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hey there. just posting stories. Please comment or favorite. it helps my self esteem, that is, if its okay with you.


Lewis Carroll is the best pony!

I basically wanted to see how Alice in Wonderland would play out with an original character and none other than than the pony who would feel most at home there. In order to write this mind-fuckery, all that had to be done was to sit and think like Pinkie Pie!
But then again, I suppose I've gone quite mad now, haven't I?

Oh, and you know you love this picture. I admit, it really has little to do with the actual plot of the story, but seeing that pic: It was an opportunity I couldn't refuse.Credit to Giuliabeck on DeviantArt.

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She really must take care not to stiffen her joins so or else she’ll get arthritis sooner or later!
That should be joints I believe.

“Truly I am sorry,” Said Summer
That would be "said", without the uppercase.

though I myself saw one last Teusday dealing in twine and sealing wax at the market.

“Ah! Ive got it!” he cried,

“I suppose he works around here, and thus knows the name of this place.” thought Summer as she approached the tired looking duck.
Period within the dialogue here needs to be a comma; this happens a couple more times throughout the story.

I could stand her all day and list them to you if I weren’t already pressed for time,

Otherwise my saner English major side demands that I forcibly bear your children. Pray continue, good sir.

Next time, if I want to make sure people actually SEE my story when it first comes out. I'll make sure to post it earlier so it dosen't come out at 3 AM:ajbemused:
368703 Either way, I appreciate the help with grammar and such. But a PM would be better if you're going to scold me on my English.:twilightsmile:
That way, I don't look like a madman AND an illiterate doofus to my readers.

That pic should go to the wierd/awesome guy who decides s/he wants to do a Grand Theft Auto crossover.

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