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I'm here to add a little spash of colour to an already colourful canvas, but I'm gonna have fun! I love art, so if you have any, let me know!(I make free cover art by commission, but I do take time.)


One night as Luna is playing her new video games, she rage quits a game and lays back on her bed. She decides that the game is dumb anyway, and she could surely do better than the games developers. So what does she do? Take a read and find out! What will she come up with?

This is my first time trying to write a one-shot. I hope it works. It's more for comedy and random than anything else, and I really wanted to write a story about Luna.
Thanks for reading.

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Comments ( 14 )

Its ok but I would make a second where she finishes the game and sees if ponys like it

Wow, that was interesting

I think its awesome so far.

I spotted some minor grammatical errors and patterns, but they didn't significantly detract from the reading experience at all.

The story is fun and lighthearted, you can never go wrong with gamer Luna! I enjoyed what I read and am looking forward to more!

Fun story!:raritywink:

4019704 Thank you very much! I really just wanted to write a one-shot with a character I had never written before. Why not Luna, eh? :twilightsmile:
4019073 Good idea. I just might.
4019475 Thanks!

That was interesting.A nice bit of comedic fun from our favorite princess. She became my favorite because of the comics, honestly, and this totally fits in with her character in them. I like it. Also, that Celestia is better at it than Luna is no surprise either, but still funny. Just look at her hoof-wresling Big Mac in "Zen and the art of Gazebo Repair". That sly smirk.

4020887 I actually haven't read the comics, but I would like to. Are they in comic book shops?

I believe that some of them may be, but I'm not certain and availability per area is almost definitely an issue.
I use Comixology, though, and all of them are available there - including the micro series (Read Luna's story there, you won't be disappointed), the new Friends Forever series and some others that I haven't picked up. It's just easier for me, and I have a tablet, so not too bad reading on it.

Dude! I have a SUPER big problem with this, it's like, ruining the story, I just can't see any good in the writing that balances it out, really! It's that bad dude! Like, holy moly man this ruins your story, it's awful it needs fixing ASAP, I'm not even kidding, it REALLY is that bad!


Dude! It's obvious!


Oh fine! I'll tell you:

Shells don't explode...


Jeez, those emotes.

4704659 Depends on the kind of shell :raritywink:

Well, bullet shells don't.
Mortar shells fall from the mortar round mid-air.
Artillery rounds are called shells, but so are bullets, so-

That was a joke by the way...

4709152 I know it was a joke. You really had me going there for a minute. I was worried you were going to tear right into me for something I did wrong. You got me good!

Ohh, Wonna is being adorable.
Yep, she loves hate. Ain't that great.
That game design pft.
The final gamer score is four grenades outta five.

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