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Godzilla & Spike: Ghosts of the Past, Destroyers of Worlds - Doctor Parker

The Ghost of the first Godzilla overtakes Spike, and leads him onto a destructive rampage.

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Chapter 2: Meetings and Partings, Secrets Revealed

Scootaloo giggled: "Rainbow, those 'squiggles' are Cyrillic writing characters. It's Przewalskian. This at bottom means 'your father, Sukhbataar'."

"What about that on top?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Scootaloo was loathe to explain that: "Umm, well..."

"You don't want to talk about it?" Rainbow asked. Rainbow Dash had a feeling it was something pretty or heartwarming, both of which Scootaloo loathed.

"Well, yeah" Scootaloo admitted.

"Fair enough" Rainbow smiled. "Where are you going to meet him?"

"Well, he didn't exactly say, so I'm guessing he's coming to see me."

"Aw, that's nice."

Scootaloo paused for a minute: "Say, Rainbow, would you like to meet him?"

Rainbow was a little surprised, though not as much as she probably should have been. She actually wouldn't have minded, but she had practices to attend, plus, she hated to admit it even to herself, but talking to new ponies was sometimes a little out of her comfort zone. Uncertain what to do, she gave an honest uncertain answer: "Maybe."

"You will?!" squealed Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash tried to explain the definition of "maybe", but before she could speak, Scootaloo hugged Rainbow very tightly: "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Stay over at my place tomorrow night!"

Rainbow let out a small sigh, as Scootaloo squealed in delight, because she was now in a situation in which she couldn't depart. But she also let out a small sigh, because nothing could make one happier than to see a foal so happy, even though Scootaloo could still be as annoying as all heck when she was excited.


Godzilla had been walking for what felt like ages. Perhaps it was, or perhaps it wasn't.

As he did on a regular basis, he began to wonder if the "Destroyer of Worlds" was real, though every time he did, the distinctive dark voice creeped back into his head "I am real, believe me; keep going, you're getting closer" was more or less what the mystery voice said every time.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally found it: The light. It felt like eons away, though.

He trudged on, weary in will, though not in body, for in his now aethereal form, he could not tire, but it continued on, with almost no progress in what felt like hours.

However, it seemed, that as the aeons passed, that the light grew bigger. He knew, therefore, that if he kept going, he would eventually meet it. As he became increasingly single-minded the light grew bigger on him before he knew it. In time, he could feel the light, which formed a tall, rectangular door.

Slowly he trudged through, overwhelmed, burned by the light, and forcing his way into the other side.

And then, after the searing burning of the light, he fell. Down, down, down, into the depths, until he landed with a soft plop on a pile of something. He then pushed himself up, to see what it was. Surprisingly, it was rags and bones. Then he looked up and around: the chamber was blue and stony. What kind of place was it?

We almost wished he remained in the Dark.

A clamor made him turn with a start.


Twilight knew something bad would happen someday soon, but she neither expected it to be so soon or so terrible.

Rarity had flung Spike in her house with magic, smashing Twilight's door.

Rarity then burst into a screaming fit of blue murder and about how she was going to call the police. Twilight settled everything, and discovered, through sobbing hints, that basically Spike looked at Rarity inappropriately, but he didn't actually molest her in any way; still very inappropriate and ungentecoltly of him to do, and it was best that they keep their distance from each other, but it wasn't exactly worth putting Spike on Death Row and Twilight in a life sentence in a penitentiary like Rarity originally threatened.

Rarity was slightly less hysterical than she was earlier, which wasn't saying much, but she changed enough for Twilight to send her out without much of a problem.

Twilight looked at Spike: Bruised, in tears, and upside down, she had to feel tremendously sorry for him, but his behavior was not exactly acceptable, and the mare in particular was the kind of mare who would say things that would send poor Spike to juvenile hall for behavior that only warranted a harsh lecture and an apology. She dreaded to think that her precious little boy would be sent to an institution!

"Spike, we have to talk" Twilight said firmly.

Spike didn't look at her, and didn't say anything. He just kept sniffing.

"You can't look at mares that way Spike, you just can't. They may like it, but they also will be creeped out by it. And it's not something that gentlecolts do; it's hard to explain, but it's just wrong." Twilight had to be firm, and she needed to protect Spike, so she had to make a rule that she knew Spike would not like: "I'm afraid you can't ever see her again until this settles."

Spike still said very little, except, with a few tears, this: "But...I love her..."

With a sympathetic sigh, Twilight said: "Spike...what about Rarity did you like most?"

"Well...I like her horn, her mane, her eyes, her tail, her ears, and-"

"Uh-huh" Twilight put in less sympathetically. "Spike, all you listed are physical features..it doesn't sound like love or even passion, it sounds like lust. You can't build a relationship on lust. If lust is all you feel, then, you have to put any possibility of a relationship behind you. Relationships built on lust are liable to end very badly."

"Oh yeah?" Spike butted in, "Who made you the relationship expert?"

Twilight sighed again, this time angrily: "Believe me, you have no idea." She also decided to add: "While we're on this, I think you also have to know that older mares seldom ever show any interest to younger guys, especially when the age difference is as great as between you and Rarity."

"Yeah...yeah, I guess it was all wrong" Spike said heavily.

"What was wrong Spike?" Twilight asked softly.

"Well, she's a Pony, and I'm a, I'm a-"

Twilight had to seize this opportunity: "No Spike, there's nothing wrong with a Dragon being with a Pony."

Spike cocked the muscles where his eyebrows would be if he had any hair follicles.

"Yes, it's not the species difference, it's just the age difference, and the age difference alone. The fact is, Rarity is almost a year older than your mother."

"My mother? But, how did you know about my-" before Spike could finish, Twilight raised her hoof to silence him.

"Spike, there is so much to explain, and so much you don't know. I'll have to start from the beginning: There is nothing wrong with ponies being with dragons."

Spike butted in anyway: "Yes, I know, you said that already, so what? What's this about my mother you mentioned?!"

Twilight put a hoof to her face: She did it all wrong, introducing everything at a bad time, but it was too late, and she had to continue: "Spike, we didn't tell you to not make you feel any different from us."

Spike did not fully understand; why would not telling about his mother help make him feel more or less different?

Twilight did not further clarify, and seemed lost, as if in dream "I remember a dragon I cared about: His name was Erpak, he was fierce, and yet, he could never have enough knowledge; he was a sad, passionate young one, not unlike you, in some ways, and he had a gift with words, and yet, he needed me for emotional support. He wasn't afraid to be vulnerable sometimes" a statement which Twilight ended with a small, subtle, but longing sigh. "At first I couldn't see myself with him, but then, when I got to know him, we were so compatible, that I felt something for him, and I think, he did for me. We were close...very close...he had to leave to tell his parents some very good news, but as he crossed an ocean, he never came back; he probably got lost in a storm. But he left me with-" Twilight could hardly bring herself to finish that, she did it clumsily enough as it was, and so began a separate statement:

"I am a purple magical pony, you are a purple magical dragon who acts like a pony, do you understand what this all means, Spike?"

Spike was once again, speechless, but he knew what was coming nonetheless.

"Yes Spike...I really am your birth-mother."

Author's Note:

Based Partly off of This

Not my best chapter, I know; any suggestions for improvement, I'll gladly accept.

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