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MORE, soon, RIGHT????? :D

It's funny how the intended focus of this fic, Applejack babying Apple Bloom, takes a back seat to the post apoclyptic setting this fic has. :eeyup:

I await further chapters. Poor Apple Bloom is going to be in for a rude awakening.

I wonder what is Apple Bloom's point of view on all of this.

4864271 The next chapter's going to come on saturday, and then it'll upload every week. So that's going to be awesome.

4864284 I guess how she feels when waking up depends on how good AJ is at changing diapers on sleeping fillies. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

4865521 Well, we might just find out about that in the not-so distant future. :duck:

4866046 I'm surprised Apple Bloom is still asleep after what she's done. Whatever she's come down with must've affected her more than I thought.

Why does this not have more likes? This is so good even with the diaper elements; the writing and the world-building is superb!

4891279 People tend to avoid stories that are dark, grim dark or where the world has gone to Hell. The exceptions are uncommon (with the exception of the Fallout stories which you could argue aren't really meant to be dark, just dark comedy, the funny thing about twisting those 2 is that comedy will always win out in the end...).

The point is people just don't like reading dark, not because they hate the author or the writing, they don't like how it makes them feel. But, yes, the writing is good... I'm gonna stop reading it now, I gave it a chance and I don't like feeling "dark" inside :fluttercry: :ajsleepy: I am a coward.

So the pacifier helps to ease Apple Bloom's pain, very interesting. :eeyup:

Of course, Applejack can't keep the truth hidden from Apple Bloom forever. She'll learn sooner or later.:ajsleepy:

Well, this is fucked up. :twilightoops:

Moar. :twilightblush:

Well, so Applejack and Apple Bloom aren't the only ponies still alive. What a surprise.

4891279 Apart from what Cold Spike said, I'd also add that the premise is just too unusual for a fetish fic, then there's me not being an author with any finished story under his belt (rather I've put one on hiatus already and the second only updates sporadically), and that everybody hates Apple Bloom. :applecry:
Well, nobody actually does, she's just too much of an adorable widdle muffin.

4891483 Well, I still think people or unfairly biased towards dark fics. To me, a dark fic more often than not (not counting gore-fics and the like) a grittier conflict at its heart. It's resolution, much like a non-dark fic, can go from sad to bittersweet to happy. I guess it's really up to you, and I certainly don't want to dictate you what to read, but not everything dark has to be like the original Fallout, where no matter what happens, the world is still fucked up in the end.

4892065 What secrets? There are no secrets here.

4896010 Thankies!

4898798 How fucked up can it be when they have a cellar full of cider?

Assuming that they fit the normal definition of alive at least.

Not to sound like a huge techno nerd, but the ending of the original Fallout wasn't grimdark. In the end while it's true the Lone Wandered was destined to be the 'Lone Wanderer' he made his world a better place, not only that but he (if you play 2) formed a tribe that spawned a warrior years later that also helped make the world a better place, leading up to 3. I don't think Fallout is dark at heart, or how those games end. They are just... funny :rainbowlaugh: Because despite how screwed up that Earth seems to be, one wanderer decides to help others simply because there isn't anything else better to do. Or maybe because that is how he is, of course the choices are up to the player. Video Games are odd like that, often the choices are in your hands (for games that give you the choice).

Am I against or biased towards Dark Fics? Most likely. But not dark video games, or even movies... for some reason stories just make it all feel too real. I still think its just me and not your fic. I have read dark fics on this site and enjoyed them (some I am still reading) but if I read too much of those then I start to go to a rather dark and depressing place. It helps to talk to friends though, on Skype and such. I've tried to explain this to others but often I will literally get emotionally invested in stories, where it seems so real and I can obsess even. I want to, overall, see those characters succeed and live a happy life.

Applejack and Apple Bloom might be happy together, but their world isn't. There is no Lone Wanderer in these fics to help fix things, to fix their issues. Because it would screw up the tone of everything, it would make things seem less dark or even silly...I do wish one would show up in one of these though and surprise me, as silly and dumb as that sounds.

I don't think any amount of explanation on my part though will seem fair that I am not giving this story a chance. For what it's worth I am still reading this, I just didn't favorite it.

4933236 You know what I'm talking about, and it doesn't just have to do with what's going on outside.

Post apoc and padded pones?

Odd combo but it's how you write a combo, not the combo itself.

