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Cloppity clop of unusualness

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Huge problem with your premise dude. If the human is gelded, lets just say the wedding tackle will be out of operation. Unless you plan on having your guy violated in other ways or injected with hormones, the balls are required for boners.

God I can't believe I just typed that. :facehoof:

4009659 He's right, you know. It's why the sultans used to have their harems guarded by eunuchs, so they couldn't fuck any of them.

4009710 Thats a lot nicer than my explanation. Work in medical and know how low T feels first hand. :pinkiesad2:

Don't forget the short life spans and all the aches/pains/mental issues that came with being castrated.

You know, I don't think there's actual sex involved here... I think it's just sexually explicit material. Then again, eunuchs can have sex if they feel like it...

And I heard being castrated can prolong your life span, amongst a few other benefits (and a lot of less beneficial side effects).

4009746 As someone who has NO naturally occurring testosterone (my entire endocrine and adrenal system is shot) there is no "if they feel like it." :pinkiesad2:

I have to inject massive doses every two weeks to even be functional and able to get out of bed. Trust me dude, there isn't really a "feeling like it." :raritydespair:

Thank god for modern science and all that. :twilightsheepish:

Ouch, that sounds like a hassle! That sounds a bit different from a eunuch, though, as they DO have testosterone in their bodies. True, it's a lot lower than a full male, but it's not zero. I researched this for my own stories, it seems WWI soldiers with... Injuries... Were able to perform normally because they were never told they couldn't!

I thought that I was going to read an interesting and well thought out story featuring a human in Gyphonia (or whatever you're calling their country).

Then you gelded him.

Maybe it's cause I'm a dude, but if Dent is going to be a eunuch, then this story isn't worth reading.

There is no way him being a eunuch is important to the story. In fact, being a eunuch would be detrimental to the story because Dent won't be active, aggressive, motivated to do anything. You basically just made an uninteresting, useless character that will not advance the story in anyway shape or form. If your plan is to write him as any other male character, then you have to retcon the gelding, otherwise you have an enormous plot hole.

If the gelding scene isn't changed, or if he doesn't get his balls back (magic, bitch!) then I'll un-favorite this story and down vote it. For now, I'll favorite it and watch it for maybe 3 more chapters.

Wow that's harsh. My dog doesn't seem to suffer from being fixed, and there's plenty of things I can do with him that don't have anything to do with his testicles (thank goodness).

How about you don't tell the author what to write. As if you can't have an intelligent, well thought out story involving a fixed pet...


First of all. I wasn't demanding the author to change his story. I was merely declaring that my continued readership was conditional. It's not as though I expect the author to actually change an aspect of his story, no matter how bad it is.

Second of all, humans aren't dogs. Human men react badly if our testicles are removed(this is probably because, unlike dogs, humans are also affected psychologically, not just physiologically). If a man gets his balls lopped off, that's pretty much it for "normal" life. I personally know some men who had to get their testicles removed.

About half of them are able to make do with testosterone supplements/injections (although, they claim that it is NOT the same), the other half suffer from depression and now live in convalescent homes, and 2 guys committed suicide.

No, you can't write an interesting male character who has been castrated. If you write them as though they were never castrated, then don't include it in the first place, it does nothing but create inconsistencies in a story.

He did say dark/gore... :pinkiecrazy:

4009936 I hate to say it but +1 out of personal experience. :pinkiesad2:

Like the concept but completely hate the gelding. :twilightangry2:

I don't know, it sounds more like you're complaining that a story about talking ponies and pet humans isn't realistic enough, when sensible pet owners do have their pets fixed... and your experiences not withstanding, there have been and obviously are a large number of eunuchs in the world. I don't think it's too far fetched to live with such a thing, given the evidence. Anyway, it's fantasy, I'd just write in magical mood stabilizers...


Of course I'm nitpicking. It's always the little things that bother us the most.

If I continue reading the story and the author writes Dent as though he were normal, like getting excited, competitive, angry, aroused, basically just showing any signs of life beyond lazy and depressed then it is unrealistic. I don't want to read a story about a boring character.

Also, I totally disagree with magic or potions making him normal. If the author wants to write an excitable character, GIVE HIM BACK HIS BALLS. Seriously, retcon the whole thing.

What the fuck is the point of emasculating him if he's just going to drink a potion to remasculate him!? That is the stupidest thing I have ever read!

