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Applebloom gets her cutie mark and suddenly Twist is the enemy. The butt of every joke, she slowly sinks into a depression that nopony her age should ever have to deal with. This is her diary.

Just a little one-shot. This is my first sad story so give me criticism if you don't like it. Be brutal, I can take it.

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Whoa... whoa whoa whoa.
Why are my eyes leaking?
Oh no... Now I feel bad for hating Twist. I'm sorry, Twist, I'm sorry!:fluttercry::raritycry:

4237147 Why would you hate Twist :applecry: she is adorable. Look at this face :twistnerd: look at it!!!

She's just a bit too annoying. But I'm sorry, Twist! Forgive me!

So did twist actually kill herself? I was in that situation once. thinking about suicide. and I don't need fan fiction to remind me of that. so, for the first time, I downvote.

4240554 I've been there too. That's what inspired this story. Writing brought up some sad feels, but that's kind of the point of a sad story right?

I have now deemed you an awesome writer and Bon Bon bisexual. :twilightoops:(Why did I write and post this? :facehoof:)

probably just a weird space alien that oozes invisible magic that makes ponies not like me.

How'd you do that? It's a power, isn't it? Some sort of weird alien hypnotic power. I bet you excrete some sort of gas, makes people love you.

(Doctor Who, S6E12)

Not sure if this was intentional or what...

I told her I wanted to get hit by a carriage too, and she started crying. I still don't know why.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I tried talking to Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon, but they called me a whore.

Calling Twist that names suggests they don't know what it means either.

I have a stupid lisp that makes me talk dumb.

There is nothing wrong with your lisp Twist.

Scootaloo does. She called me a worthless freak the other day. I think she's just sad because Diamond said the same thing to her at recess the same day.

Scoots needs to be loved then. Twist should remind Scoots that she's a wonderful filly.

Sometimes I just want to punch her and Scootaloo, and tell them to not be mean.

If you do that, you have ONE punch Twist. Don't waste it.

I got generosity, but Scootaloo says that I would be the Element of Nerdiness.

There is nothing wrong with being a nerd Twist. I am really liking this 'Scootaloo the bad chick'en thing.

I thought Applebloom would be the same as her sister, but it turns out she got loyalty. She wasn't very loyal to me.

There are stories with Applebloom making Twist a member of the CMC because 'it's about helping others get their Marks too'.

I wrote Scootaloo a sorry note, but she threw it away.

What is Scoots problem today?

It's getting really easy to fake a smile.

This is going down hill since the beginning.

I got detention so Miss Cheerilee doesn't like me anymore.

That is not true.

I didn't go to paradise I went to the hospital.

Stupid little girl. And you don't go to paradise if you intentionally send yourself there.

I got my leg in a cast, but Mommy, Lyra, and Cheerilee are the only ponies who signed it.

Other ponies would if you wanted them too.

Mommy is making me see a physcologist psychologist now.

I have a feeling this is just going to get worse.

I told her that no pony likes her either because she's mean. I didn't say mean though. I called her the B-word. I got suspended. Miss Cheerilee hates me now. I know it.

But she IS a B-word. And Cheerilee doesn't hate you Twist, she's worried about you.

"Twist what's that?"
"Nothing Daddy, let's go to that picnic now."
"Alright sweetie, don't wanna keep your Grandma waiting."

You suck dicks! Now, maybe she could have died as an old lady happily in bed or something, but that was not my first impression.
This got dark faster than I expected. The writing scale is childish and rushed, but what I would expect from a child about her age, so good work on that. You should go about separating the entries from each other. They seem to jump each paragraph and it's a little unsettling. But again, what I could expect from a kid her age. Those are my comments, as constructive as they are, or are not.

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