• Published 19th Mar 2014
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Godzilla & Spike: Ghosts of the Past, Destroyers of Worlds - Doctor Parker

The Ghost of the first Godzilla overtakes Spike, and leads him onto a destructive rampage.

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Chpater 3: Embracing of the Heart

Spike was speechless, if not breathless.

"I'm sorry Spike" Twilight cooed gently. "I should have told you."

Spike was still shocked, in spite of the build-up Twilight gave him: "But..no...that's not what I remember"

Twilight was hesitant to say this: "Spike...we altered your memories, to protect you."

"Protect me?!" Spike was aghast and couldn't understand it.

Twilight explained gently: "Kids often say more then they should on secret matters. If you gave away too much and too soon, in your innocence, you would have been treated differently by other ponies. But now that they're used to you, if they know now, it will probably come to no harm. Now that they know you and are used to you, they'll accept you as you are."

Spike was almost tearful now: "But...shouldn't they accept me...as I am?"

Twilight was almost tearful now herself, and her face and voice showed nothing but love: "Oh Spike, of course they should, and they will now, but sometimes, if you spring something too different on them, they will try to accept you anyway, but it will feel forced, and artificial. Now that they know you, it won't matter anymore, and they'll treat you the way they always have, regardless of your origins. Does that make sense?"

Spike growled "Or maybe because you couldn't accept me!"

"No Spike, honest. I loved and cherished you as a child, and still love you now. And I loved your father too."

"You know what, you left me thinking, that all this time, you weren't my mother, and you never acted like one-"

"I always acted like a mother to you!" interjected Twilight.

"I think you're just jealous that I like Rarity more than you! Yeah, that's it, you're mad because I'm not here all the time, slaving away for you and worshipping you like you seem to want. You're not my mom!!" he yelled.

"Like it or not Spike, I am your mother."

"Even if you did give birth to me, you weren't really much of a mother! YOU'RE! NOT! MY! MOM!!" he shouted, slamming the remains of Twilight's door...and the remains of her heart.

Her fears were correct: She told him too late.

Now, all she had left in this lonely evening were her own tears.

Godzilla was usually one to fight if something strange occurred, but he didn't know this place, or his surroundings, so he hid behind a rock, to study the potential threat, and assess its overall power. It seemed to be a line, all of all kinds of different creatures of varying kinds, but all of relative size, and all looking dead. They appeared to be lead by what looked like a much larger two-legger than the ones at his home-realm. In fact, she looked taller than him!

He thought that maybe, since they varied so much, he could just walk among them, without being noticed. He was prepared to do that. But it seemed almost as if the deathly human-type knew everything, for before he could budge, she gazed right in his direction and piereced his mind!

"Who are you?" the deathly-looking two-legger asked.

No time to think now.

Godzilla lept from the rock which he hid behind, and pounced on one of the living dead surrounding Izanami. Then after mauling him, he then swiped the tall corpse-woman, leaving thick, black, oozing blood on her cheek. The rest of her minions ganged up on Godzilla, and he tried to breathe his life force on them, but...he couldn't! He didn't have that ability in this realm!

Due to his ill-advised strategy, soon, all his limbs were held down by the dying creatures, and the deathly woman drew a deadly Naginata by just shaping the dust, causing it to materialize. She then held the deadly glaive at Godzilla's throat.

"I see" she mused. "The latest newcomer. One out of an unlucky few to leave the stasis of Death and be a part of the Underworld's Crew."

She turned around, with a slightly sadistic twinge of friendliness, she cracked "let's give this new fellow a warm welcome." Chortling arose from the creatures that surrounded her.

Godzilla's limbs were then yanked violently many times, in what felt like eternal torture. He tried to struggle, but this Underworld somehow weakened him, and neutralized his powers. And so he had to endure it, a painful torture. Then the deathly lady lowered her hand, and he was thrown down, among the bones and rags on the stony floor.

Then, the deathly lady, to add insult to injury, raised her Naginata, and interrogated him: "Do you even know who I am?"

Godzilla didn't, and as soon as he thought this, he clutched his head in raw pain as her mind stabbed his.


Twilight was worried. She hadn't seen Spike for a long time. She felt so sad that she hardly could bring herself to move. However, for Spike's safety, she would have to search for him. She slowly left her treehouse, calling for her son.