IN MY OPINION (I feel I can't stress that enough), if the author doesn't retcon the gelding, or if he doesn't get his balls magically restored by chapter 2 or 3, and the author continues to write Dent as though there were nothing wrong with him, this story would be shit due to the glaring plot hole.

I'm pretty sure the author's written it the way he or she wants it. I'd hate to be your castrated friends if you think they should all just curl up and die. That sounds awful :fluttershysad:

I don't know, I think a retcon would be far worse than pharmaceutical help within the context of the story, otherwise you really are just demanding the author change it to please your views on the matter. I think it'll be a while until we hear back from the author though, seeing when it was probably posted from when it came online. Maybe you just don't like it that a male was emasculated, I don't think it'll be that huge a part of the story. I think it'd be a one-shot if it was.

4009796 I absolotely agree with you sir.

4009796 While I wouldn't have put it so bluntly, the same goes for me.

Must be because I'm male, but the gelding scene made me feel worse than when I read "Cup Cakes" the first time.:pinkiesick:

However this seems like a interesting premis. Do please continue and let's see where this story goes:twilightsmile:

Oh goody, my story has been posted, I wonder wha-


Seems there's some chappies getting their underwear in a twist. Look, it's not supposed to be that serious. I'll just add the comedy tag, okay? it's supposed to be... well you'll see, but no, he's not getting his balls back. That's part of the joke.


That's not a joke. Getting kicked in the balls every once in a while, that's a joke. Losing them completely is retarded.

Un-favorite and down vote from me, then...

I hope future readers aren't as neurotic as me. Good luck with your story.

Thanks for your honesty, but I'm writing it like this. You never know, you might be missing out because of those neurosis :pinkiecrazy:


Not really. If I tried to read on the whole castration thing won't let me enjoy the story. It'd always be in the back of my mind, coloring my perception.

You could write the greatest story on earth, my opinion will still be "It's okay, but it'd be awesome if it weren't for that 1 inconcistancy."

This isn't just about your story. I'm like this with every story. If the author makes the slightest mistake, or incorporates something that ruins the flow if the story (for me) then I just quit reading.

It's not fair for me to demand an author change their whole stance based on a whim.

It's essentially me leaving a party early because I don't want to bring down everyone else.

Wooooow, there is so much butthurt in the comments from this chapter... Where's my popcorn? This is gonna be good!

Now, now people. Let's not all get so testi about it. The author had the balls to write this story, and must have a serious pair in order to go through with the gelding scene. Hopefully they don't balls this up.

...aw, nuts. I'm running out of puns. :moustache:

I'm interested in where this story could possibly be heading. Will Gilda complain about her human being lethargic, causing her father to have to get him some medicine to make him more chipper? Will Gilda be disappointed about what her father has done (:trollestia:)? Will any of the griffins figure out he's intelligent? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!

I'll be keeping an eye on this one, don't sack the idea just yet... :moustache:

Whose panties are in a twist? Mine aren't and yours shouldn't be either. I was just saying that the graphic gelding and eating of the protagonist's balls right in front of his eyes scene made me go::pinkiegasp:


Being a male I have a weak spot for that particular area. Theon Greyjoy from "A Song of Ice and Fire" would be a good comparison. He get's captured, I can live with that he deserves it. He get's tortuored, I can live with that he deserves it. He get's flaid, I can live with that he deserves it. He get's castrated, I can...Oh my god why would you do that to the poor innocent man!!!

That being said I have no burning desire to see Theon or your protagonist getting their balls back with the help of magic or any other way. Unless it fits into your's or J.R.R. Martin's story.

Unlike "The Reaper", I see no problem to continue reading what seems to be a promising story line, where the humans are treated like we treat animals in our world. As a matter of principle I will not favorite or up/down vote this story until I have read the second chapter, but if it keeps up the standards set in this chapter, I have no doubt that I'll like it.

Keep up the good work and don't let all the Neigh sayers dictate to you how to make this story work. The language, the pacing and the characters all seem to be well balanced. And even-though Gilda's father took the decision to, and preformed the castration I can't help, but think what a nice guy.:scootangel:

Love and friendship.

Happy. :twilightsmile:

And to think I was worried you'd give me the sack :pinkiecrazy:

...there needs to be more testicle puns, but if there were they'd likely have to be cut so this didn't start sounding nuts.

Yeah, I got nuttin' :trollestia:

I din't mean you exactly :rainbowlaugh: and well, since the original featured shears, I thought it a good idea to show how it's really done. If you did it with shears, you'd not have a gelding, you'd have a hamburger.

