• Published 30th Oct 2011
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Mending Hearts - Ronglar

The elements of harmony must save Equestria by using what almost broke them.

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Chapter 3: Preperations

Chapter 3: Preparations

"Ahh, damn it! I'm going to be late! Excuse me!"

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"


Major Silver Rush continued her quick pace through the castle heading for The Throne Room. Today there was a special meeting between the princesses and the heads of the royal guard. It was about the problems in Manehattan, Canterlot and Cloudsdale. Over the past few weeks there had been rioting and a sharp increase in crimes in Equestria's major cities.

Major Rush was the head of the royal guard's response team. She was a silver pegasus with a red mane and a red flaming comet for a cutie mark. It suited her well, seeing as she is the fastest flyer in the royal guard and usually the first to respond to emergencies. It was her job to keep an eye out for problems across the country and report to the princesses and the heads of the guard. Now she was hurrying to the throne room to give an in-depth look at the rioting, and she was late.

Ahh, why did Swift have to go on one of her hour long rants? I swear she’s got a mouth as big as her brain. Sergeant Swift Horn was Rush’s right hoof mare and the intelligence officer for the group. She was a natural choice for the team even though she tended to run her mouth off when explaining things. Rush overlooked it for the most part, but it could backfire when she was in a hurry like today.

Almost there, I hope I haven’t missed anything important. Major Rush quickly rounded a corner and came face to face with the huge doors to the throne room. She calmly stopped to straighten her mane and tail before heading in. The major wasn't nervous at all, unlike most ponies who were about to meet royalty. She saw Princess Celestia on a regular basis as well as Princess Luna who had now returned to the throne. She took a deep breath and pushed open the double doors.

"… and with the rise- oh, Major Rush. How nice of you to join us," General Starburst said, turning to look at the doorway. He was seated with Captain Darkwing across a large table from the two princesses with a number of papers lying between them. General Starburst and Captain Darkwing were the two commanding officers of the royal guard. General Starburst supervised the day guard while Captain Darkwing had command over the night guard. Both were large pegasi easily a foot taller than most ponies. Starburst had a snow-white coat with a gold mane while Darkwing had a grey coat with a dark blue mane. They each had a cutie mark of a gold and blue shield respectively.

Princess Celestia and Princess Luna both sat on adjacent thrones overlooking the whole room. Celestia was a large white alicorn with a shimmering rainbow mane. Being able to raise the sun, it was easy to tell that she had immense magical power, only rivaled by her sister, Princess Luna. Luna was also an alicorn with a dark blue coat and a flowing mane that looked like the night sky. She wasn't as big as her sister, but still taller than most ponies. They both eyed the major intently as she trotted to the other end of the table.

"I'm sorry sir, Sergeant Swift Horn kept me occupied with her latest report," Rush replied, walking up beside the general and captain. "I'm sorry for the interruption Princess Celestia, Luna," she apologized, slightly bowing her head at the princesses.

"It's quite alright major, as you were General," Celestia said.

Starburst turned back to the princesses and regained his train of thought. “As I was saying, the royal guard had been put on high alert with the increased crime and riots throughout Canterlot, Manehattan and Cloudsdale."

"Are there any leads into why this is happening?" Luna queried.

"We do have some information on the incidents, Major Rush if you would?" Captain Darkwing said, turning to her. Major Rush nodded and leaned over to her saddlebags. A moment later she brought a large file and placed it on the table.

"Here is a report on the first recorded incident of random aggression from citizens. It occurred last Saturday on the 23rd," she said. "One guard noticed a crowd gathering around an apple stall, so he went to take a look. He said that the vender suddenly started acting very aggressive towards the crowd, yelling at them to leave. Then there was a bright flash as everypony was dispersing."

"Did he see anything else unusual?" Luna asked.

"The guard said that he regularly talked with the vender, Red Cider. After the mob dispersed he walked up to the stall to talk to Mr. Cider and found that his coat had turned grey and was quite rude to him as well," Rush explained.

"When was this information collected?"

"The guard compiled a report as soon as he got back to his local station."

"How odd, do you have any idea what this could be sister?" Luna asked.



The four of them turned towards Celestia who had been quiet the whole time. She had a face of shock, anger and worry. They had no idea what was going through her head. In fact just the look of worry on her face was enough to unnerve the rest of them. After what seemed like hours, Celestia finally broke the silence.