Eventually she passed the Apple Farm, and her cries awoke her best of friends. Applejack opened the window to her room: "Twilight! What's wrong?"

Twilight could hardly speak through her tears: "It's Spike! He...he ran away...I don't no where he's gone!"

In less than a second, Applejack got her hat on, grabbed her lasso, and ran right out of her room, and as she charged through the hall, she soon saw that she was not the only pony to have heard the bad news.

Apple Bloom stood right in front of her, looking distraught over the disappearance of Spike. "We'll he be alright?"

Applejack had a feeling about how much Apple Bloom cared about Spike, so she knelt down and said gently: "Apple Bloom, I swear by all that matters, Spike will be found, safe and sound. I promise" she added as a reassuring afterthought.

And so Twilight and Applejack began their long search for Spike...

As for Apple Bloom, she could not sleep. She liked Spike a lot, and the thought of losing him was more than she could bear.

Her eyes got warm and moist.


The following morning, at Scootaloo's insistence, Rainbow had decided to spend the night at Scootaloo's place, so she could meet Sukhbataar in time.

Around noon, the approached the medium-sized house and rang on the doorbell, she was surprised to be greeted by...

"Mayor Mare?!"

"Is it her Auntie Mare?! Is it really her?! OmySunflare it's really her!" Scootaloo squealed, hugging Rainbow tightly.


When they were inside, Mayor Mare explained everything:

"I had a younger sister, Candy Mane. She met Sukhbataar, and the two fell deeply in love. They got married in about a year, and then they had Scootaloo" she added, ruffling Scoot's mane.

Suddenly, Scootaloo ran off "gotta tinkle be right back!" she yelped.

When Scootaloo was gone, Rainbow first took a moment to observe the house: it was white, clean, spotless, as though almost nopony really ever used it. Then in inadvertently asked a awkward question.

"Where is your sis?"

"Candy Mane?" the mayor then added with disturbingly little lack of comfort. "She died of cancer."

Rainbow was almost astonished to hear that the mayor seemed so unhesitant about it. Mare must have seen this, so she explained. "Rainbow, Candy Mane died four years ago. Scootaloo used to be really sensitive about it, as was I, but I think, we both nearly got over it. It was not our fault it happened, and it was long ago...it would be nice to have her around, but, well, one gets used to that...except for one..."

"One what?" Rainbow asked.

"Not 'what.' 'Who.' Her father. Sukhbataar."

Rainbow didn't understand the point of these hasty run-ons.

Mare sighed and explained in a far lower voice than earlier. "He never got over it; he's buried himself in his work, and spent as much time away from Ponyville as he can, and anything that reminded him of her...even Scootaloo."

Rainbow now understood: Ms. Mare didn't want Scootaloo to think that Sukhbataar didn't love her. In fact, after hearing all the details, the only thing that surprised Rainbow was how much she had in common with Scootaloo...

Scootaloo returned, and began jumping up and down in sheer ecstasy that the coolest pony was right there, in her house, to spend time with her and the second coolest pony of all time!! "Auntie Mare" observed this and smiled.

Then, suddenly, Scootaloo had a bright idea!

"I know! Let me get the coolest board game I can find!!"

Then when she dashed off, Ms. Mare chuckled and addressed Rainbow Dash: "Thank you so much for doing this, she's been so lonely lately."

Rainbow didn't have much time to digest that thought because Scootaloo immediately trotted back with an Apple to Apples box in her mouth.

Author's Note:

I know the canon is that Rainbow's parents were supporting, but that would go against a critical theme of this story, plus, she's more interesting with a background in which she had to take care of herself all the time, and it actually explains everything about her: From her mask of self-reliance to conceal a pony who needs love and support, to her seeming superiority complex that masks an inferiority complex.

And more sad Twilight, with a Spike that just cannot accept her as a mother.

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Comments ( 23 )

Ouch. Poor Gozilla.a:fluttershysad:

*reads part about Scootaloo's dad*
....mustn't.....cry...until...the...end....*scrubs at eyes*

And so the plot thikens. Great chaptrr.

