just say she has that covered.

Happening Now.
Celestia: Someone Is sleeping with my sister, UNACCEPTABLE! DUNGEON!!!! MILLION YEARS DUNGEON!!!!!!!!!

interesting way of playing out....

Seperately finds out Twilight is 'bedding' another pony
Celestia: Someone is sleeping with my faithful student, UNACCEPTABLE! DUNGEON!!!! MILLION YEARS DUNGEON!!!!!!!!!

Finds out their with each other...
Celestia: ... Well Shlt! what now?

You know, when I read fics, I sometimes get jumpy leg in my right leg when something's about to go down. It was going crazy (and is still twitching after this:

“Whoever you are my little pony,” thought Celestia as she let her fiery gaze fall on the town, “I can promise you one thing for daring to touch my sister. You. Will. BURN!"

Tracked and liking where this is going so far. Hope to see more of this story! :twilightsmile:

4100077 You and that emoticon...no...just...


Comment posted by BarrenBaron deleted Mar 19th, 2014

oh ewe not in that way god.

Oh that was it, dam responsibility, dam her royal composure,

Dams are purposely built river/waterway blockers (or in animal terms, the mother), while Damn is what you meant, to curse or condemn.

I think in the previous chapter you had something like 'Does thou', which i think should be 'Dost thou', to be correct, in (only partially jokingly) ye olde speake. Unless 'Dost' is the formal variation of 'Do' in that instance... Someone with better literature history knowledge than my own, which is frankly very limited, would know.


Something like this maybe....

Celestia: Seperation!!!! Million year seperation!!!!!Twilight, you get to live on the other half of the world, Luna you're with me.



Enjoy the pic. TwiLestia FTW OTP.

Hey that's my OTP as well, I just like to experiment outside my favorite ship, but if it is Twilestia you are looking for, and if you haven't checked it out yet, why not take a gander at Teacher No More, it has some tie in's to some of my other stories, but it is still an enjoyable story.

I was interested in this until you wrote Celestia as an overprotective maniac to manufacture some kind of conflict.

You kind of got Luna's talking pattern wrong

No, I did not make her like that to manufacture conflict, I made her like this to give Luna a reason to hide it from her till she was ready. Besides that, I have another bit of conflict planned that does not involve Celestia's overprotective habits, even though by overprotective sibling standards Celestia could have done worse.

I like these pairings with Twilight, but there is one thing that always bugs my head cannon, where the buck is Spike?:flutterrage:

In a pocket demention next to Twist.

On the contrary. That's the thing that made me favorite the story. Clopfics and romances in general have a huge problem with keeping things interesting. Sex alone simply can't cut it for a multi-chapter story and most of the time the conflict that is generated is rather stale and boring (oh no, Luna has to return to Canterlot! Whatever is Twilight going to do?). This keeps things interesting, and provides for some decent comedy as well. Sure it's a little over the top and OOC, but that's what the [AU] tag's there for.

you know no matter how many times I look at your profile pick, it still gives me the willies every time I see you comment.

Not bad, not bad at all! :pinkiehappy:

And Celestia inadvertently manages to greatly diminish her chances of catching the one taking "advantage" of her little sister. Good job. :rainbowlaugh:

I know, I thought it was genius.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I banged your sister.

But, but, the Royal We is adorable!!!

And... How dare you neglet us... :fluttercry: I thought we ment more to you...


I love your story thus far by the way. Can hardly wait for the next chapter. Its gonna be a fun time! :pinkiehappy:

Why can't Luna tell Celestia she only masturbated instead?

4291767 Because the smell of having sex is very unique. Rubbin da hoof on da flower doesn't quite smell the same as having actual sex.

this is a great ch. keep on writing dude

Plus, one usually doesn't scuff up their fur in the manor of which it was scuffed.


I haven't seen anybody portray this side of Celestia yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how this is all going to go to hell. Cause it's gonna happen. :trollestia:

Oh wait till she finds out Twilight is fooling around with somepony, she is going to flip.


What did poor Twilight ever do to you, huh? This is shaping up to be a revenge fantasy. :twilightoops:

4298178 and that somepony happens to be her sister. Celestia is either gonna have a heartattack or have the greatest freak out ever

oh i'm so exsited a party and a lil fun and a secreat how facnating can't waite to read more of ur gifted story so i going to read another one that was written by u as i waite for the upcomeing chpaters. is so so so love reading.:twilightsmile: :rainbowwild:(thats becuse ur an egg head) hey no fair.

Thank you, and it makes me happy that you are taking the time to read some of my other stories, just be prepared, some of them are chalk full of grammar errors that I still have to fix.

4331058 oh don't be a sillygilly grammer may bee messed upp but i got the just of it i to have spelling issues and ik how u feel it is not easy to accept but i will enjoy it all the same. :twilightsmile:

Nah, I have a lot of readers who enjoy the them despite the errors, I just like to warn people ahead of time.

4331440 that is quite alrigt then it gives the story a personality now that i think about it. :twilightsmile:

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