• Published 24th Feb 2014
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Flying - Terrasora

The Wonderbolts extend a formal apology to Rainbow Dash after the events of Rainbow Falls. After some convincing, Rainbow takes full advantage of the situation.

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Chapter 1

Rainbow Dash let out a content sigh. Everything was perfect. The sun was just right, warming without making her sweat, a bit off to the side so that it wasn’t drilling into her eyes. The clouds were puffy and just a tad bit electrified, the current sending a pleasant tingle across her back that unwound tight muscles. Rainbow Dash stretched, her joints popping into place. She let out a sigh of pleasure.

Perfect napping conditions.

“Rainbow!” called a voice from far below.

Rainbow Dash turned over, gathering up a patch of cloud and using it as a pillow. “I don’t hear anything,” she muttered.

“Rainbow Dash!”

“Nothing.” She let out a yawn, stretching out a hoof to scratch at a rather uncouth part of her body. She didn’t even notice the purple shape break through the cloud layer.

“RAINBOW DASH!” came the same voice, now right against Dash’s ear.

The pegasus let out a cry, jumping off of her makeshift bed. Intruder! she thought. Invader! Nap-waker-upper!

Rainbow Dash turned towards this demon, this barbarian, this—“Oh, hey Twilight.” Dash let out a snicker. “Nice mane.”

Twilight Sparkle gave a deadpan glance. Or, rather, as much of a deadpan glance as one could muster with a wet mane plastered against their eyes.

“Ha-ha,” said Twilight, her magic flaring and restyling her mane in moments. “Yes, make fun of a drenched Princess. That’s a good idea.”

Rainbow Dash’s lips curled up into a cock-sure grin. “Twi, you’re in the sky now. I’m the Princess here.”

“Princess of hubris.”

Rainbow Dash smirked, turning around. She reached down, piling and patting down clouds as if they were snow. “If hubris means awesome.”

“It doesn’t.” Twilight craned her neck slightly. Rainbow Dash was blocking most of her construction, but Twilight was still able to make out the general outline. The Princess cocked an eyebrow. “Really, Rainbow?”

The pegasus flopped gracelessly onto her throne of clouds. She stuck her nose into the air. “And what, pray tell, brings you to my domain, Twilight Sparkle?”

Twilight rolled her eyes. “It’s been raining non-stop for a week, Rainbow.”

“Well yeah. It’s spring.”

“It’s summer.”

Rainbow Dash waved a dismissive hoof. “Details.”

“Roseluck, Daisy, and Lily have started building an ark.”

“They always overreact.”

“AJ made umbrellas for her trees.”

“AJ’s always had umbrellas for her trees.”

“Really?” asked Twilight.

Dash nodded. “Yeah, she just hides them in her barn. I’m pretty sure she’s been waiting for something like this. Anyway, Twi, I’m not the one giving orders, I just carry them out. Cloudsdale said that Ponyville’s behind on rain so they decided to send a little rain our way.”

Thunder boomed directly below the ponies, making them both jump. Twilight gave Rainbow a look.

“Okay,” said Dash, “they decided to send a summer storm. It’ll be gone in a few days!”

“And how many is a few?”

Rainbow thought for a moment, trying to remember her exact orders. “Heavy rains for two more days, intermittent showers for another week and one day of light drizzle.”

“Are they trying to drown Ponyville?” asked Twilight in shock.

“Hey, you’re the Princess. You could probably get them to stop.”

Twilight grumbled a bit, kicking at the top of the cloud layer. Then she sighed. “No, I won’t get in their way.”

Rainbow smiled lightly. “Look on the bright side.”

Twilight looked up expectantly.

“Wonderbolt season is starting up again!”

Twilight let out a groan and silently berated herself for her expectations. Rainbow Dash hardly noticed.

“They’re starting their tour in Cloudsdale, then they’ll be in Canterlot, then Trottingham, Whinnypeg, Manehattan, Fillydelphia,” Rainbow Dash’s voice grew higher-pitched at every named venue, “Salt Lick City, then Prancesylvania, then Maneapolis, then Whinnysota, then Whoofsconsin, then--” Twilight shoved a hoof into her friend’s mouth.