I really do like where you're going with this story. But there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way.You really should have established that Godzilla's powers don't work in the previous chapter. It really felt like it came our of no where here. Also, AppleBloom's crush on Spike feels forced and like you threw it in at the last second. I don't mind SpikeBloom, but this isn't really a good way to introduce any ship. As for your author's note, were Dash's parents established? Aside from the cameo in that first Equestria Games episode, I can't remember a single instance where they were even mentioned.
Still, I like the drama of the Twilight revelation, and I think this can go places.

Wow. I wonder what is going to help change Spikes mind. Good chapter. Best of luck with the next one.

If... you were supposed to be treating him like a son, Twilight... Well if the show is still mostly canon, you don't do a very good job most of the time.

He seems like a cross between a pet and an employee back in first season. I guess it could be part of the employer-not-family charade for her new friends, but if so, she's taking it a bit far. That, combined with how he must feel like he doesn't fit in at all with... not going to normal school, being told he doesn't have a family, clearly spending most of his time working instead of playing like most foals... I figure that's a pretty strong reason why he can't feel like she's his mother, not just her not telling him it until he's a fair bit old.

I have to agree with Spike, if you by canon Twilight isn't the best parent. Well, Godzilla was never one for plans but he should have thought that one out better. It looks like Godzilla will have bribe with death herself.

Well, the Underworld is divided into multiple chambers, each with different limitations. Godzilla broke out of his stasis chamber, and is now in the "hall" which leads to all the other cells. Still, I should have had some kind of build-up.

You know, you actually have a good point, though fortunately the solution to that is a simple one; I don't even have to alter the chapter that much, Applejack will later just hear Twilight's mutterings about what happened, and then she will explain to Twilight that Spike had a bit of a point: It's never too late or too soon to tell anypony the sort of thing Twilight told Spike, but it seems that Twilight never knows the right times to actually be a maternal figure to Spike. In short, it's not about the cold knowledge or the warm feelings inside, which is what Twilight's all about, but what you do and how you act on that sort of thing. Twilight has a heart almost as pure as Fluttershy's or Pinkie Pie's, and is also every bit as intelligent as those two if not slightly more, but she never takes out her logical thoughts and loving emotions out correctly when it's something she's nervous about. I can cover all of this next chapter.

I like the fact that you made twilight spike birth mother very original:twilightsmile:


With all due respect, the "told" past of MLP can be a lie, and this is Fanfiction; I can do whatever I want with it.

I partly got the idea from this:

You really should do something about Twilight's age, though. Because otherwise she laid an egg(???) bigger than she was, and it also means she had fun with a dragon when she was a little filly.

Well, that's actually not a bad catch, but I don't buy EQG's claim that she's an adolescent. Why she'd tell the CMC that she was a little foal who adopted an egg, I know not, probably to protect herself and Spike. Kids don't exactly keep secrets, I should know because I was one not too long ago.

Why the sudden interest in my work though? :trixieshiftright:


Why the sudden interest in my work though?

I was doing research for about an hour on how filly Twilight got impregnated by a full-size dragon while talking to somebadauthor, my searches on Derpibooru were limited.

That's probably why she had some sudden interest in the fic.

Ah, I see.

Well, now you know...because she wasn't really a filly when it happened. She was the pony equivalent of a human 18-year-old when it happened, most likely.

But what did you come across to make you interested in the subject? :trixieshiftright:

Have you been studying me again? :applejackunsure:

I see you around the site, can I not read your fics? Once I release my fic I am sure everyone that knows me will jump on it.

Anyways you definitely have grammar down, I will say that.

Comment posted by New Lunar Principality deleted Jun 19th, 2014

First off yay for spikeabloom second off im completely ok with spike being twilight's birth son because there just so much potential for this like will like in a depressed state godzilla comes and becomes a part of spike and with spike being angry about feeling all alone thinking he was orphan because twilight was ashamed of giving birth to him and godzilla being angry because how cruel the pony's (and the fact they fuck with the laws of nature with no actual reprocushons) spike and godzilla would fuse in sole and mind transforming spikes body into the weapon that well purge the world of all those you fuck with nature and seek to controll it

... Oh my god. This is the Goji fic that I've been looking for. Gonna read. :3

Aaaand the BIRTH mom Twi ruined it for me. Sorry, but taking back my fave.

Well, that CMC story contradicted so much else of what was said on the show that I have a feeling the CMC were projecting themselves onto what Twilight was telling, meaning that it was in their imaginations based off a fairly vague story she gave.

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