• Published 25th Mar 2012
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A Feudal Mix Up - Summer30

Twilight finds two interesting books that leads her and the mane six in another world

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Chapter 3

The air was less humid now and it was dark out with so many stars in the sky. Twilight looked up at the sky admiring them while thinking that this world had many more stars than the ones in Ponyville. “I’ve never seen so many stars,” she muttered looking up at the sky.

Kagome giggled cutting into her thoughts. “I am in the same boat as well. Where I am from, you see more big city lights than stars.”

“City?” Rarity piped in. “Oh they must have the greatest fashions there.”

Kagome nodded with little interest since fashion was a world that she hardly knew an especially since she grew up in a world for average people . “Um… I am not really big on that area. Where I am from, I live in a shrine where we don’t have a pile of money.”

Twilight nodded. “To be honest, I have not been a real fan of fashion myself. In fact, I am more interested in reading books and learning.”

“You egg head do you have to bring up books now?” Rainbow Dash whined.

“Rainbow?!” Twilight snapped. “This conversation wasn’t involving you was it?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes at her friend and bit her lip knowing that she could easily tick Twilight off and particularly in a strange world such as this.

“Anyway…” Twilight hinted at Kagome.

“I enjoy reading too but I am not much of a nerd,” Kagome said as they passed through what appeared to be some large fields and small wooden shacks with lights coming from them with their smoking chimneys and the smell of burning wood.

“Where are we going?” Applejack asked their guide who was leading them through the quiet village.

“We are going to the old shrine so that you can meet Kaete who might be better able to give you full advice as to why and how you were able to open the portal,” Kagome informed the disoriented newcomers who knew nothing about Japan.

“Feh, you are going to take them to see the old lady?” Inuyasha snickered as he landed next to Kagome. “You know Kagome, she is getting…”

“Inuyasha, please don’t start with me,” Kagome responded calmly giggling while trying to keep her cool.

Inuyasha knew that Kagome was no one to mess with and especially after being sat three times that evening.

Rainbow burst out laughing at Inuyasha and Kagome knowing that they two would be special some ponies for sure. However, Kagome was no pony and either was Inuyasha. Come to think of it, what would one say instead of somepony or everypony?

“What’s so funny wench?” Inuyasha asked looked up at her.

“Oh nothing,” Rainbow continued giggling.

“Come on, there must be some real reason as to why you were laughing so hard. Were you laughing at me because I happen to be a hanyou?” He taunted smirking.

“Oh no,” Rainbow replied looking at Inuyasha with a look of amusement. “Actually, I was going to tell you how awesome your moves are. I was watching how fast you can fly.”

“That’s become I am a hanyou and I don’t really fly?”

“Han what?” Rainbow asked.

“He’s a half demon,” Kagome added.

“Uh, what’s a demon, Twilight?” Rainbow ashed forgetting

Inuyasha rolled his eyes in utter frustration and annoyance.

“He’s half dog and half human with a in addition to being supernatural,” Kagome informed as they began to climb up a long set of red wooden steps to a temple at the top.

“Oh that’s right,” Rainbow said. “Of course I read about you. I forgot.”

Everyone accept for Inuyasha started laughing until they came to three individuals standing up stairs. Among them appeared to be a young human male in blue robes and his dark hair worn in a small pony tail and three gold earrings in his left ear. Then there was a small boy with red hair, a blue bow, and a fox tail who appeared to be younger than Spike in a blue pants suit. Finally, there was a young woman in green and purple robes with long dark hair in a ponytail almost identical to AJ’s style.

“Inuyasha,” the young fox boy asked the stressed out inu hanyou. "Whose are these demons?"

“Figure it out for yourself you baka,” Inuyasha snapped.

“Inuyasha,” Kagome warned while glaring at Inuyasha for a second time.
Inuyasha looked at Kagome once again and then back at the mane six.

“Umm….Kagome and I found these strange looking humans who appeared to be demons back by the bone eater's well. However, they claim to be ponies from another world,” Inuyasha sighed.

