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"If you had what it took to be a Wonderbolt, you’d already be a Wonderbolt!”

Spitfire’s words from the training academy burned in Rainbow Dash’s mind. She knew that the captain had just said those words in an attempt to test, and perhaps get some sort of reaction from the cadets, but she couldn’t stop thinking about them.

After all, Rainbow definitely has what it takes to be a Wonderbolt. So why wasn’t she one yet?

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looks good so far. :eeyup:

This is utterly terrible.
There are not nearly enough chapters to satisfy my needs!

Before even reading the story, I can answer the question in the description: Because Spitfire is a douche.

4060418 I agree completely. After all the idiocy she's seen from the Wonderbolts, be it failing completely at rescuing ponies, failing to see dangerous behavior from their trainees, who they should have been watching like hawks during every single training session, and the outright manipulation of Soarin' and selfishness displayed in an attempt to qualify - yes, qualify - for the Equestria Games, which they had in the bag regardless, it's a bleeding miracle that Rainbow Dash still wants to join with those useless yahoos. While Rainbow isn't my favorite pony, she is way better than that.

Then again, who is the more foolish? The fools or the fool who tries to join them despite their foolishness?

I was unable to resist this story... it is too good :twilightsmile:

Damn You girl! I can't stop thinking about this story. What will happen during wonderbolt examine. Who will be with Dashie to help her, to comfort her, to make her believe in herself... especially after "Sonic Rainboom" episode.

This story make me feel helpless, trapped on this side of mirror/monitor, unable to do anything, just read it. You're evil. true evil :moustache: Wonderful story :twilightsmile:


Aha, thank you! I'll try to update as much as possible. I'm already working on another chapter, so hopefully it should be out sometime today! :pinkiesmile:

Awesome so far, I can't wait to read more chapters! Seems like the start of an amazing story here :rainbowkiss::yay::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::ajsmug::twilightsmile:

4061911 Sadly i'll be unable to read it until tomorrow morning, because I live in Europe (gmt+1).

Please don't rush yourself. True fans will wait even a month for chapter :twilightsmile:

4061929 took the words right outts my mouth this story has a lot of potential and has an awesome start keep up the good work


Anyone can be star struck to the point of foolishness. Rainbow has built up the Wonderbolts to the point of blinding herself to their many faults. And you're right that they should have been watching their cadets. When running a training program that innately involves a high level of risk, especially a militaristic one (Wonderbolts are the Elite Equestrian airforce, yes?) you watch your trainees like a Mama Bear. Spitfire should have been up on sooo many misconduct and negligence charges.

I need to find some fics about Rainbow's world view shattering when she sees the true nature of the Wonderbolts.

4095569 I think a good idea for such a story would be an alternate ending to Rainbow Falls. What if the supreme military director of Equestria heard about the events of the episode. Since I'm certain that lying to another member of your team for your own benefit is an offense in the military, what if Spitfire and Fleetfoot were actually court martialed for their horrible behavior.

Faced with the possible end of the Wonderbolts forever, Rainbow would have a difficult desicion to make when asked to testify against Spitfire and Fleetfoot: lie and secure her own dream or tell the truth and allow the potentially harmful behavior of the accused to continue.

How does that sound?


Oh now that sounds like fun. Theres a ton of potential there, everything from Wonderbolt PR to reactions from other Wonderbolt fanatics(Lightning Dust!) and Rainbow's entire psychological struggle between loyalty and justice.

And from what I know, selling out a squad mate is one of the best ways to call down something that makes the wrath of God look tame. Both from above and from your fellow soldiers.

4098369 It'll probably never be an episode, but I hope someone makes a fanfiction like that.

I'd do it, but I'm busy with college and my Pokemon fanfiction, so if I do a MLP fanfiction it'll be a oneshot.

In my mind, Rainbow Dash's skill and agility is far more better than the Wonderbolts' is. Seriously. She can do so many things, about everyone likes her.. Even Spitfire likes her! If Spitfire, the captain, likes a pegasus who is many times better than her team put together, wouldn't she instantly recruit her?

I would say differently if I knew actually how extreme Wonderbolt tricks are.

Mooooaarrrr......cuz me likey :pinkiehappy:

R.I.P because I doubt this'll ever be finished.

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