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Hello everypony! I'm a female writer (yes those exist on the internet) who's just starting out. Thanks for viewing my page and reading my books! Feel free to tell me things that may improve my stories


Feathermane hid in Fluttershy's house until every pony had left. Now she might get to stay here instead of going back to her own village. After all nopony would miss her, right?

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Firstly, I'd like to compliment on your drawing ability when it comes to ponies. How did you learn? Personally I kind of suck when it comes to that, except for a few awesome heads. I just thought I could tell you about a free image editing program named GIMP online. If you were to copy your drawings onto something like computer or sketch paper with darker lines then scan or take a picture of it without color and put it in the computer then you could color it on GIMP and it might look a little neater.
Now down to a more relevant topic. I really like your story. I admit to not having watched this episode yet but I still thinks its good none the less. Feathermane, if she isn't a part of the episode, was a really neat name. I'm thinking you should go a little more in depth with her life before Fluttershy. Don't be afraid to take a big chunk of time to write either, currently I'm writing a story that's going on about... four weeks maybe of just going back to it over and over when I feel like it. Maybe you'd like to read it when I put it up?

P.S. I'd leave a like but I'm being plagued by the "incorrect rating code" disease that seems to have no solution. So have a favorite instead!

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Well, I wasn't expecting little Feathermane to become a plague fighter, exciting. I wonder what she'll learn that will help with whatever her dream means. : )

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