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Seabreeze and the other Breezies have mailed Fluttershy a book. She is excited to receive such a gift, but when she finds that it's written in the Breezies' ancient text and she's unable to read it, she goes to visit Twilight for help. Twilight is all too happy to help translate the book, but in doing so she finds a secret that not only she dare not tell Fluttershy, but also relates to one of her own previous adventures.

Written for EQD's Writer's Training Grounds #010.

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Well, this certainly peaked my interest.

Well I'm glad that it made you curious. Like I said in the notes, a major part of this will be explained when Vinyl and Octavia set out on their little quest. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. :twilightsmile:

A Gazer, eh?
Quite the formidable opponent.
Watch out for their Invisible Hugs.

Methinks you may be thinking of a different Gazer than I am. Just saying...
That is pretty freaking hilarious though. :rainbowlaugh:

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