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Warning! Contains spoilers for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Ye have been warned!
Twilight thought she was going to take a relaxing trip to the beach by her friends' suggestion. Nothing could have prepared her for the adventure of a lifetime.

After finding herself on a barren island, she is found by the legendary Pirate Assassin, Edward Kenway. As Twilight is thrust into the life of a Pirate, she begins to develop feelings for the Assassin. Can she confess to him after all the pain he went though as a Captain, or will she lose everything?
Find out in the tale of prizes, plunder, adventure, and love as Twilight Sparkle and Edward Kenway unite under the Black Flag.

This is a collaboration between me and the very talented chrisharte97, where we are doing the impossible. Writing a ship-fic *lol between Edward Kenway and Twilight Sparkle. Hope you enjoy.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 155 )

Alright, our story worked out perfectly. :pinkiehappy:

I have a feeling I'm going to like this story a great deal.

I'm a huge fan of AC4 and I hope good things will come of this story! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

4055527 Oh they will trust us, he and I are working on this together.

instant like for the fact its an AC 4 cross over now this is an insta fave also

short is all that can be said about this but its a prologue so its ok

It's a prologue, and pretty short, but is there an explanation as to why she just suddenly poofed into the world of AC4? I mean, I still enjoy the chapter, but I just find it a bit odd. Regardless, You earned a like and Favorite.

I hope you cover when in the ACIV timeline this takes place, because Twilight could work as Edward 's second love if he already knows of his wife's death. Other than that, very interesting! I like ponies, and I like Assassin's Creed, so I'll be following this story.

4057153 If you read carefully in chapter 2, you will know that this story takes place after the events of ACIV.

4057761 My mistake. Thank you for pointing that out.

4057761 Nice touch specifying when on the timeline only to those who've beat the game ......Well,Only players who beat it knew it off the bat.......Though ive never heard that song in all my time playing ACIV

4056798 That's what he and I forgot to think of :twilightsheepish:, but perhaps it's just fate that she ends up there. :applejackunsure:

Will she still can use magic? Will she be able to fight like an Assassin? Will she will ever return home? These are some of my questions...You can answer them all or some...

But wait....IF Twilight is his second love doesn't that mean she gave birth to haytham? argh, never mind.....haytham is given birth by someone else

4059378 :derpyderp2:Uh...Wow. I didn't know you would go THAT far. But um, I don't think that's gonna happen.

As for your questions...First yes and no. She will have Force like abilities like telekinesis, Force push, and all that good stuff.
Second probably. I could see if she become an Assassin, but that's highly unlikely.
Finally yes. Eventually she will go home. But not without something to remember her time. She will be given one of those Vial cubes with Edwards DNA within. With that, she can go to Edwards time wherever and whenever she chooses.

:twilightsmile:Hope these answers satisfy your curiosity.

4059416 welp, so she use THE FORCE like in Star Wars...interesting....."There's disturbance in the Force.":eeyup:

4059450 Let me rephrase. She can use Force-LIKE abilities. Not become a full-fledged Jedi.

4059561 well , now my head is filled with jedi mane six,,,,:facehoof:

Okay I highly doubt any sane or insane man would believe that a woman he found on the shoe of a deserted island came from a magical land of talking ponies. If I were in twilights shoes I would keep that to my self until I could fully trust the man. Also anyone from equestria would be quick to accept a man who stole from ships and killed people right after meeting them. Most people tend to keep that to themselves. I would expect them to tell the truth about themselves maybe a months weeks later and several trips. They would need to get to know each other before dropping that kind of bomb. The perfect time to admit their feelings for sure would probably a moment where twilight was rescued. And dropping the assassin bit after a fight with a Templar. The equestria bit would definitely take place when twilight hears a rumor about a powerful artifact after several months sailing with kenway. And that is my two cents.

4064755 Well, get this he believes in some myths like that legend of the Observatory. So I'm sure he would believed some of Twilight's story. But also Edward is not an Assassin anymore for now at least. Just wait until the next chapters, you'll see.

4064755 i kind of agree he believed her too quickly and she trusted him too quickly although if i met him and knew his history cause ive already beaten the game i wouldnt care although i wouldnt make a good sailor id like to fight for him

4064884 maybe so but a land of talking ponies sounds a little bit much even for Edwards beliefs. And maybe he's not an assassin anymore but really would you want to be stuck on a ship where a person just claimed to kill for a living in a room full of swords and pistols. I know I wouldn't.

4064940 Well he had no room for the outfits and I think that he might have kept those weapons as suvineers by then instead of using them.

And I'm sensing that there gonna be a ship battle on sea soon and some scenes involving Twilight stop a cannon ball in mid air....:trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2::trixieshiftright::facehoof::eeyup:

4066538 Hmm the ship battle sounds promising, but not what you said about Twilight.

4067247 i have one thing to say though Edward is a bit out of character but the rest is great.

4068217 Hmm... I guess I don't know Edward's character that well.

hmm, interesting, first I read of chris paring RD and Conner, now him and you are paring Twi and Edward...

*sees twilight say her name to Edward* Oh god.. this isn't going to end well...

Wow, no weirdness, I'm so FREAKING EXCITED for when the next chapter comes

4074315 :twilightsmile:You won't have to wait long. As soon as I get my head straight, you'll get your Chapter 4. Here's a little snippet: *Highlight the text below to view spoilers.

Edward teaches Twilight how to sword fight

4074375 is that a link? or just text I should highlight?

I have to say, I'm a little surprised that Twilight hasn't been thrown in the 18th century equivalent of a loony bin yet. Even if Edward's seen the strangeness that is the true nature of the Observatory, a woman claiming to be from a race of talking ponies has to be pushing the boundaries of what he can believe. Other than that, cool story, bro!

i cant wait for their reactions when he lets slip he is or was a pirate

4120184 Currently she's at sea, and there are no loony bins in sight. Believe me it is pushing Edwards boundaries, but he's not letting it show.

Otherwise, :twilightsmile:thanks for the compliment.

4120187 Jenny doesn't know, but Twilight does.

4120201 i was gonna ask how she knew when he didnt tell her but she recognized the flag didnt she

4120219 I think it says in either Chapter 1 or 3. If not then yeah, she knows because of the flag.

4120225 i couldnt remember if it was mentioned either lol :twilightblush:

Looks like I'm going to have to make a chapter to tell on how the rest of the Mane Six are doing.

4120286 You could have so that the first half is with the rest of the Mane 6, and the second half would be about Twilight's time at Great Inagua.

:applejackunsure:But that's just my thought. Go with what you want.
This was your idea from the start. I'm just here to see it through.

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