Anyway, I do intend to go through at least some of the darker side of getting fixed, but this isn't batman, here.

4011518 Seriously Max? You just had to leave the ball in our court? You can't just leave us dangling like this. It is unmanly. It's like you want us to read the glorious greek epic of Sans Testicles. Now that hero had balls.

Ok, I feel a little dirty now. Thank you for letting me get that out of my system.



Meat and two veg.

Wedding Tackle.

Ooooh... you touched my tra la la...
Ohhhh... my ding ding dong...


4012188 *joker voice*

You wanna know how I got these scars? Do ya? I'll tell you how I got these scars...

From Fucking Bob Barker. He kicked my ass and spayed me like a wild dog. I've never felt so alive. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, and despite my comments about hormones and the like, I imagine you'd give our hero a chance to nut up at some point or another.

Lets sum this up...first fic I ever seen using gelding on then maim character. For this the writer gets a +1 from me on effort.

We can't judge this story on a single chapter it's that easy.

While I feel for the poor dude for having his nutz taken I'll still read it... even if he ends up on the bottom of this "relationship" with gilda... if you know what I mean.

Its just a fresh view point. Can't deem it good or bad of a single chapter

This is.... different. I cringed all the way through this, because of what was going on.
But unless a story is completely shit-tastic I read at least three chapters to see where it goes.
I DO want to see where you go with this, and this is quite the interesting start.

Any estimated timing for an update?

Ah, I've been waiting for this! Gilda's a bit off... but I like she's nice when she doesn't have to show off for somebody. Maybe one day she'll learn. Sigh. And it's nice to see 'Dent' is turning himself around. It seems a bit easy at the moment, but I get the sense you're letting him get acclimated. These things don't crash overnight, I guess.

"splut" :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting... Makes me wonder how this story will do in the future^^

Nice! :heart: Hope to see more soon! :ajsmug:


Brings back nightmares of when I got 5 stitches in my own junk. Don't ask. It's a long and convoluted story.

EDIT: Actually, I can sum it up in a few words. Freak Zipper Accident.

I'm surprised this story isn't getting more reception for how well it seems to be written and all that. sure, it isn't common to see a Gilda story, but you seem to be doing a wonderful job with the wording, personalization, and even punctuation. Not many errors, and what I see as errors might not even be for those that are really the true perfectionists. keep up the good work, it looks good, and I intend to keep following it so to see how this all turns out.

Keeps up the good start fav and thumps up.:twilightsmile:

Poor bastard... At least his owner is nice... Yeah, that just doesn't make up for it...

As unwise of a decision as it may be, after such an experience as that, I would stand tall, use the most hateful glare and scowl I could manage, hold up two fingers, first pointing at Abraxis, then swiftly and harshly dragging the nails across my throat, most likely damaging the skin slightly. I would then put on a seemingly nervous smile, tilt my head about 45 degrees to the right, and start chuckling while humming some creepy ass tune. That'd surely get em. If execution wasn't next, fear and distance surely would be. For them at least. Yes, death and being a cause for fear seem like quite nice alternatives to this "life" for me!:pinkiecrazy:

Well, he had the suicide thing going for a second, but for some reason went full retard w/ bonus overdrive setting and somehow fucked that up. Hell, I'd think it to be easier to try and snap your own neck. Just requires a good grip and finesse. Why am I so depressing?! Fave anyway cuz I'm weird!

How the fuck did I not see this get updated?! :fluttershbad:

Very good, very good. Especially liked the suicide attempt with the water and food bowl.

You see that leash?
You see that hook/beam/something that a loop can go around way up there?
You see that chair over there?
You know what to do.

4046251 creepy song? like this one?


And most concerns I had with the first chapter are put to rest. Here's hoping the quality continues. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

I still don't know how I feel about it.....faved but no thumb up yet :derpytongue2:

Jesus cunting christ that was horrible. You need to put a funking warning in the description so people don't have a motherfucking castration sprung on them like that! Now I have to watch something to clear my head and calm me down.

There we go. That helped a lot. Nothing like seeing a pig getting it's face mutilated and it's ear cut off to cheer me up.

Shame it's been more then 10 years since a cop's been killed in the line of duty in my city.... Oh well, at least I can do a Google Image search for "Greek riots" and see some bacon being cooked (half the images are riot cops getting hit with petrol bombs).

"I love you."

Woa.....i think clop chap will come soon.

Well, that happened. Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Awwww, a Gryphon and her human.

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