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mom get out my room


Mark Davidson was cosplaying as Hitler at Holocon when he is suddenly thrust into a magical world of talking horses with the entire military might of the Wehrmacht behind him.

A request from The Parasprite.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 148 )

Lolsies shrekt plus were is fluttershy raep?!?! Oh ja r u w8ing for mod approval lol

4169353 Fluttersyh wil get shrekt soon ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

Which one? Actual Para or Regi Para?
I wouldn't be too surprised either way, though I'd favor Actual Para

Iz camez buckets for u bby.:heart:

4170271 Ja actual para dawg

4170271 Yeah it was the real praa

Oh, also this is the sexiest story I've ever has the opportunity to violently jack off to.

Oh yeah, right, the whole cosplayer in equestria plague. And Hitler. Yep, it has Para written all over it.

This is literally the pinnacle of mankind's creative spirit, I am tipping all 36 of my fedoras rhythmically to this as I read it

4170315 nao promote me maor whore dis needs featured

4170323 Already am, walrus fucker

4170331 omg let's commit coitus then.

4170334 k sounds like a sexy plan

4170414 omg I'm in the Kool Kidz Klub now thnx

This is the most amazing piece of fiction to ever grace my eye sockets.
Bravo, just... Bravo!

This is making me moist

4170414 YOU;RE NOT RIP WTF and ye idc if this iz April Foolz shiz I am Chineses so April Fool isn't on my calendar lolsies

The internet would be so much better if it came with a minimum age restriction.

You sir, you sir are a god. If this isn't already in that cosplay villain group it needs to be.

:rainbowhuh: I don't really know what to think... but I'm ok with more...

4170472 Are you calling this masturpiece immature?

Holocon. What is that a Neo-Nazi conversion.

I swear I don't get the point these CiE stories at all.

I hated it

4170528 Walrus and I go to Holocon every year. He dresses as Mengele and I dress as a partially cremated person of Jewish heritage.

I feel like I'm going to love this for some reason.

No, it's clearly an April Fools joke and is (hopefully) facetious.
Immature would be shoving it into every group on the site. Telling someone a joke is one thing, but running out into the street and forcibly stuffing jokes down people's throats is quite another.

4170547 just because the title mentions Jews does not make the story a joke. Get a grip

4170537 Sorry, but the only Hitler related convesiton I'd ever go to is one for Downfall parodies.

Also, if intentional, clever portmanteau there with "masturpiece". I'll have to use that one in future.

4170578 There are only three thing groups in this world where it's politically correct to disseminate or make fun of.
2.Christians (and Mormons)

At least that's what American cinema has taught me.

4170621 Downfall was made in Germany, not America.

4170627 No but the parodies were made by Americans I think. The film was just historical. A very good movie. I'm a fan of both the film and the parodies, witch is why I would not be ashamed if there was a downfall convention. I would totally cos as Fegeline.

As for that last comment I made, in it was kind of stupid. Ideally we should respect everyone.

Except: Zombies and Nazi's. Kill them all.

Best fanfic ever. 11/10 would most definitely bang.

This is in incredibly poor taste. Keep it up.

While this does appear to be a comedic masterpiece, I'm troubled by the fact that you added it to the OctaScratch group when neither Octavia nor Vinyl Scratch are listed in the character tags.

4171033 I misclicked, also nice dubs

4170432 Are you going to the cook out?

It's funny but I can't tell if I'm offended or not. I will reserve my judgment until the next chapter.

den atta den
(say it out loud,but kinda mobster-y-ish)

i wish i was Oprah then you would get lots of favs.In fact, everybody gets a fav! you get a fave, you get a fav, and you get a samich!

Heil Oprah!

I have no idea what's going on, but I like it.


are you a jew?

if not then don't be.

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