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we comin to get u nigger

Okay. Not my fault you take porn so seriously.

That was pretty good.

Comment posted by Caesura deleted May 5th, 2014

we are many. we are legion.

We are the people who stalk the night. We are...cloppers

Interesting. I'd like to see this continued, but ithis needs to be said: get yourself an editor to proof-read, I spotted a few mistakes but nothing major.

I'm Kaidan, and this is my favorite story on the internet.

You just want to see her use dragon dildo, don't you. :ajsmug:

If she won't, I will use it.

My stupid Read Later list is always filling up as fast as I'm trying to empty it. :derpytongue2:
Ugh...too many good concepts! :rainbowlaugh:

The three of us can use it together.

I must make more to fill up your Read Later list...

To to pay her bills as well as but the supplies

So does she shove her pet supplies up her ass? :twilightblush:

What is with all the sexual Fluttershy stories? I swear it's like fimfiction wants me to keep raising Fluttershy's position on my best pony list!

I feel as wacky as Domo Genesis from Odd Future
For some reason

4339882 why can't the people on my stories be thus nice about telling me my stories are full of errors? I mean it's not like I don't know they are. I just wish those that feel like telling me would not be dicks about it.:moustache:

I don't know why I clicked it...but I don't regret it :twilightblush:

that's a good skype chat you have there.....

It is not bad.I hope it updates soon.Keep it up!javascript:smilie(':yay:');

Why, why, whywhywhywhy, why, why why~


I am the next incarnation of mohammed


Strangely enough. this meets my tastes for today.:heart:

what skype chat is this

God help us all. You are bad as you are....

Waiting patiently

k maybe a bit impatiently

You're lucky I enjoy stories with deep dark secrets..... :pinkiecrazy:

It was going to be one of those nights.

:pinkiegasp: tell me more... :pinkiehappy:

wow..this is quite funny. :) enjoy

Just noticed that the bunny has the Me Gusta face.

This has potential. You do need an editor/proofreader, of course. Lots of little mistakes that could be avoided with a good proofread.

The idea of Fluttershy testing sex toys for a living is amusing, and I like that this is anthro for some reason. Also, the whole thing with Discord at the end feels like some kind of weird sitcom and made me laugh.

Not quite ready to upvote just yet, but definitely tracking. :twilightsmile:

Also, please just ignore the trolls. Some people exist simply to aggravate others. :ajsleepy:

To to pay her bills as well as but the supplies needed for her line of work, Fluttershy takes up a well paying job.

This glaring mistake is in your story description. How how you managed to let it continue to do so?

That was quite good. Good description and set up the setting quite well.

So Discord's......a friend with benefits then........:yay:

4342469 This mohammed?

I regret nothing:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I like this, I will watch closely from the shadows...:pinkiecrazy:

Hey can you have her use a magically charged dildo for that extra 'tinglelyness" factor?:pinkiehappy:

:ajbemused:Mikal you perverted, bastard hellspawn...
that's actually not a bad idea...

It is the author's decicion wheather or not he chooses to bring to life my brother's perverted fantasies...

two words... Me Gusta :trollestia:

4339704 dude, that's racist!

I am definetly faving this one!

"Discord, I need your 'help' again!"
:facehoof: on Celestia what have I gotten myself into :trollestia:

This was good I hope this continues

Comment posted by The Traveler12 deleted May 8th, 2014
Comment posted by The Traveler12 deleted May 8th, 2014

4354052 I'm probably going to get all of broy kind on my ass for this, but is it really that racist anymore? I mean, nowadays black people, or afroamerican for those who think I'm being utterly insensitive, use "nigga" as a kind of slang word amongst themselves. They use it as an endearing word to close friends and people they respect but also to others of the same ethnicity. They call each other nigga. I mean, if we look past the historical implications, why is it so wrong that a white person says it or calls someone like that unless they use it as a blatant insult?

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