"What we speak of now never leaves this room, does everypony understand?" she said. Gone was the usual kind caring voice, replaced with one of stern authority. Luna looked over to the other three, who all silently nodded. The last time she looked this serious was when Disc- Luna's face dropped to a ghastly white.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Luna asked with a tone of fear in her voice.

"I'm afraid so," Celestia slowly turned back to the other three and took a deep breath. "I'm afraid that Discord may have found another way to escape."

Starburst and Darkwing both held perfect poker faces. Rush on the other hand had already started to panic. "But how is that possible? Isn't he still trapped in stone in the vault? How could he-"

"Get a hold of yourself Major!" Darkwing bellowed. "Yes, Discord is still trapped down in the vault and he's not getting out anytime soon."

The vault was a secret chamber directly under Canterlot Castle. It was made shortly after Discord’s second banishment specifically to hold him. The brightest unicorns worked along with the two princesses to create the underground chamber, it was made with 10 meter think obsidian walls and enchanted to be magic-proof. The only beings powerful enough to unlock it were Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Once the construction was complete, all but a few select ponies had their memories erased of the project.

"Then what could be causing the riots? Discord can not use magic while trapped."

"No, he can't…" Celestia slowly murmured, "but what if he's not the direct cause?"

Luna looked over to her sister, clearly skeptical of the proposal. "But how could he be the cause yet not be the one controlling it?"

"Um, I have an idea," Major Rush meekly suggested.

"Well, out with it Major," Starburst sharply replied.

"Umm, maybe while Discord was still free, he created some spell in case he was defeated. Like a fallback plan," Rush explained.

"Hmm, I think you might be on to something there," Darkwing said. "Discord might have set up a fallback plan, and the increased crimes and rioting is his improvised chaos."

"That does make sense, but for a spell to be so powerful to reach across the country there would have to be a single control point which would use an immense amount of natural magic."

"Actually I think I may have a solution to that as well."

Everypony turned to Major Rush while she sifted through her saddlebags again. "Where is it… there we go!" Rush said while pulling out another report, much smaller than the last. She set it on the table and opened it a few pages in.

"This is a report on the meteor shower that was made a few nights ago." Rush gestured to the article. "Luna, you created the shower as purely visual correct?"


"Well apparently it was not completely visual." She opened up the next page. "There were reports of a star falling over the Everfree Forest, near Ponyville. The incidents of increased aggression started flowing in the following morning. If there is a central controlling point, there is a possibility that it is whatever fell into the forest.”

"Alright, I will assemble a squad to go and contain the object." Starburst said.

"No," Celestia countered. "If an armed squad of royal guards were seen flying through a populated town, it could cause a panic combined with the riots already occurring. If we do send in a response, it will an undercover agent staying in Ponyville."

General Starburst sat back down, maintaining his poker face at the same time as Major Rush stood up.

"I volunteer to go on the undercover mission," Rush stated.

"And who will fill your position in your absence?" Luna asked.

"Sergeant Swift Horn can fill in for the response team while I'm away. I have a contact in Ponyville I can stay with while I'm there."

There was a silence as everypony thought over the plan. After a few minutes, Celestia finally spoke up: "I believe this would be the best course of action. Major Silver Rush, you will be going undercover to Ponyville and report anything out of the ordinary. If you get the chance, I would also like you to travel into the Everfree Forest and observe the crash site."

"Understood, ma'am."

"One more thing, as you all know the elements of harmony reside in Ponyville." Celestia turned to Major Rush. "While stationed there, I would like you to make contact with my student, Twilight Sparkle. I'm sure she knows something about the crashed object; she wouldn't let such an opportunity pass by her. Although try to refrain from revealing yourself if it is not completely necessary. Any questions?"

"None, ma'am." Rush replied.

"Alright, you may go pack for the trip. A bottle of dragon fire will be ready in the armory for when you leave." Celestia turned back to Starburst and Darkwing. "General, Captain, if you two would stay behind for a few more words with Luna and I."

"Of course your majesty." Starburst and Darkwing replied simultaneously.

Major Rush started packing up her saddlebags while the others continued talking. To be honest she was quite exited. This was her first mission in months. It was a good break from the regular overseeing of the guard. She lifted her bags back onto her back and politely nodded to the Princesses before departing the throne room.

Well, this is going to be fun.

Big thanks to Dr. Jekyll and NikitaKitten for pre-readin and editing this chapter!