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When Princess Luna kicks in Fluttershy's door and tells her that the fate of all Equestria is at stake, the humble pegasus pony is understandably apprehensive about the idea.

Luckily for Equestria, Princess Luna's not about to take 'no' for an answer. She's resolved to make a hero out of Fluttershy, or die trying! Though really, dying in the process does tend to make the establishment of a heroic legend a bit easier...

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Short, simply but damn is the execution worth it.

Luna is best natural disaster!

Yes! New Tumbleweed story! And here I thought he died from starvation on a lonely arctic research base or something. I've never been so glad to be proven wrong! :twilightsmile:

However, a cursory glance reveals that it's -- true to authentic Tumbleweed-sty -- very short and incomplete. Now for the eternal dilemma of reading it and then agonizing over the cliffhanger, or waiting patiently for the story to be finished first... Tumble, if you're reading this, can you make a rough estimation of how long will the fic take? *puppyeyes*

Ah, Luna! You can be just a smidgen overwhelming, you know, especially when you get enthusiastic about things.

Ah, Luna. Try decaf, alright?

Nice start.. But it takes more than one chapter to impress me for any multi-chapter story..

Oh, this is gonna end in a car crash, isn't it. A glorious, convoluted car crash with about a dozen groups all thinking they know what the others are doing, but have so spectacularly misinterpreted the others intentions you wanna smack them upside the head with a Buick.

I eagerly anticipate the thrilling conclusion.

dis gon be gud

Eh... sorry, Tumbleweed, but the whole thing with the snake was... not my cup of tea. I don't know how to describe it, really. It just threw me out, felt really forced and Luna should've told Fluttershy, "Venomous fangs, crushing coils and you're worried about him," or something like that. Again, sorry but it just felt... not good to me. :twilightblush:

So confused

I have great hope that Luna and Twilight can settle this like grown mares and get to work fixing this stuff.

“You're awake, good!” Thistle Down stepped out of the darkness, lighting his way with a faint glow from his horn. His coat was dusty, matted with blood in places, but the same unhinged glint still shone in his eyes. “I was afraid there would be nopony around to share in the moment of my ultimate triumph!”

“Um. Okay?” Fluttershy tugged against the chain holding her in place, even though she knew she wasn't strong enough to break it. “Now that you've triumphed, can I go?”

So many yes. :fluttershysad:

4499375 Seems pretty clear to me. What's the confusion from?

Okay... I've got problems with this chapter.

It's another case of miscommunication and leaping horribly to conclusions. Also, Twilight being more than a match for Luna and/or Celestia? That's a personal thing that I disagree with, so more subjective. But... sorry, Tumbleweed. This one leaves me pretty cold.:fluttershysad:

This story is excellent and reminds me how much I miss Luna Eclipsed Luna compared to boring 'shows up in dreams and offers platitudes' Luna.

Now, the chapter clearly states that Twilight is only more than a match for Luna because she's injured from ten tons of rock falling on her. It does not say she's normally so.

I am loving this story already, you have captivated my attention on this wonderfully written story! I can only wait to see what you have in store.:yay:

Yeah, this is a nice premise, but the execution isn't working so well. The misunderstandings are a little too pat, the mistaken identities a little too easily mistaken. It could have used another chapter or two of setup before getting to this point.

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