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    Scootaloo is growing up: new feelings course through her body, her father gives her 'The Talk', and she thinks she might have a crush on a certain filly to boot. Aren't fillies supposed to date colts?
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...Dafaq I just read?

I found this too cute! It would be really interesting to see more on the relationship between Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Your story was really well written and very naughty. Nicely done!

The best pillow sex fic I have ever had the pleasure to read! :heart:

4063878 The best Fic of all time

If I might suggest breaking up some of the larger paragraphs and just spacing them out, it feels like a wall of text. I'd definitely like to hear more about your Scoota/Belle shipping. Overall, very sweet and cute. :raritywink:

I'm not sure if this should be tagged romance...

4063878 It may seem like Scootaloo humping a pillow, but it's actually a metaphor for the government and society. Think about it.

4063919 Thanks! I will definitely see about that! I can't do long term fiction, unfortunately. I get drained too quickly. But I appreciate the support!

4063921 Your too kind! But you probably haven't read much pillow sex fanfiction, have you?

Well, well. What do we have here? A brand new fic to sink my teeth into? Well, praise the sun and everything else associated with such a thing being made.

This was pretty adorable.

I would agree with Marnssj that it feels a bit wall of textish. Could use more paragraphs and spaces.

Thanks! You'll have to let me know how that spacing works. I'm not so great with paragraphs and such.

I figured it'd be safe with the implied crush on Sweetie Belle

Well I think it's already looking much better right now. :yay:

Also, yes more ScootaBelle sounds like a good idea. :scootangel:

You have a small error.

Being an adult is awesome!.

Despite that, this wasn't bad for only 1,000 words. It was simple and childish but in a good way that worked for how short it was.

Scootapillow new OTP

You're right!

Being an adult sucks.

I read a fic about Applejack shoving an apple up her anus
I'm pretty sure I can handle a fic about Scootaloo molesting a pillow

I'll read this later after I'm done eating

4064004 Much better spacing. Ya done good, kid. :rainbowwild:

10/10 and yes to more.

:rainbowlaugh: No, he means that you accidentally typed a period after the exclamation point in "Being an adult is awesome!." The period isn't supposed to be there.
Oops, sorry. My mistake; I checked the chapter and I guess I was seeing things because I thought you hadn't fixed it.

A story about Scootaloo having her way with a pillow? Sure, why not. :derpytongue2:

Good read!

For shame. ScootaBelle is clearly the best.

I assure you, no pillow's or Scootaloo's were harmed in the making of this fic.


Oh gosh, it's not that good!

I know, it's fixed!

I read my clop fics while listening to this song.:rainbowkiss:

How mad are her parents gonna be when they come hone to find their pillow all stained and smelly.

That's why she burns the pillow. Or throws it out. Or keeps it hidden in her closet for later? :scootangel:

Or maybe she tries to clean up her mess by licking it up. :scootangel: "What mess?" :rainbowlaugh:

High Roller kinda said what I was thinking at the end...
You need to write what hapened when her parents find her!


We'll see! Long term isn't my thing - I struggle with being too mentally exhausted, but this was one of my first foray's into fic writing. I realize that I haven't given myself credit for my writing abilities in the past. Now that I've got this out, I might have more.

The initial reaction could later come with the ScootaBelle ship. We'll see.

That's how I feel with my writing! I get one chapter posted and it does well for my writing ability, then I can't find the motivation to complete it! :raritydespair:

She immediately bite don't on a mouthful of pillow.

Eh? EDIT: bit down?

So..... I read that. And I liked it. Very much.
I'm a bit nervous, though, to write this here so openly, but I just came to terms with it that I like foalcon, after almost a year struggling with me, and I'll accept myself completely with it.

Very good story, I really liked it and enjoyed it. :scootangel:

And I'm also interested in it to find out what happens when her parents come home and find her like that. Cause her decision at the end, that some minutes sleep couldn't hurt, sounds a bit like that she will sleep for too long.

And I hope she will keep the pillow. For later. :scootangel:

I can't believe this reception! What is happening?


People like what they like. Doesn't make you better or worse a person, except if you're someone who tries to deny it.

And we'll see what happens with the pillow!

I think I wrote parts of this so fast that words were confused and I typed completely wrong things in.


I can't believe this reception! What is happening?

A good story, that is happening! :ajsmug:

People like what they like. Doesn't make you better or worse a person, except if you're someone who tries to deny it.

Thanks for your kind words. :twilightsmile:
Now that I accepted that, I really feel much better and I'm happy that I did that step.
Feels wonderful, to be exactly, like I could do everything. :pinkiehappy:

And we'll see what happens with the pillow!

Just go on that slowly. It may be hard for you to write longer stories, but in the end it's all about trying and practicing.
Babysteps, everypony, babysteps. :yay:

And It's in the popular stories box! Woohoo!

Reading the description and looking at the cover art and title I knew this was going to be a good read. Was I wrong? HELL NO this was awesome! It felt a little short but I think there should be a sequel maybe of Sweetie Belle doing the same thing imagining it was Scootaloo and then the two coming together and confessing their love. :P Just a thought but I would like to see more scootabelle for sure. Or at least more from you.

I'm touched!

Yes, it was short. That is the nature of a one-shot. It's designed to be only one scene long.

However, as I've decided, you will see more. Hopefully soon.

4066040 well I do really like clop fics. Yes please continue!


Congratulations! :pinkiehappy: It's earned! :ajsmug:

:scootangel: gotta clean that pillow now

more scootabelle, they adorable!

