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A day in the life of a young Derpy. She wakes up, has breakfast, and ventures onward into the wonderful adventure of life. Who knows what mischief she'll get herself into?

Author's Note:
Last one's coming up. ^_^

Pre-read by MissingLink and sunnypack
Edited by Hopeless Appraisal

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 32 )

:pinkiegasp:Cuteness overload heart attack and I'm dead GACK!!!!!..................

This story was heartwrenchingly adorable and sad. Equal parts cute, depressing, heartwarming, and silly.

...I kinda want a sequel chapter where Butt adopts Vinyl and gets permission from Derpy's folks to raise her alongside Derpy. That would be an absolutely adorable story to read.


Derpy: Have you seen my Butt?

I lost it at that line.

Well. That was unexpectedly powerful. I thought I was getting something silly and cute! Not silly, cute and heartwrenching!

Congrats you somehow managed to knock this fic onto one of my all time favorite Derpy stories. Good on you mate!

This... was a nice change of pace. Lots going on underneath the bonnet. Light in places, heavy in others.

Good Job, Doge.

This is too adorable, man. Great job, a heart-stoppingly cute sequel would be wonderful if you're up for it.

“No, I’m going to sleep as me,” I say, smiling.

The most powerful line in the story.

Well done!

"Have you've seen my Butt?"

Classic :derpytongue2:

5801410 I can't find my Butt!

Okay this story is gonna get a lot of love from me, I already posted the review on the front page of the group I help run... HERE So I'm not gonna repeat myself. Suffice it to say this was wonderfully written and it truly made me smile.

In total it will receive a gold star, upward facing thumb, and a star on the Nonpareil walk of fame, otherwise known as our featured section.

Thankyou for sharing this story with us. I'll see you at the next chapter.

Now that the pre-reading reaction to the cover art is out of the way, I shall adventure this into my read later list, since I'm about to drop dead from a pain in my everything from work today.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I don't know about a sequel, though.

The heart wrenching tag is invisible, but it's there. I promise.

I'm a filthy stinking liar.

D'aw. Thanks.

Did you know that adorableness cures pain in your everything? True story.

Also, pfffff. That image is silly.

Thanks for your kind words, the review, and the feature. I'm glad you enjoyed my ramblings.

The feels ... Sequel [/ize] Sequel SEQUEL Very good story.

5805574 I only said what I felt was true, but you are quite welcome.

Pssshhhhppbbttt! Fsssssshh! Eh? Interesting choice. Clearly she's gone with sustained blast lasers. I always opted for Pyooow! Pyoow! lasers myself.

Author Interviewer

Good lord, that was cute and a half!

I have been away for awhile, and what do I do upon getting back but feel like reading this story through again (among other favorites). And I just gotta say again, I absolutely love the way it turned out! So much fun, adorable, and heart stretching one right after the other. You have really gotten so good at this style of writing. I hope some more inspiration of this kind sneaks up when you have free time cuz I love this stuff!

And yes, adorableness is the best cure. I freely admit to bingeing on I'm a Cat and its sequel after crawling back from Twilight's Inferno. No better pick-me-up so far!

. . . . and derpy's/ditzy's adoptive space marine father.

. . . . 10 years later. Derpy the dutyfiul, the slayer of dragons, the one mare army, the wall-eyed Witcher, The reclaimer of the Elements of harmony, . . . . and he daughter of a millennial old astartes that's exponentially badass then her.

I concur that this is a wonderful story, with so much going on outside the comprehension of poor little Derpy's innocent gaze. I've often said the best use the show could make of her would be for her to be a sort of pony Forrest Gump. I saw an inlking of that in episode 100, and I wish her part had been more fleshed out. As the clumsy, but good-hearted mare responsible for th invitation mix-up, she should have been the primary supporting character role.

I'm so curious as to what her parents do. They're obviously outrageously rich.. and the hint is that their employer may just be Celestia herself, if not somepony very high-ranking inn the nobility, such as Fancy Pants.

I do actually like that it's left ambiguous as to whether they take care of Derpy out of love or merely obligation due to their status. Keeping them so busy, too busy it seems to even finish a glass of wine at home, perfectly disguises the truth of the relationship with their mentally impaired daughter, and thus subtly sweeps under the rug the potential backlash of readers against uncaring or cold parents. We get hints, but not quite enough to form perfect conclusions. And that is proper since that isn't the point of the story.

I shall now besto a like upon the story, that all may know it has received my blesing! :raritywink:


Do you mean iNvisible, or is that on purpose?

“I lost my Butt.”

This line. Just yes.

I want to know what Derpy's parents do!

Because then, when I know what they do, I will truly be able to say HEADCANON ACCEPTED!

To be honest, it's been a while, but I believe that I pictured them as high-ranking officials and/or diplomats in Celestia's court when I wrote this.

6895860 Ah, wonderful. I myself pictured Mafia.

The foalhood of Vinyl Scratch and Derpalina Ditzy Doo Whooves.

This is by far one of the most amazing stories I've ever read. I love it to absolute bits. Absolutely awesome work ^-^
In fact, it's so awesome, I'm going to give it my Holy Muffin award - it's what I give to stories that I find amazing and are completely unparalleled. Awesome stuff!

:derpytongue2: This desperately needs a sequel! Hell, I'd PAY to read more stories like this. Great job! Please write more of these characters and their shinanigans. :twilightsmile:

Not sure why but I didn't really read this as derpy. Never the less this is an amazing story and it desperately needs a sequel.

Full review here, but in brief: lives up to that "Cute" description for the most part, though there are occasional hints of something darker in the background later on. This is a fic that should be tagged [Slice of Life]/[Adventure] if only that was allowed...

I nod. “Butt always says to not take things that aren’t mine.”

Says the ponies who steals stuff earlier:derpytongue2:

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