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Twilight Sparkle has a secret: her mind is not hers alone.

King Sombra, tyrant of the Crystal Empire, was spared from his destruction. Twilight Sparkle welcomed his severed consciousness into her own, and began to learn from and hopefully teach the fallen unicorn. No one knows what she has done, and now fate has thrown a wrench into her plans.

Back in Ponyville after her coronation as Equestria's newest princess, Sombra refuses to ignore Twilight's new station in life.

One hundred percent approved by Twilight's Library.

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Comments ( 22 )

Nice! Can't wait to read more.

I confess myself very intrigued by this premise. Possible Sombra redemption? That looks plausible?

Proceed :ajsmug:

oh, now i want a series to come from this where we see them grow as time passes. see how they face challenges and everyday issues.

The sequels could be sweet...

This was a lot better than I expected... I like this version of Sombra, dark, harsh and cruel, but perhaps not irredeemable and not entirely without his good points, however faded and obscured they may be.

If you write any sequels or follow-ups to this, I'd probably read them.

Wow... just wow. I think your version of Sombra is probably the best I've seen, and that if you made a prequel, it would be really interesting to read.

Thank you for writing this. :twilightsmile:

Very smart Sombra "reformation" you have here. I like how even though Twilight is having her way with him, his mindset is still reforming on his terms. That subtlety is often lost in reformation stories. Have a like and a ribbon:

I shall wear it with pride. Not too shabby for a story that missed the deadline for the Everfree Northwest contest this year.

I like it! MUSTACHE! :moustache:

A rather interesting take on Sombra's reformation and it was nice to see that Sombra wasn't denying his mistakes as a ruler, either. He was being honest and perhaps a bit boasting, but he did admit to making mistakes and not making good decisions along with it.

This was a fun one to write too, with Sombra's condition. Glad you liked it.

OKay this was awesome.
I'd love to see more with this.

I heard how you could manipulate the crystals

I'm surprised this story eluded me for so long.

Interesting. Got anything else like it?

Not exactly, no. This would probably be the closest, a character dragging the voices of the past with him

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