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Set in the All American Girl universe by Shinzakura.

Some things happen beyond our control. For DJ Martinez, it was being thrust into a world across dimensions, and then suddenly reuniting with her old world in one of the worst ways imaginable.

With two worlds now coexisting, there comes new kinds of struggles and conflicts. There are the ones due to new social interactions, but also ones due to cultures of both worlds colliding.

For one man and his girlfriend, it may be far beyond the latter of even what DJ went through.

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...Is that 'K' in Consequences intentional?

Yes it is.

your hyper links do not open to the chapters

Really? They work for me just fine (assuming you mean just the normal chapter links)

well they did not work i.ll try later

ok this is a good start but you need an editor to check it for spelling and such .

You have a lot open plot holes you have 3 of the most powerful beings helping this guy and they are at a loss because no human or alter earth creatures ever botched a spell ? Faust force choked the grey man of Ireland, Kuzu and Emma are bronze age old and smart . I like the story it needs editing.


Well the idea behind all this is that they've never encountered a circumstance such as this where BOTH human magic and Alter-Earth magic are involved to this degree. They've handled human magic before, but not with pony magic in the mix like this throwing them off.

As for editing, this was approved by Shinzakura himself. I don't release the chapters until I get his approval, and he's seen all these.


and he's seen all these

...except for the ones I was editing while blindfolded. :trollestia:

Do you write blindfolded also? Perhaps upside down and submerged in water too?

With both hands tied behind my back, no less!

Im glad someone finally called them out on it.

They probably have a set of background ponies that do the actual jobs of the mane six.
It is funny since it means that Rainbow dash, Applejack are pretty much muchers.

I did! Now on to other things! Things of thingness!

It is good that they went to Pinkie Pie since her and maybe twilight are the ones that actually built their wealth instead of it being handed to them like the rest.

The thing is twilight can only teach what has been written in equestria because besides magic she just regurgitates books.

The specism of ponies is due to the presence of celestia and luna giving them a superiorty complex.

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