“I get it,” said Twilight, taking her hoof out of Dash’s mouth. “It’s a very long tour.”

“Nah, it’s about average length, but,” Rainbow Dash paused for dramatic effect, “their practices are gonna be open this year!” She floated up slightly, a huge grin plastered onto her face as she punched the air.

“I assume that the training isn’t often open?”

Dash zoomed forward, stopping inches in front of Twilight’s face. “Are you kidding?! They’re never open! Well, except for last season, but I wasn’t able to make it last season.”

Twilight smiled. “Well, I’m excited for you.”

“Rainbow Dash!” called a voice from somewhere below them. “Rainbow Dash!”

“‘Scuse me for a bit, Twi,” said the pegasus. She dug her hoof into the cloud, sticking her head through the layer. “Up here!” she shouted, waving a hoof through the opening.

A grey head, yellow mane matted with rain, poked up through the clouds. “There you are!” said Derpy with a grin. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, Dash!”

“In this weather?” asked Twilight.

Derpy nodded, the movement sending a spray of water in every direction. “Yup! Through rain or shine, Derpy Mail is right on time!” With that, Derpy reached into her saddlebags, offering a scroll to Rainbow Dash. Despite the pouring rain, the scroll was spotless.

Dash took the scroll. “Thanks, Derpy.”

The mailmare grinned. “No problem! See you later, Dash!” Derpy gave a final wave, then dropped below the cloud layer, the opening closing cleanly.

Twilight took a few steps closer to the throne, trying to get a better view of the scroll. “Who’s it from?”

Rainbow Dash turned the scroll over in her hooves. It was rather plain, the kind of scroll that Twilight used to send all the time, but sealed by wax rather than tied with a ribbon.

The seal. Blue wax, a stylized lightning bolt lightly pressed into a rough circle.

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “I-It’s the--” her voice broke, her mouth suddenly dry “--the…”

“The what?” asked Twilight.

Rainbow Dash cleared her throat. “The Wonderbolts.”

“That’s great!” said Twilight happily. “Open it!”

Rainbow Dash nodded, glancing down at the scroll. “Okay.”

Twilight smiled expectantly.

Dash didn’t move, her gaze on the blue seal.

“Well?” asked Twilight.

“I’m working on it.”

“You’re staring at it.”

“Same thing.”

“No. Not at all.”

Rainbow Dash sighed. “Okay, I’m opening it. Right… now!” She didn’t move.


“I’m trying to figure out the best way to open it!” said Rainbow Dash defensively.

“Break the seal.” The first drops of annoyance colored Twilight’s words.

Dash gasped, placing an offended hoof against her chest. “Twilight, that’s an official Wonderbolt seal, I can’t just break it like that! What are you, crazy?!”

Twilight rolled her eyes. Her magic flared sharply, coloring her horn as the same aura appeared over the scroll.The wax came off of the scroll, the seal left unharmed.

“There,” said Twilight smugly.

Rainbow Dash grumbled, unfurling the scroll and casting a timid eye over the words. Twilight hovered over her shoulder.

Dear Ms. Dash,
It has come to my attention that two of my Wonderbolts caused you a considerable amount of distress at the preliminaries to the Equestria Games, acting in a manner unbefitting of any athlete. Spitfire and Fleetfoot have received their punishment for this. However, I am of the opinion that a punishment for them would not act as much of a consolation to you for their attempts to coerce you from your friends and teammates.
I would like to extend a formal apology to you, Ms. Dash, but I admit that I am at a loss over how exactly to do so. Words alone hardly seem adequate. For that reason, I must ask you to kindly come to the Wonderbolt office in Canterlot where we can more fully discuss the apology. Simply show this letter at the front desk once you arrive and we will be able to more than happy to begin discussions.

