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Paradox Theory

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Jason Wright is your average anti-brony, until Twilight summons him to Equestria that is!
Now, lost in a strange new world, Jason must find a way home.

(starts in the third season, the night before the last episode.(when Twilight gets Starswirls journal.))

(rated teen for violence in later chapters)

This story preludes: Rise of the Creators

There will be at least three arcs:

Arc One: Beginnings. Jason Wright tries to find out what to do in order to go home and Jane Wright looks for a way to save her brother (Jason).

Arc Two: The Quest. With a goal in mind and an army to back him, Jason begins his quest. Meanwhile, Jane receives magic training to tear a rift in the Void.

Arc Three: The War. With the quest for the armor over with and the tear in the void, both sides prepare for war. Meanwhile, the Void itself prepares to consume all.

Chapters (30)
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4100793 Why thank you burst, my main challenge for the first few chapters is not revealing too much, like who the three characters at the end are.:pinkiehappy:

What the heck was with the cheesy ending?! They better not be too generically evil.

Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Mar 18th, 2014

4101022 you want to know? I'm trying to do two stories at the same time. besides they aren't really the main enemies, they are only helpers, in it for power.:rainbowhuh:

*crosses arms* well now I'm not saying sorry. Seriously, a down vote? That is both insulting and pitiful. If yah didn't want someone as snarky and dickish as me to react that way, you don't go the lazy route. Also, I ask questions. And a lot of'em! If you're going to react that way when I point out such an obvious and annoying thing, why do I still continue reading! In fact, getting a comment from someone like me is better than not getting one as that would mean there is too much bad to mention or I have no good opinion. I found the rest of that chapter quite enjoyable, just having a little let down of an ending. It changed a perfectly good dark mood into that when you're eaves dropping team rocket in Pokémon!
*huff huff* there, I think I've calmed down.

4158960 I was going to ask where that came from, but then I saw the downvote. And I swear I didn't do it!

VERY interesting, albeit fast paced.

4158980 oh, in that case I will say sorry.

4158992 Yeah, I had the same problem in school.:facehoof:

If you know what I mean

4179914 Premature ejaculation

4179927 Um, no.

p.s. Get your head out of the gutter!




This is turning out quite welwlelelleleele--
Doctorwhodoctorwho--shut up Jessic--doctorwhodoctorwho
I think I need to go watch Doctor Who or READ A FICC--- DOCTORWHODOCTORWHOOO

4253343. It's turning out quite what? I think your obssesion is starting to show.

Are you my mummy?

Comment posted by sunnybun deleted Apr 19th, 2014

Its turning out quite well & I know... :raritydespair:

Remember to put a space whenever someone else in talking. Ex:

"Doesn't it remind you of her?" Fluttershy asked while holding a rainbow colored butterfly.

"It sure does, sugar cube." Applejack replied while a small tear trickled down her cheek.

Begin Memory

Don't do this. Use italics if you have to, just don't say that. Setting change is fine, just not flashback notification.

I don't care how many dislikes this gets, I like it, and will follow it (Bout time I read this)

John Smith?
Old Angels?


Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Jul 12th, 2014
Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Jul 12th, 2014

Need I go on?

4743136 Sorry, little bit of a tanget of Para-words.

4743303 oh, I'm a bit surprised you didn't say anything about that also being part of my user name.

4743316 Too obvious to point out the *subtle* self-promotion put-yourself-in-the-story-thing.

Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Jul 24th, 2014

4743386 Technically, I hadn't meant to put myself in the story. I just thought "hey, I need a name for future Jason when he is revealed. Guess Paradox could work. And if people hate it and call me selfish, well it is my story."

4743451 :facehoof:

I have an explanation coming though, and the Dogs will be looked at too.

I would like to see more of this. It is extremely interesting.

5252337 Well, there will at least be a sequel. I might make a third one.

Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Nov 10th, 2014
Comment posted by Paradox Theory deleted Nov 10th, 2014

Awesome I can hardly wait. I am glad to see the Doctor.

5252913 I also think you should read the collab I'm doing with Wish I Was There. The title is: Strangers in a Strange Land.

The cliffhangers are going to kill me one of these days.

5258137 Yeah, I hate them too. And now I know why authors use so many.:pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish:

5259711 They keep the readers coming back for more.

The Bearers to Casnterlot

This is the only typo I could find.

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