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Ok... this is a kind of story I had never expected to see from you :rainbowderp:

What he said.

Still, cute.

This is a fascinating story that I can really relate with. I think this will be a great story for people who have problems reconciling their real selves with their ideal selves, an issue I've struggled with a lot. I hope this story ends up being as enlightening to other as it seems to me. Also double Twilight's is kind of the cutest thing ever imagined.

I'm totally going to sleep with the hot boyfriend. Even tho I'm not gay or a gal. I'm pretty spiteful that way :trixieshiftright:


You wanna know how much I hate you? I took it up the butt from your boyfriend to spite you, and i'm not even into guys!

That sounds like something i'd find myself saying.

4727774 Oh no, I'm pretty sure I'd be the one doing the deed to him. In the words of the great Doctor Robotnik "My Butt! NOTHING can penetrate it!"

Not least of all because Flashlight is an utterly ridiculous name to stick a ship with.

A rare thing in a story rated for mature/sex, I'm sticking around for the story not the 'plot'.

I'd say that this Twilight needs to get laid, but considering how that turned out last time...

I always found it more fun to go full tilt with out holding things back, but it would make more sense for this character.

It feels awkward to be the third wheel, doesn't it?

Oh McCarthy

That ruins the moment.

4743636 :raritydespair: but I tried so hard :raritydespair:
Eh, like I care. Don't even like clop. :trollestia:

I have a very bad feeling about this.

:pinkiegasp: Noodle Incident incoming! Can't wait.

Don't worry too much about it. I'm still sticking around for the rest of the story, because that's what I find interesting here.
It just stood out, especially since that's the first time I've ever seen McCarthy's name used like that. Celestia or Faust are by far the more common choices.

4747762 Alternate universe. McCarthy wove the EQG world into being, not Faust, so she gets top billing in their pantheon. She gets a mention in MF1, too. Not terribly important, but I have a soft spot for seemingly pointless world-building details.

Two questions:
1) Were your chapter names starting with 'double' only chosen so you could build towards that "double slit experiment" joke?
2) How long until part three?

4730230 Worse, that means you might call these fics THE FLASHLIGHT SAGA.

Tenchi solution in T-2 chapters.

One chapter later edit: I WAS WRONG.

Also, "Double Slit Experiment." :trixieshiftright: That, sir, is the. Worst. Possible. Pun.

Well done.

4748666 Or perhaps A Tale of Two Flashlights.

Wow, a threesome with the exact same girl. Nice:ajsmug:

4748016 4748714 You know, I almost didn't go for it. I thought to myself, No, even for this fic, Double Slit Experiment is just too much! I tried other titles for a while, including Double Mattress, Double Indemnity, Double Stuffed, etc, but threw the original in at the last minute because it just works on so many levels.

No idea when part 3 will arrive. Could be next month. Could be next year. I have many projects to juggle.

What did sunset shimmer do to her that would scare pony twilight?

Just a suggestion to make things interesting, have both twilights do it with each other.

Ah, the good ol' Textbook Review #2. I remember it from the last one. I'd like to say I'm interested in seeing where this is going, but since it's already completed, I just need to catch up.

4756554 You're just saying that because it would be hot and I TOTALLY AGREE.

Why... WHY!? WHY STOP THERE?!?!?!?!?! You leave us wanting... You leave us hurting... WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? :flutterrage:

(Talking about the plot for the story, not the clop.)

I came for the sex, and stayed for the story.

<.< >.> *follows*

*EDIT* Sorry, ignore this comment:twilightsheepish: *still following*

I kept waiting for the first one to update. Then I noticed it said complete. And I was like :twilightangry2: but then I saw sequels and went from:twilightangry2:to :twilightsmile:

...what she had meant about smell; she scent of sex was intoxicating.

I think you meant to say "the scent of her sex was intoxicating".
Not sure, but hopefully that helps.

You get 10/10 moustaches for this story.

Man, I wish I knew what Twilight turned into. Not even Sunset Shimmer turning into a literal demon got that reaction from Princess Twilight

I would plan all of this in great detail, probably with lots of charts, notebooks, and supplies for studying my target in the field. I would set out with a clear head and the best of intentions, in the name of calm, rational, scientific inquiry. Then, as soon as I actually laid eyes on her, I would abandon the whole thing and furiously tackle her into a bush.

