• Published 26th Mar 2012
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My Little Human - herpderpy

Doctor Whooves takes Depry and th emane six on a trip that doesnt go as planned. Ponies to humans!

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Rainbow Dash!

NEW CHAPPIE MY BRONIES! Note, I know some of you were dissatisfied with the quality of my story so I edited the first chapter and it can be found on my fanfiction account (the link is located on my page) I advise u read it because small random tidbits wont make sense without it. Note for nicholasisapony: when you suggested I do Fluttershy next the whole idea formed in my head but sadly it twas only half baked so this chap will be ALLLLL about Dashie! ;D


“Okay where the heck are all the roller coasters?!” I yelled as I collapsed on the dirt road I’d been traveling on for a whole hour! Suddenly I heard a thundering of feet and a group of teens came jogging into view; hot, male teens. When the leader of the pack saw my prone form sprawled across the road he sprinted forward.
“Holy cow are you okay?” He asked as he got down on his knees to inspect me. He had dark orange hair with yellow tips, tan skin, and enough muscles to compete with Big Macintosh. He was wearing dark blue running shorts, shoes, and a short sleeved t-shirt. On the left sleeve of his shirt was a yellow lightning bolt. Oh Celestia he’s hot! I squealed inside my head.
“Yah,” I said as I hopped up and brushed myself off. His buddies had just run up to us; both were tan and muscley but one had dark blue hair and the other had spiked bright yellow. They had the lightning bolt on their left sleeves too. “Just tripped up there.”
“Well I’m glad to hear you’re okay, the names Fire, what’s yours?”
“Rainbow Dash.”
“Well that’s a weird name!” He laughed jokingly. “But it certainly fits your hair.” I smirked at his comment.
“Oh like yours isn’t!”
“Touché.” During the long pause that ensued he examined my attire. “Are you a runner?”
“Fastest from where I’m from.” I stated proudly. That was sort of true. I’m the fastest when I’m using my wings not my hooves. Doctor Whooves warning suddenly flashed through my mind; “All three of you pegasi have to hide your wings when you’re out in this world. The humans could get frightened, and that would lead to…unfortunate circumstances.” His gaze darkened on the last two words, scaring us silly. On impulse I flattened my wings against my back even harder.
“Oh? And where are you from?” Crap! I can’t tell them I’m from Ponyville! That doesn’t sound like a regular Earth name! Think of something quick!
“New Yorke City.” (That’s the Equestria Daily spelling of it.)
“No way! I’ve always wanted to go to New York City! What’s it like?” I’d flown over New Yorke to monitor the weather more times than I can count so I’d seen every part of the city. Hopefully it was like the city they had here.
“Well I live in a much quieter part or the city; we have buildings and stuff but they’re not as big as the ones in Manehattan,” they assumed when I said this that it was some sort of joke between New Yorkers. Lucky me. “But they’re still nice. Also we have a lot more nature where I live.”
“Coooll.” The two boys chorused behind Fire.
“So where do you guys live?”
“Right here in Danville.” Fire raised his eyebrows at my confused look. “How can you be running around here and not even know where you are?”
“I know this sounds weird but I just randomly woke up in a field awhile back, I have no idea how I got here.”
“That’s weird alright.” The blue one said. Finally Fire noticed his two friends behind him.
“Oh right! These are my friends. The blue one is Flyer and the blonde one is Lightning.”
“Hey.” Flyer said
“Sup.” Lightning grinned at me.
“You wanna run with us?” Fire asked, grinning at me.
“Heck yes!” I shouted. Then Lightning smirked over at me.
“That is, if you can keep up with us.”
“Oh you are so on!” And with that, we set off down the path together. We talked about everything and anything. I learned about the Olympics; he was skeptical of me not knowing what they were but I convinced him that my family couldn’t afford a television. And I told him about the various running competitions from “New York”.
“So you guys run through your town’s forest to help bring down the leaves for fall?” I nodded and he laughed. “You sure do live in a strange place.”
“You have no idea! But the people are even weirder.”
“How so?”
“Well one of my friends is obsessed with fashion and always tries to shove us all in girly clothing. Then another one of them is a total egghead and won’t get her nose out of a book. And another one…well she’s….” I tried to think of a way to describe Pinkie but could only come up with one word. And that barely covered her! “Crazy. But they’re all really cool in their own ways.”
“And whats this ‘Best Young Runner’ competition?”
“Well it’s where all the bestest, coolest, awesomest runners get together and show off their skills. We run as fast as we can and do all kinds of insane tricks!”
“And did you win?” Fire asked in awe.
“You’re darn right I did!”
“Can you show me some of your tricks?” He inquired eagerly. No way could I show him my sonic rainboom without revealing my wings! Think Rainbow Dash THINK!
“Sorry can’t. They’re too amazing for normal eyes to behold.”
“Well I’m not normal.” He gave me a sideways grin that made me blush seven different shades of red. I begged that he didn’t see it, and if he did, he just thought it was because of the running. I had no response to this. Luckily Flyer decided now was the best time to speak.
“Fire were almost to the finish.”
“Alright then! Lets sprint.” Then they shot off. I growled to myself; No way in Equestria would they beat her in a competition of speed. And with that, I kicked it into high gear and sped off after them, it didn’t take me long to completely dust them and make it to a mailbox with a convenient white flag with the words ‘finish line’ on them. Once they caught up with me they were out of breath.
“Damn,” Lightning said while panting. “You weren’t kidding about being fast.”
“Guess we should call you Dashie, huh?” Flyer grinned over at me. At the sound of the dreaded nickname two wingboners popped up from my back and stretched my jacket. Luckily my back was to them so they were pretty well hidden. Disaster avoided

