• Published 17th Mar 2014
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Her Princess Charming - Futile Task

A reclusive student, a lonely princess, and a simple dream that brings them together.

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like mother liek daughter i guessing.

I can only imagine how nice diplomatic stationary feels to touch and write on.

congrats on fixign the Buffalo issue. the cannon reason was so dumb. you can move a stampede. but making bones in it actually made it important

Well I remembered them calling them their sacred stampeding grounds in the show, and usually when something is sacred that either means its a sight of religious significance, or it is a place where the dead are buried. I simply went with the latter.

like I said you actually made it make sense. the show didn't

I have no idea what to say about the fic so far. From one side it feels like something that has to be done in the first place and makes sense. On the other everything so easily and conveniently fall into place that I can see giant Mary Sue looming over the horizon. But that's not a specific mare in your story, it's the entire story. I like it so far, but can't get rid of this odd feeling.

Great chapter. Keep up the great work.

Great work can't wait for more please

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