Not bad. It felt rushed, but as you said it's a One-Shot, and that's the nature of a one-shot; even more so with a clop fic. :ajsmug:

I share the same opinion of several here, that a continuation would be nice. Seeing the ScootaBelle ship set full sail, and I'm especially interested in that since this is the first time I've heard of that ship. Normally I'm opposed to anything Foal-con, and strongly at that, but this doesn't seem to qualify as such in my book. This is masturbation pretty much, and I'm fairly sure that it wouldn't count as foal-con if it's between Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo since they're the same age (My problem is with adults going on kids -- just no... :ajbemused:)

Anywhoo, for just over a thousand words, this has all the right stuff. Just enough detail to know what's going on without extraneous descriptions. Very few errors and grammar flows rather nicely. I would have liked a small explanation as to why her parents were gone that whole day, but that's just me~ :twilightsheepish:

I also saw that you stated that continuations aren't your thing, but would you consider, maybe, a series of one-shots that circulate around the Scootabelle ship? Like someone already suggested, Sweetie Belle doing the same thing or something similar, and develop from there perhaps? Just a suggestion. :scootangel:

However, whether you don't do it or decide to, this was a good read. :twilightsmile:

Isseus #43 · Mar 11th, 2014 · · 11 ·

EWWW! More of this foalcon shit that keeps coming up more and more every day? Is it because of that shitty CMC episode? Argh! There's so much wrong with this that I can't even...

Okay, first off, the main problem with this fic is that it's too short and rushed. 1k words? Really? It should have been ten times that. Preferably a multi-parter with such chapters.

Secondly, a pillow? Meh, I'd rather read about Scoots sexing up Sweetie, or about the dream she had after the pillow. She seems to have the hots for the other filly, so go for it. Inanimate objects don't moan when you give them tiny little spanks when you lick them. Pillows don't sweat or squeal out your name. Sure, Scoots was imagining those, but it was still... a pillow.

Thirdly, and this ties in with the first one, the descriptions are way too vague. 'Spooning' seems to be about 500 out of those 1k words. Get a thesaurus and go wild!

Fourth, this story was screaming for a Twist Ending, like the door of the bedroom opening and Twist walking in. Hell, even a normal twist ending with Scoots' parents coming home because they'd forgotten something and finding her splayed across their bed dripping cunnyjuice all over the place.

Fifth...ly? You've tagged this as random, even though it's a perfectly normal slice-of-life story. Heck, even the Romance tag is arguable, but at least it has some feelings involved, but why Random?

So in conclusion: write more and better. I barely got my pants down before it was over. Damn foalcon. :twilightblush:

Thank you for the review!
I'm actually glad that this can come across as something digestible for people who aren't really into the whole foalcon thing. It means the story keeps up with a certain level of detail, without being too graphic as to make people feel uncomfortable. I like to think I have more quality in my writing then to write about vagina's the entire time, and what a vagina looks like.
A series of one-shots is a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'll be honest, my first reaction was to delete your comment. It's neither analytical, nor constructive, but here goes.
First off, you bash foalcon a few times (If there's one thing I've learned about the internet, or people as a whole, it's that they will like what they like. Sure, it may not be what you like, you may even detest it, but that doesn't keep the world from continuously turning anyway. Besides, the beauty of the internet is that there are things like tags and mature content filters. If you don't like it, why the hell did you read it? I very clearly stated it was foalcon and pillow molestation.). But then you retcon worse then Hasbro when they decided Pinkie needed a third sister. You reminded of a U.S. Senator who, while being aggressively and outspokenly anti-gay, got caught getting head from a guy in a bathroom. Or the person who ran the U.S.'s Gay Reformation camps, who retired on account of the fact that he was gay. That's kind of what this is like.
Yes, 1,000 words. That's the nature of a one shot. It's one scene. It's short. It was merely a writing exercise. Believe it or not I'm not a world famous author who can sit down and just pump out 10,000 words in a few days.
For some who detests foalcon so much, why are you complaining about the lack of descriptions? The idea wasn't to use the word vagina 100 different ways. In fact, I didn't describe the action so much as the feeling of it. Because that's the nature of a first time experience. It's over before you really know what happened. Also, I counted; the word spooning is used 4 times. 4. Not 500.

I'm sorry I disappointed you with the use of a pillow instead of another creature, but that would have honestly ruined what I was trying to do here. It's her first time experience, and generally most people experience that on their own, some exceptions obviously. Making it Sweetie Belle instead of a pillow would have changed what I was trying to do entirely. It's not what I was going for.

As far as the Twist ending thing, that's hardly a problem with the story, or my writing in general, but more of your own opinion. Maybe we'll see more of what happens later next time? The idea here was to write a short scene about Scootaloo's first time, nothing more.

I stick to my guns regarding those tags. It's a short scene without context. The tag random isn't used to describe a character or actions that could be described as such, but rather a story that doesn't really fall into place anywhere. It's a random scene, no context. That's it.

Thank for letting me know that you took your pants off. That is certainly information that will aid in the betterment of my life.


I really like the fanfiction the way it is and it shouldn't be any different.
He comes quickly to the point of the whole story, but he also does explain enough to make the concept work.
It didn't felt rushed to me, not at all.
And, as he said, first time sexual experiences are over quick, so, this story is totally realistical.
Wouldn't want it to have any other way.


Don't let yourself dragging down by that comment. Your talent is too big to let yourself talked down by someone. Just go on and ignore him and if you feel you should delete the comment, then do it.
It's your story, you don't have to accept hurtful comments.

Comment posted by Fluttercheer deleted Mar 11th, 2014

I would like to bring something to everyones attention. Pillow molestation is a serious issue and should not be condoned. That poor pillow cried itself to sleep. How ya feel now? Other then that good fic


Yeah, when she wakes up, she will feel terrible for molesting a cute, little, innocent pillow that has nopony done any harm.

That, or she will do it again. :scootangel:

I would like to see more. :unsuresweetie:+:scootangel:

To answer all your questions, I'm writing the successor right this moment!

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