It sounds like fallout, could be?
I always take a huge gun, maybe that will help for AJ too.:ajbemused:
Oh come on, an Anti-Metrial gun (Or as I call it, Anti-Everything gun) with it's 50 caliber rounds, whom won't like that?

Loss of control over some bodily functions due to a traumatic event or something I guess I can understand, but the thing with Apple Bloom, her paci, and the pain... That's weird.

This fic is weird. I'm not into any of the diaper stuff (I've stumbled upon some pictures on derpibooru, and that's about it), so maybe I don't understand why there is so much focus on infantilism in the story, but I'd like to see more of the world, some explanations and generally some other stuff than just Apple Bloom being a baby. :applejackunsure:

Hey, author. Could you explain to me what's up with the diapers? Almost all of your favorites have something to do with those. It's not a sexual fetish, right? :twilightblush:

4963992 Considering the lack of a sex tag in this fic, it most certainly isn't a sexual fetish. That much I can say for sure. :eeyup:

You have the uncanny ability to write something truly messed up, but then something light hearted at the end of this chapter... :pinkiegasp:

4963992 In it's core it could be, just look abdl info, I guess, I'm not 100% sure he his one, most padded writers are though,
as for the world, I get a feeling of fallout Equestria.

4963992 Well, it's a fetish for me, and this is my fetish account.

Chronologically speaking this piece of fiction is the second of a slew of stories playing in one big alternate universe. It's also the only piece in this verse with fetish material, and even then, it's supposed to be somewhat disturbing, because what AJ and Apple Bloom have here isn't a healthy relationship, it's just one insane pony driving another pony down over the edge. That said, the status quo will be shaken up over the course of the story, so you won't get a mass of chapters that are just indulging the fetish. Instead, shit is going to go down.

I'm primarily writing a story about two sisters, who, despite themselves, try to survive in a fallen world. I see the fetish, especially this particular one, as a gimmick that is both creepy and endearing. If AJ would chain up Apple Bloom against her will, it'd just be creepy instead, for example. Either way, I want to play this as emotionally strong as I can, as to make the ride worthwhile to anyone who attempts to read, and not just the fetish crowd.

I hope that makes some sense. If you got into this story despite not getting the fetish, then you certainly have my admiration. If you want to drop it, knowing it's a fetish fic, I'll understand completely. Either way, I hope I could give some explanation as to what the hell I'm doing here.

4964283 I think I don't want the crowd that comes with a tag combination of Apple Bloom, Applejack and sex. :trixieshiftright:

4965345 We can't be dark and edgy all the time, some levity is always needed, and I don't want the next chapter to be more angsting around. It'd get tiring after a while. :eeyup:

4967416 Well, we haven't seen much of the world, so the only statement I'll make is that it doesn't involve Fallout. I created the premise behind this story, and I hope that it'll be able to stand on its own four hooves. :moustache:

4967546 Are you saying you see this fetieh as a gimmick in the context of your story? Or in general?

It's interesting. Your writing style in this is something akin to a stream-of-consciousness style.

But still, I want to see more of the post-apoc world.

4967546 If you say that some shit is about to go down, I'll continue reading. The relationship between AJ and AB disturbs me, and anything that disturbs me has my attention, so I'll continue reading regardless.

By the way, Applejack and Apple Bloom have possibility of doing a mega super fucked up thing together - inbred rape incest pedophilia (if I were politically incorrect, I would highlight homosexualism too). And that's the biggest combo that I put together without going to even more kinky stuff. :twilightoops:

4967931 I don't think any of that's going to happen. The worst that's likely going to happen is that Apple Bloom is going to up end completely diaper dependent.

4967546 you say it's not fallout, but the bombs, end of world, gouls, insanity, ect, ect, ect, ect prove other wise,
also this story make me :fluttercry:

4967603 In the context of the story. It's hard writing a story like this with infantilism in it, mainly because the themes clash so hard, but making something like this work is half the fun in being a writer. :yay:

4967645 Thank you. I like to think that I've got my characters figured out, if nothing else, and drawing out how they view the world is great fun.