With all Regards,
Public Relations
(Head of Public Relations for the Wonderbolts)

“Their PR head is named Public Relations?” asked Twilight.

Rainbow Dash stood stock still, her eyes roaming over the words a few more times. Then she sprang up, her hooves keeping her inches above the cloud layer. “I have to go!” she said excitedly. “To get ready! Cloudsdale! Wonderbolts!” She bolted off, a rainbow trail tracing her path along the sky.


Public Relations paced her office, a cup of coffee floating before her, her hooves falling perfectly into a dip in the carpet. It was her pacing spot, where she did all of her best pacing. And PR certainly needed her best.

What in Celestia’s name possessed those two to do something like that?! wondered PR. Idiotic! Absolutely idiotic! And for what?! A minor injury, already healed by the time the trial began! A preliminary that they could have finished in their sleep! Idiots!

She stopped pacing, lifting her coffee to her lips and taking a sip. It was bitter and scalding. PR pulled a face, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, trying to get the bitter taste of black coffee off of her mind. She despised the drink like nothing else, but it had always served its purpose. It’s tart, bitter, hateful purpose.

“Right,” muttered PR, her mind clearing under the coffee’s scalding magic. “Let’s be rational for a moment. Who’s involved? Spitfire, Fleetfoot, Soarin, and Rainbow Dash directly. All of the Wonderbolts by extension of the first three.” PR closed her eyes. “The Princesses by extension of the last.”

She took another sip of her coffee.

“But it’s fine! I can deal with it. I am dealing with it. I just need Rainbow Dash to get here and the whole thing will resolve itself in—”

There was a knock at the office door and a young mare poked her head in. “PR, she’s here.”

“Battle stations!” cried PR. “Note, I need you to go get Spitfire and Fleetfoot.” PR pushed her way past the secretary. “Bring them here. I want them waiting.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

PR didn’t even hear the confirmation. Her face had already changed; the shock and worry gone from her eyes, replaced by a wide smile and a bright aspect.

Celestia, kill me now.

PR bounced down the stairs, pushing through the lobby doors with as much excitement as she could muster. A light blue pegasus stood just before the receptionist’s desk, jumping slightly as PR made her entrance.

“Miss Dash?” asked PR, knowing full well who she was addressing.

“That’s me.” Rainbow Dash offered a weak smile, a far brighter one quickly spreading on the unicorn’s face.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Miss Dash.” PR shook Dash’s hoof. “I am Public Relations, head of Public Relations for the Wonderbolt. Thank you for coming.”

“No problem.” Rainbow Dash glanced around the lobby. “So, uh, you wanted to talk about an apology or something?”

PR nodded somberly, her smile shifting into ‘sad truth’ mode. “Yes. I’m very sorry for Spitfire and Fleetfoot’s behavior, and I wanted to extend a formal apology, just to ensure that there are no hurt feelings in this whole mess.” And that you won’t be suing us.

Rainbow Dash frantically shook her head. “No, there’s nothing like that! I don’t really need an apology. I mean, if anypony really deserves one it’d be Soarin, but Spitfire and Fleetfoot already did that.”

“How humble of you!” PR’s eyes brightened, shining as though there were nothing in the world so inspiring. “And to think of Soarin before yourself! There aren’t many ponies who think that way, Miss Dash. Equestria would be an even better place if there were.” PR paused for a moment, smiling at Rainbow Dash. “But, I must insist. There must be something that I can offer you.”

“It’s really fine! I don’t really need anything.” PR heard the hesitation in her voice.

“I won’t take no for an answer,” said PR resolutely. “We’ll head up to my office and see if you hadn’t thought of anything by then.” She turned sharply, pushing her way through the lobby doors again. Rainbow Dash held out a hoof, beginning her protest, but the unicorn had already left the room and Dash was forced to follow, heading out of the lobby, up a flight of stairs, and out into a hallway. Two mares stood in the middle of the hall, right outside of a door marked ‘PR.’

“Spitfire!” said PR excitedly. “Fleetfoot! What wonderful timing!”

