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Matthew Penn

I'm just a guy who writes imaginary stories about colorful horses.


It began as a normal day as always, until somepony thought it was a good idea to steal Scootaloo's scooter when she was out to get ice cream. When she is enraged by this treacherous ordeal, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle decide to help her find it. But can Scootaloo keep her anger in check?

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I r confuzzled

Comment posted by Matthew Penn deleted Mar 15th, 2014

was a good story, really surprised the haven't taken this route already. besides the fact she aint confirmed to be an orphan, and I doubt it would get broken, then again it could lead to a new bonding experience for dash and scoots where the go to cloudsdale to get her a new/better one

A few spelling errors, good idea, but a cartoonish plot needs cartoonish content, otherwise it's inconsistent.

One more thing, break up the story more, it kindA scares people of when you white wall of text.

Well, while well written, it just wasn't what I was looking for. I give it 8/10. Anyhoodle, might someone link me to something where DT/SS actually get the shit beaten out of them? Preferably by Scoots, but any of the CMC is good too.

6164736 Diamond Tiara getting beat up was never my intention for the story. She may be the most hated character on the show, but if I ever wanted to show her get beat up severely but anyone, it will be a serious and impactful moment that affects both parties involved.

6164736 I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a jerk. I just don't want to give Diamond Tiara a black eye just for the sake of giving her a black eye.

6165499 It's fine. It was good. Quite well written, I might add. It just wasn't what I really wanted to read at the moment. That's most certainly not your fault, that's on me.

Will they ever find out who took the scooter in the first place though?:fluttercry: :applecry: :raritycry: :unsuresweetie: :rainbowderp: :rainbowhuh:

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