“My my," the young man in blue exclaimed. “You sure are lovely ladies.” He moved forward and eyed them with amusement and interest. “Whatever they are I have one question to ask them.” He then moved forward and that is when he eyed Rarity. “Pardon me miss but my name is Miroku and I have one question for you he said as he moved forward.”

Rarity giggled at him and replied, “Well hello Miroku, my name is Rarity Unicorn. It is a pleasure to meet such a gentleman."

Miroku proceeded forward and took one of her hands and kissed it ever so gently. “Would you mind baring my child?” He asked.

Rarity looked at Miroku with such embarrassment and turning red. “Children I don’t know. What is a child?”
She then felt something cold clamp onto her bottom and squeeze it. Rarity squealed in embarrassment and then proceeded to slap him on the face.

Miroku was then wacked over the head by the giant weapon owned by the other girl who was with Miroku and Shippou.

Spike then stepped forward and stomped on Miroku’s foot extra hard. “You keep your hooves off my Rarity,” He threatened.

Miroku let out a painful shriek. “What did I do to deserve this?”

“Oh Spikey Wikey,” Rarity said looking at a little angry boy who was attempting to fight another soul bigger than him. “You really shouldn’t have,” She smiled turning to Miroku with her smile turning into a scowl. “And you, keep your grimey
whatchamacallits to yourself you creep for I am a lady.”

“I just just..was having fun” Miroku insisted.

“Yeah and that includes having fun by being a pervert,” the unnamed girl cried. She then turned to look at Rarity who looked like she had just turned down a marriage proposal. “Miss, I am so sorry about that. He can be such a handful,” she replied. “My name is Sango by the way.”

“Hi,” all the girls said looking at her.

“Sango, this is Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, and of course you met Rarity, Fluttershy, and Spike” Kagome informed. “Girls, this is Sango, Miroku, and Shippou. I will also introduce you to our village miko, Kaete.”

Everyone all nodded at each other and said at once, “What interesting names and clothes.”

“Hello, hi, hey, what’s up,” they all said to each other at once.

“They were on their way to see the old lady,” Inuyasha huffed. “Let’s get on with it as I am hungry and tired he moaned.

That was her last straw. “SIT!” Kagome said, and Inuyasha once again fell flat on his face on the stairs and rolled down hitting the ground face down.

“Ga…go…neeeee…. Byyyyyy?” He moaned.

“Sit!” Kagome shouted again. “You are the most disrespectful self-centered creature that I have ever met,” Kagome roared. You are even more worse than Miroku. She then turned on her heal and stormed up the stairs past the whole group as she needed time to cool off.

“Wow, she is mad,” Spike said watching Kagome run up to the shrine.

“She sometimes goes home for days if Inuyasha sets her off,” Shippou said looking at Spike.

“Anyway, should we proceed to meet Kaete?” Sango asked.

They all nodded with their stomachs growling feeling tired and over loaded.

“Come, we can go in and rest,” Shippou said as he began to lead the group up to the shrine where a red and while clad elderly woman with an eye patch worn on her left eye greeted them.

“Ye bring guests child?” She asked the three.

“Yes, Kaete,” Kagome said walking over to her as she slowly calmed down very shortly after disciplining Inuyasha. “This is a group of…ponies…? Who Inuaysha and I found near the bone eater’s well. “

Kaete eyed them with her right eye in seeing that they looked harmless and noticed not an aura of evil about them.
“Ye must be tired and hungry. Come on in and I will feed thee,” Kaete stated in a very inviting voice.

All seven nodded at Kaete and proceeded to follow the strangers into their hut astonished at their kindness.

‘Is this another lesson and a letter to the princess when we get back?’ All seven asked themselves as they followed the new group. ‘If we ever get back,’ they all wondered worried.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha peeled himself off the ground and shook the dust off himself. “Stupid Kagome and her wanting to help those weirdos,” He told himself and he glared up the stairs.