The Wonderbolts turned, their eyes widening slightly as they saw Rainbow Dash.

“You see,” continued PR, “Miss Dash and I were just going to discuss our apology for those terrible turn of events at the preliminaries to the Equestria Games, weren’t we, Miss Dash?” PR turned around, flashing a smile at Rainbow Dash.

“Uh, I guess.” This mare’s way too happy for her own good.

PR turned towards Spitfire and Fleetfoot. “I’d like you two to join us, since you’re here already.”

“Sure, boss,” said Spitfire. Fleetfoot tapped a nervous hoof against the floor, but said nothing.

“Wonderful!” PR stepped towards her office door, opening it with a flick of magic. “Follow me, please.” PR trotted into the room, quickly circling around her desk and taking a seat. Dash sat across from her, sinking slightly into an overly plush seat. Spitfire and Fleetfoot had to make due with much simpler chairs.

PR steepled her hooves, her eyes boring into Dash’s. “Now,” she said, “what can I offer you?”

“Like I said,” began Rainbow Dash, “I don’t really want anything. Just being here’s enough, I me—”

“Miss Dash,” broke in PR, “you’re a fan of the Wonderbolts, aren’t you?”

Dash furrowed her brow, caught off guard. “Well, yeah. Who isn’t?”

“Yes, I suppose that’s true,” said PR with a laugh. “Spitfire, weren’t you the resident at the Wonderbolt Academy when Miss Dash was when attendance.”

“Yes, ma’am,” said Spitfire with a smile. “She was the top of her class.”

“Well, I wouldn’t expect anything less!”

Rainbow Dash felt herself go slightly pink.

PR let out a sigh. “Though I am rather saddened that you left early, Miss Dash. You would make a very fine addition to the Wonderbolt.” Her eyes flicked subtly to Fleetfoot. Rainbow Dash didn’t notice it.

“In time,” said Fleetfoot.

Dash’s head snapped up. “In time?” she asked.

“Well, yes,” said PR. “You have an incredible talent, Miss Dash.”

“One of the most talented I’ve seen in years,” added Spitfire.

“However,” continued the unicorn, “it takes years to hone all of that talent. Rigorous practice sessions.” PR tapped a hoof against her chin. “Though I suppose that your time in the Academy proves that you’re capable of handling it. Isn’t that right, Fleetfoot?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Fleetfoot turned towards Dash. “See, Spits is the resident at the Academy. She’s got a real eye for talent, so it’s her job to pick out candidates. But once the newbies are done at the Academy, the graduating few are sent to me and I watch over the primary training.” She nudged Rainbow Dash lightly. “If you’d stayed on, you’d probably be under my care right now.”

“Oh, please,” said Spitfire. “She’d probably be with us and Rapid right now.”

“You think?” asked Fleetfoot.


Rainbow Dash looked between the two Wonderbolts, images of herself flying in Wonderbolt uniform already flashing through her head. “What does Rapid do?”

“Rapidfire,” said PR, “leads the practices for the Wonderbolts regulars. Since Spitfire and Fleetfoot are often too busy with their own duties.”

“You,” said Rainbow Dash hesitantly, “you think that I could have been a Wonderbolt regular?”

“With enough time,” said PR. She leaned back in her seat with a sigh. “Unfortunately, that was not the case. Now then, have you managed to think of anything, Miss Dash?”

Rainbow Dash chewed her bottom lip. “How… how hard would it be to get me into the Wonderbolts practice?”

PR nodded. “I could get you tickets very easily.”

Dash looked up sharply. “I-I already have tickets.”

“Then what?” asked PR, her head cocking slightly.

Rainbow Dash paused. She glanced at the pegasi beside her, first Fleetfoot, then Spitfire. The latter offered a confident smile.

“As a Wonderbolt,” said Rainbow Dash. “Not a regular,” she added hurriedly, “but I want the chance to earn my place.”

PR smiled. “That can be arranged.”

Author's Note:

Preread by a few people in the OctaScratch Skype group.

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