• Published 26th Mar 2012
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My Little Human - herpderpy

Doctor Whooves takes Depry and th emane six on a trip that doesnt go as planned. Ponies to humans!

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Chapter 1

OMG YAY!!! MY first MLP Friendship is Magic fic EVVVEEERRR! I am a mother fucking die hard brony and the biggest ship from that show that I sail in my shipping ocean is DOCTOR WHOOVESxDERPY HOOVES! So I am extreeeeeeemmmmmeeellllyyy excited to actually be able to write a ficcy about them! Also I will be posting this on both www.fanfiction.net and www.fimfiction.net So all you poor deprived bronies on fanfiction.net who think theres NOTHING in the world for your fandom CLICK THE LINK and behold the wonder! Haha anyways on with the story! HUZZAH!~~~~

“So Derpy, why have you brought us all here?” Twilight asked as she made her way into Doctor Whooves’ Pony Call Box. For those ponies who hadn’t ventured into the blue box before their were dropped jaws and whispers of ‘It’s bigger on the inside!’.
“Well… ummm… I don’t remember!” The grey Pegasus said giggling. Then she turned to the Doctor who was pulling knobs and levers. “Where are we going Doctor?”
“We are going to the birth of our dear princesses.” The mane six gasped loudly and the Doctor smirked at their faces. Twilight began squealing excitedly about all the first hand information she would gain from the experience. Once the mare was finished putting in the coordinates the TARDIS shot off with the usual whooshing noises and lurching motions that sent everypony flying. When the time machine came to a stop the ponies were thrown out and there was a large flash of light.
Once the blinding flash subsided there was blood curdling screech from Rarity.
“What in Equestria has happened to me?!” They all looked toward the commotion to find that Rarity had become some unknown creature. Instead of flanks she had long gangly looking pink things with smaller things sticking off the ends. Although she still had her luscious purple mane her tail was missing. And for some reason she had these cushy sack like thingies on her chest. Adorning her body was a white, somewhat lacy strapless dress, and needle like things with her cutie mark dangling on the end stuck into her ears. Soon everypony was looking down at themselves to find out they had been turned into the same kind of strange pink looking creatures.
“These were in a book I read once,” Twilight gasped in realization. “They’re called humans, I never believed they truly existed but this is amazing!” Twilight’s appearance was like Rarity’s; the usual mane, no tail, pale gangly arms and legs, except while Rarity had breasts Twilight’s chest was as flat as a brick wall. And her outfit was a purple and pink plaid skirt with cutie mark on the bottom corner, and a purple turtleneck sweater.
“Pssh as if! This whole situation is 20% lamer than usual.” Rainbow Dash snorted from her spot under a tree; her multi-colored mane shone brightly against her light blue jacket, track shorts (with her cutie mark on the back), and running shoes. A pair of worn goggled hung around her neck and surprisingly, her wings fluttered on her human back. She didn’t possess the biggest boobs in her human form, but they were still boobs.
“Oh c’mon y’all it aint that bad,” Apple Jack was sitting on a branch a few feet above Rainbow Dash; she wore denim shorts, that had her cutie mark sewn into the bottom of the right pants leg, a red plaid collared shirt covered her fairly sized chest, and a cowboy hat sat atop her golden blonde hair. Her legs were extremely well toned, probably from kicking all those apple trees.
“This is all very strange…” Fluttershy said in her quiet voice from where she sat. She was very thin and tiny and her pink hair was hiding half of her face. She was wearing a poofy sleeved short sleeved yellow shirt and a long ruffly pink skirt. Around her neck was a necklace holding her butterfly cutie mark.
“It’s definitely super duper strange, but super fun too!” Pinkie Pie laughed cheerfully as she pulled on her poofy, curly, long pink hair, wiggled her toes, stuck out her tongue, and did other random things to explore her new body. Which was covered with a pink tank top that had rainbow sparkles all over it and a matching miniskirt.
“This is most definitely a curious situation,” The Doctor mused. “But I like the bowtie, bowties are cool.” Indeed the Doctor had a dark red bowtie along with a brown suit and suspenders. His dark brown hair curved around his forehead in an odd way. (Okay I am terrible at describing the Doctor’s hair. Please I’m begging you go Google image Matt Smith Doctor Who so you know what I’m trying to describe. >~<) Off to the side was a loud giggle and everyone looked to find Derpy squeezing her gigantic boobs.
“They’re fun to play with!” With that there was a loud boing noise (Note: It’s a cartoon show, I had to make up a noise for this XP) and there was a large tent shape in Doctor Whooves pants. Derpy, not knowing what the hell a boner was, just point and laughed at the Doctor’s plight. Pinkie pranced over and started poking it, trying to figure out just what the heck it was. The Doctor bit his lip to prevent any noise from escaping then he threw Pinkie off and dashed into his TARDIS faster than a sonic rainboom!
“Whats his deal?” Apple Jack asked as she hopped down from her perch.
“Oh I bet he’s just run off to play with his space toys.” Twilight said airily. But she knew the true reason for the Doctor’s disappearance; she just didn’t want to have to explain it to her friends.
“Or to make muffins!” Derpy said happily while she continued to squish her breasts.
“Okay are we actually gonna go do things with these new bodies or are we just gonna sit around here being lame?” Rainbow Dash asked as she walked over to the others.
“Yah lets go!” Pinkie Pie shouted enthusiastically. And with that they all went off to explore this new world.

Alright my first chapter is done! :D Next chapters will be each ponies point of view and their own discoveries of our human world! :D Either gonna do Twilight Sparkle, or Rainbow Dash next, comment on which one you want to see next! ;D Luv you all bronies!