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Life isn't fair.
Death is.
I got ran over by a car, and then a fictional character just appears next to me and gives me a second chance.
How am I supposed to react to that?
By serving him. Unfortunately, there are others here, who wish the same. Every living creature calls itself my enemy, often without even looking at my actions beforehand.
Oh, brave new world, that has such people in it.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 56 )

I don't understand the dislikes, this is awesome!

Pimplord Nito. First of the bros.

The Gravelord Covenant only really shines in endgame PvP, if you ask me. Hiding as an NPC in the Darkroot Forest and sending out Black Phantoms to other player's worlds, only to have them rage when they can't find you hiding in plain sight. But even with that, I have to say that the Path of the Dragon is much more satisfying. What better way to toss away the ambiguity of the ending by saying "F&%@ ya'll, imma dragon!"?

U wot m8?
Did you just really write a story for that walking corpse of a group?

At the very least it's Dark Souls...

Please tell me he will summon black phantoms. With everything else as an enemy, it'll be good to have those allies.

If Bernard was two inches taller and two years younger I would've accused you of spying on me because everything else about his description was spot on.

Potential stalking aside, this story will be getting a great deal of love from me.

It was my first love. Hopefully, it can be restored to something of its former glory. Even if it weren't, this is still fun to write, and that's what matters.

I have no idea who you are.

4087314 Well, when I first got into the site, I was fascinated with it. Now it's like Dark Souls 2 ending. It's just bad.

4087314 That's what makes it so disturbing and funny. You have no idea who I am or how I look and act, yet you've essentially created my doppelganger.

4085951 That's a bit harsh. While it's true that the quantity of stories and chapters has gone down, and by extension the hype and overall enthusiasm surrounding the group as well, the quality has remained largely up to snuff.

If you ask me The Chess Game is by no means dead. Sleeping perhaps, but not dead.

Please continue this story its great bernard is relatable protagonist a rareity in fan fictions that feature a o.c as the main charecter. And the flow of story is a good slow pace

As good as this is, I fully expect updates on your villain fics.
I am not a patient person.

I just realised something, every CGoTG is a LoHAV story. Holy shit.

No, it isn't. Maybe Griffin, definitely Ember and the worgen chick, but not all of them. Sometimes, it's about perverted changelings who wield axe guitars and have a crush on Celestia, who can now transform into an anthro form.
...it's kind of like that.
I wish I was making that last bit up. Apparently, had the author gotten his way (the original author), then the Chessverse would've been about giant robot battles and there would've been breasts on everything.
... again, not making any of this up.

Would've been awesome, but it wouldn't have fitted the themes of the Chessverse all that well.

top kek. i like your sense of humor.

Pretty good, keep it up.

Dying swans, Twisted wings, bring this savage back home...

*Falls into corner and starts weeping*

The backwards joints.

Now,bear with me here,But if he's nothing but bones,Shouldn't he theoretically be able to just take his legs apart,And put that join back on backwards?

So, this story is good, I like it, but you really lost me near the beginning of the Luna scene.
I mean, picking apart a god, and then begging them to stay and talk after she gets upset. That's just to much for me.

Still watching, but a bit disappointed.

i know I should write something witty or sarcastic, but I honestly don't have something that fits what happened in this chapter.
I might find something in a book, but I can't be bothered looking for one with an approproate line.

Well, I can't say I am loving it, but I am looking forward to more.

Kinda fast paced. Bit too much so I can't appreciate the story.

All I want is a black phantom Sentinel appearing and killing a mess of paladins. All while this is playing.

Fair enough bro.

I feel bad for disappointing people. That wasn't what I'd intended. I'll work hard to regain your interest.

Still, thank you for criticising my characterisation. I appreciate it, I actually do.

,,,,Im torn,I love this story so far,But im also a Sunbro.......And ill say it again,He can just put his legs together the other way to get back to how he's used to.....And be able to wear standard armor

damn good... I loved every bit of it....:pinkiehappy:

5th to last paragraph. learn to sue the greavelord greatsword:derpyderp2::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

It is a good idea. His sword did cut him in line to the Taco Bell.

"Pulling the key out of... its buttocks"
I laughed at that, right there!

It's always good to know that I can draw a chuckle from people. Laughter is what I subsisted on originally.

4103719 Did he get an estus flask in the asylum?

I have to say, this isn't as good as the first chapter. Sometimes things are all "wait, when did that get there? Dont remember that." It could use a little more work.

Favorited. I just hope he doesn't end up angsting over any more kills in the future.


Angst, like so many other things, is hard to write about, mainly because of its realism. He won't angst over any other kills, that's for sure.

4159245 Yes,Actually,I am,I am unable to take gaming to anything beyond a casual hobby,Despite how much of it I partake in.Same with reading

OH MY GOD....I was just gonna write this when i saw this. :)


How 'bout Gravemind?

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