4967931 I was considering to add themes of incest on top of it all in the very first draft, but I have enough ways to twist it without doing anything sexual. Also, I think writing Applejack properly into having sex with her sister would require her to break really bad, and I don't think I've provided the context for that to happen. :trixieshiftright:

4970187 Well, she kinda is as of this chapter. So, hurray for that?

4971568 Except there exists nobody able in the MLP-universe with the capability of building bombs that tear the fabric of reality a new one. At least to my knowledge. :trollestia:


Except there exists nobody able in the MLP-universe with the capability of building bombs that tear the fabric of reality a new one. At least to my knowledge. :trollestia:

Discord provides power, Twilight builds a device. What could possibly go wrong? :rainbowwild:

4992914 Well, at least none of her enemies can see her in her current state, so there's that. Yeah, it's not exactly a consolidation prize, but hey, it's better than nothing.

4992914 wait till CUTIE MARK CRUSADES FIREWORK MAKERS!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

4994556 Well, perhaps that's one good thing about Apple Bloom being stuck in diapers. She and her friends can't blow up the world anymore than it already is.

That was terribly sad. To finally hear what became of them. AJ's condition. The whole flashback with Humphrey.

Dang. That was crazy. I sort of miss the old cover art, but I guess this one shows off the sisterly bond better. That last thing Apple Bloom said got me all teary eyed. This is just a really tensed story.

Rainbow Dash. I wonder if Twilight is okay still...

*glances at the story and then at the description* this is a fettish fic? The story is so dark and f*cked up I can't tell, but I want to stick with it because the story is so twisted despite that this isn't exactly my cup of tea smex wise. Seriously I read te description and thought, gee how messed up can this be? Oh boy my gut is usually right about good grimdarks.

I love the relationship between the sisters here . It may be a dark theme but the dark doesn't over shadow the light in a sens

How unexpected. I wonder who the beast could be.

I'm in tears. Poor Apple Bloom. Man, this really came as a surprise. Dove right into it as I saw it in my feed. I'm wondering how much longer these two are gonna last in this world. I just hope they at least get to go together if anything. Applejack, oh you lovely mare, don't know how you're still going but I know what still keeps your fire burning.

Great chapter, really sweet. :heart: Very painful. :fluttercry:Sure hope we see more again soon. :pinkiesad2:

That fight with not Rainbow Dash must've set off something in Applejack's mind, and she's struggling for control.

Sorry, AB, but I'm with AJ on this one. Some things you just don't say. You don' be rised better then that! ;3 But don't fret none, Apple Bloom. You did good. You did plenty good. Mighty proud of ya, filly. Mighty proud.

Good heavens. What happened to that place. What triggered this whole mess? That's some serious madness even Discord couldn't conjure up. So many tragedies. Scootaloo still stuck in that well. Heaven knows what happened to Sweetie or the others. These two make me wonder if they're the only ones left in the world.

Did not expect another chapter so soon. You've been mighty busy and I'm mighty pleased. Gosh I can't root any harder for these two but ain't gonna stop me from trying. That gash has been working its way up it seems. So much going on, glad AB managed to snap AJ out of her funk with those words, but now I'm just here waiting to see where these two go now.

Heh, that pacifier. AB needs a string to keep that thing from falling on the ground so much xD

6594445 For better or for worse, as they say.

6596076 I wanted to get back to writing as strongly as possible, but I nonetheless want to finish this story quickly to. I most certainly expect to get to the halfway point this week or the next. So that's pretty good.

And yeah, all that dirt on it can't be good for her teeth. :trollestia:

Applejack seems to be living in a constant state of denial, because she doesn't want to admit how messed up the world around her is. And I suspect the only reason Apple Bloom hasn't tried to strike out on her own, is because she knows she won't last on her own in the world. :eeyup:


And yeah, all that dirt on it can't be good for her teeth. :trollestia:

:rainbowlaugh: oh, well, you know how it is. With all those problems I'd have to say the last thing AB needs is tiny rocks or dirt and what have you getting in places you can't reach with a tongue. *shudder*

Well, AJ and AB finally took their first real steps into what seems like a suicide run into the center of chaos itself. Damn, AJ's mind is pretty jumbled. I can't tell if she's forcing herself to see things through rose-colored glasses, earnestly believes herself, or maybe she done did glanced at the sky a second too long one time.

Damnit, even with all the bad... Apple Bloom and Applejack still find time to be adorable. :raritystarry:

So, I'm guessing Apple Bloom is in some sort of limbo right now, and everything she's encountered is symbolic of the choice she has to make? I mean, that's how these things work in fiction. Or are you clever enough to subvert that? :trixieshiftright:

6601220 I guess I'll let the readers decide how clever this will appear in retrospective. Personally, I just really like writing dream sequences. :twilightsheepish:

This is getting more and more twisted and tangled.
I like it!

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