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Well that was hot. Commendable work.

Well done, Scouse. You had me interested, and you delivered a hot fic.

Awesome work! Really hot.
So I present to you, a picture of rainbow dash licking twilight.

have not read QUITE yet but i felt like saying i actually watched the guy who drew the picture you used draw it, love that pic :pinkiehappy: anyway cant wait to read =3

 inviting butt 
that is all

4045744 Glad you enjoyed it!

Okay I have one question: Why didn't you have Spitfire join in to make it a ménage a trios?

4112371 Because it was more for the benefit of Lightning and Dash. Being captain of the Wonderbolts, Spitfire has more than enough control over her emotions. Sitting there watching the two go at it without joining in her stimulating herself isn't too difficult for her. Also, I rather like the image of her sitting there, dripping, and not doing anything about it.


That is one infallible confidence. She knows she can get any stallion or mare she wants, so even if two mares are fucking right in front of her, she doesn't care.

A quick visit to the nearby bar, and she'll have company for a night or two.

seemed a little rushed and ooc
plus the build-up was horrible

4213326 I definitely missed it on the build-up in this story. To be honest, this is one of my least favorite stories that I've written.

I say, damn good show. Very good!

Love Dash x Dust, and this was no exception! :heart:

SF: "Hey, you know what's good for teamwork? fucking."
RD & LD: "Okay!"
And then they both fucked IN FRONT OF SPITFIRE. WHAT.

4454660 Yeah, pretty much

I fucking lost it while reading this. I laughed so hard, the neighbors probably heard. I love how Spitfire just sat back and watched the show. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

PURE AWESOMENESS:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp:

4513680 Is that a good thing?

4753210 Yes. It's a good kind of laugh. Good story.

*my OC Kul'as ' back frill pops up and pulsates for a few seconds* swag.

Awesome story ^_^ :rainbowkiss:

That SoarinFIre makes so much sense:rainbowlaugh:Though I doubt Spitfire would be this nymphomaniac

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