~time skiiiiipppp!~

It had been a very long day of racing and talking and since I had no place to stay Fire volunteered to let me crash at his house. His mom was really nice and made cookies just because I had come over. The woman had just met me and she made me cookies! She was officially my favorite human. Fire and I just sat there in front of the oven talking, waiting for the cookies to be done.
“So what’s your favorite movie?” He asked me curiously. We had been having this sort of back and forth question game all day to get to know each other better.
“Don’t really have one.” His jaw practically dropped.
“How. Can you not. Have. A favorite movie?”
“Remember, no TV.” I hoped the lame excuse would work a second time.
“But you could still go to a movie theater!” He blubbered in shock.
“I just don’t watch movies that often that’s all. I spend most of my time flying. I MEAN RUNNING!!” Fire looked at me curiously. I needed some way to cover up my mistake. “Sorry, I kinda dream of flying a lot. I know it’s silly but,” I trailed off at the end. Not really knowing what to say.
“Rainbow, theres nothing wrong with that dream,” He smiled. I blushed madly when suddenly the timer beeped. Be both shot up and yelled, “COOKIES!” I quickly shut off the oven, put on some fluffy oven mitts, and pulled out the gooey chocolate chip cookies. As I began transferring them to a plate Fire poured two glasses of milk. And with our yummy arsenal we plopped ourselves on his couch and popped in the first of many movies he had previously set out for us to watch, Indiana Jones and The Raiders of The Lost Ark.
“This doesn’t looks laammmeee!” I whined at Fire.
“No its noooottt!”
“It will be!”
“Have you ever seen it?”
“Well, no.”
“Then how do you know it’ll be boring?”
“I just do!”
“Whatever, but if you love it I get to say I told you so!”
“Pssh! Like that’ll happen.” Once the credits came rolling up a good two hours later Fire looked over at me and my dropped jaw; a smug smirk adorned his face. He took a deep breath; ready to say those four words that he’d been waiting to say that whole movie. “DON’T SAY IT!”
“Told,” I was on my knees begging him not to finish his sentence. “You,” I leapt up on the couch and did the first thing that came to mind to keep his mouth closed. I kissed him. It was tense and rough at first but when an odd, warm feeling flowed from where our lips went to my head and made me dizzy I softened it; weaving my fingers into his hair while he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.

YES SCORE! This took me for-fucking-EVER! But I did it! And to everyone who viewed, and a special shout out to my lovely dear friend ulquiorra3339! Who read my story and didn’t think it was utter bullshit! :D luv ya girl! Hope you all enjoyed the story and I really REALLY hope you figured out who I modeled Fire, Flyer, and Lightning after ;D Anywhoooooooo comment and tell me who you want the next chapter to be: Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy?