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I am a: geek/nerd, roleplayer, gamer, Minecraftian, Metalface, troper and a huge fan of webcomics. Oh, and a brony....


A collection of short pony fiction written for one reason or another. Mostly cobbled together at insane hours on the eve of pony, not intended to be viewed by anybody with a brain.

Tags may be added as I continue writing these.

Little to no editing or proofreading. Or skill.

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Comments ( 5 )

Yeah, okay? What did I just read?

A writing prompt from hell, in the hopes of breaking my Writer's Block.

Problem? :trollestia:

4020755 Yes in fact I do have a problem! I'm severely disappointed in you. How could you?

Quite easily, in fact. I'd rather inflict in on the unsuspecting public than leave it fallow :twilightsmile:

At least I posted warnings, right?

4022558 You warning is insignificant and taken as jest.

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