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"He who makes a pony of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man." — Samule Poneson.


Twilight realizes she never taught Spike the concept of object permanence, but he says he's fine. He turns it around on her: how would she like having somepony teach her object permanence like a foal? She realizes that would be a wonderful experience, as she doesn't remember it back when she learned that since she was just a foal. She casts a spell to remove her own object permanence. Can you guess what happens next?

Author's note: Just a cute little fast-paced one-shot. Cake twins are referenced but not seen nor heard; they're too awful for me to even touch. 100% Spike's-the-hero bait.

Wikipedia entry on object permanence.

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Well then, time to be a dick.
Rather well written though it is a bit short. It goes from zero to sixty faster than a Lamborghini. There was little buildup and quite anti climactic. Spike is a douche, well more so than usual. You description of Twilight is something I can see her doing. That being said, this was a delightful premise, and although i am a bit dissapointed in the breifness and transparency of this story I have to say it is good.

I liked the beginning, but for some reason the end seemed a little rushed... it's a really cute idea.:twilightsmile: I like it.

Cue Twilight using spells to re-experience learning other things. Like how to drink from a real cup, how to walk, how to talk, and more!

This is a very silly story.

4041863 Sorry, I'm not likely to write an extension of this, but you are welcome to if so inclined. Not that it isn't a fun idea; it's simply that I don't have anything of my own to add onto that. :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it though.

I don't really know what object permanence actually means.

4042140 In a child's development it's the ability to recognize that something exists even when they can't see/touch/taste/smell/hear/perceive it.

Here's the wikipedia link to it for reference although I also added it in the description for safe measure: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_permanence

So...its like a Christian believing in God basically?

4042178 Not exactly. :twilightsmile: More like their ability to believe that if someone runs behind a tree, they're still behind that tree (unless its Pinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:).

Ah, ok. That makes sense.

I've always thought that object permanence was rather schrodinger-esque. An adult hiding behind their hands can be said to exist as a waveform in a state of there-ness and not there-ness simultaneously, until such a time as they say Peek a boo, collapsing the waveform.

That's overcomplicating it a bit.

4042178 Wow, Pen Brush. I hope that wasn't your attempt at humor. :unsuresweetie:

Wow. I confused you with someone else. Guy named Pen Stroke.

I have no ability to do humor correctly. Also...I get that a lot...:fluttercry:

4044824 Nah. It was that you acted very differently from Pen Stroke, so much that you shocked me. I'm not saying I found your suggestion funny, but I just didn't know you.

I would act differently from him...Im not him, and I never will be. I don't like being compared to him...it happens a lot. I'm tired of it greatly.

Object permanence doesn't exist around Pinkie Pie. Nopony knows where that bear went once she placed it behind the pillow.:pinkiehappy:

You need to make a sequel!

Need is a strong word. :twilightblush:
If I get an idea for a continuation, I'll write it. Otherwise, I can't really force it. When I try too hard to write comedy, 90% of the time it just comes out as murder-porn. :facehoof:

"We have to play this…um, 'Peek-a-Boo,' so that you'll be able to know that something is behind something else!"

Twilight's got the idiot ball like Atlas has the fckng planet. Also, Spike missed the chance to make a quip about how he knows - without even looking - that Twilight is behind his comic pages.

4041761 Yes, Spike was a douche, and that's a good thing. His wiseass attitude is what made most of us love him, but it's been absent from recent seasons, and I'm clamoring to see his personality returned to him. Such is the reason I appreciate fics like this.

I can see Twilight doing something like this in the show :pinkiecrazy:

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