Eh sounds fair enough. Still had me laughing like crazy though.

Lately she'd gotten really into some show for little boys about giant transforming robots

Transformers? Power Rangers?

"Fine." Then: "How big is his dick?"

You have gotten teenagers conversations in one

I'm am really interested in this series, please accept my support

once I've finished.ONWARDS

Cheerup Twilighuman, you now have friends!

...that you finally know about and accept

For some weird reason, I couldn't stop giggling throughout the whole Flash and Realight trying to figure out how to teach Princess how to rut. Oh well, just the kid in me I guess. Enjoyed the backstory for the Reals as well.

Yay! More Univerexpansion! ONWARDS!

I briefly wondered if she felt the opposite when our skin connected, if I were somehow leeching her inner peace away from her, but she showed no hesitation as looped her arm around mine and led me inside.

*as she looped

I knew walking in that if I stopped in front of the door, I would end up stood there for an hour or more; not letting that happen, I ran the final few steps and hammered on it.


even though we'd made love, we were like two perfect strangers meeting for the same time.

The word collapsed as Flash reached up, under the edge of my shirt, and stroked the small of my back.

That was just too weird for right now.

she scent of sex was intoxicating.


I don't know which word is missing here.

I think you are missing a me here.


5401713 Gah. See, this is what happens when no one is willing to proofread my smut. "The small of my back" is a real thing, though; it's the indentation in the middle of your back just above your hips. Some people are sensitive there.

You wouldn't be available to proofread chapters in advance, would you?

I'm really enjoying your writing. I have taken a keen interest in Sunset Shimmer after the second movie, and your later stories in this series turned up in a search (or were they featured?). Despite having no interest in Flashlight shipping, I started at the beginning, and I'm glad I did. Not because of Flash, but rather the two Twilights. Their thoughts and motivations seem well fleshed out and fairly believable. (Princess is a little tougher to read, since her motivations seem to be in conflict.) Also a sucker for a darker turn of events, such as the mirror being destroyed.

I'm digging the (hopefully intentional) symbolism and implications you've created in your work. The one that struck me the most so far was Twilight rejecting Princess's offer of half the candy crown. Directly rejecting the Magic of Friendship. Had a feeling things wouldn't go too smoothly after that.

Anyway, stopped on this chapter before bed last night, and apparently my subconscious decided to write its own ending of the events so far. Not too many stories make more than a bit appearance in what churns in my dreams, so you're definitely doing something right. Weird dream crap to follow, feel free to skip.

Twilight doesn't get back in on the action that night, which hurts her far more than she tries to let on (I'm sure she was wearing the "It's fine" face). To avoid her hurt, she decides to throw herself into a project. This time, its a quest to deal with the Threat from the Sky. (What exactly the Threat is, was never clearly defined. I suspect it was a meteor swarm though.)

Twilight's a unicorn at this point (because dream), and she shortly bumps into Trixie (also a unicorn). Twilight knows she needs as much help as she can get, and certainly can't afford to pass up a unicorn, so she convinces Trixie to aid her. The two of them prepare (and search?) for the Threat, crisscrossing the countryside on magical pegasus wings. They venture further and further out, eventually making it to the Middle Lands (shrug).

There, Twilight discovers something she rather wishes she hadn't, a castle. Upon the thrown sits Princess (as a human; nice consistency brain), wearing her recently recovered crown (it had been lost in the aftermath of Equestria Girls). And now that she's fully stolen Flash, and given Twilight a taste of what she'll never have again, she plans to summon the Threat from the Sky.

So Twilight was right all along. Someone was trying to ruin her life. Unfortunately, it was her (now) evil twin.


Twilight rejecting Princess's offer of half the candy crown

Someone noticed! :rainbowkiss: All this practice is paying off.

I'm digging the dream. Given the way my own mind works, I've logged that as a canon Fidelityverse AU. (Which means you're about three AUs deep.) I'd love to hear what you make of Sunset and Shimmer when you reach them.

And no, to my knowledge, none of these stories have been featured. Given the subject matter, I can't imagine a scenario in which they would be.

"Pubic hair traps the chemicals secreted by sweat, enhancing the smell that tells your partner that you're in an aroused state."


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