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This story is a sequel to First Hearts and Hoofs

Right after hearts and hoofs day but whole life changed becuase of one little kiss and he tries to get use to his new life.

This is a Sequel to my first Fimfiction called First hearts and hoofs if you haven't read it then go read it , it wouldn't make sense if you didn't read it.

First Hearts and Hoofs:http://www.fimfiction.net/story/172345/first-hearts-and-hoofs

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Comment posted by nodamnbrakes deleted Mar 8th, 2014

Love the story, giving you a fav and a like.:pinkiehappy:
PS: By the way,I thought its supposed to me "Hearts and Hooves Days"?

Excellent, though it might still need some editing, but non the less excellent.:twilightsmile:

This one was better, though some editing could still be of use. Perhaps some length, too, but that's alright. You did well.

But what happens after!?

Well, the opening made it sound like he was going to move again . Does this mean... Trilogy? *follows*

So, will there be another one? I feel you purposefully are leaving us at a somewhat cliff-hanger and are getting us to ask "what happens after?"

Your all right guy

Sooooo.....are you continuing this story?:applejackunsure:

Moral of the story... Never faint after you get a tiny kiss or else your mom will laugh at you.... oh and always make the choice you think is right... Please another...

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