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A high-school student living in Seattle decides to write fan fiction about ponies. What could possibly go wrong?


Jack is a griffin who's lived his whole life mostly separate from the pony population. On his way to see his sister in Los Pegasus, he breaks both his wings and gets stuck in Ponyville living with Lyra and Bon Bon. His unfortunate predicament launches him on a journey, one that will stay with him for a lifetime.

Based loosely on the song "Summer" by JackleApp. Names are used fictitiously, and should not be taken as representations of people they seem to represent. Jack is his own character.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 14 )

I love the song! Have it on my iPod, I also like the fic so far keep it up fellow brony! Sorry I can't put emotocons, I'm on mah iPod!

....... Huh. Usually Lyra only sqweees if theres a human.

Wow you updated quick!

This is a good story so far, I like how Lyra's presented and I hope that Jack gets some character development where he opens up soon :3

....... this boy has odd dreams. However, i will now play psychologist. The ponies on the other side of the fence are the ones he still hasnt fully gotten used to, and the fence is the racist barricade he set up saying to himself "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! FRIENDS WITH PONIES?! ESPECIALLY ONES THAT ACT LIKE THIS!!! COMMON SENSE MAN!!!" and so on and so on. The fence getting taller is his further unwillingness to accept them, and it falling on him is that racism coming back to bite him in the plot. I am now done playing psychologist. Now that will be $100, and i dont take insurance.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on this chapter, guys. I'm sticking my neck out a bit here, but I hope you'll all follow me where I want to take you. It's gonna be a fun five chapters to the end of this one.

That moment when you read the first five chapters of a good story, then realise it's on hiatus :applecry:

600749 Never fear! Chapter Six is coming Sunday!!

Dat fence Jack. Tear it down :eeyup:

This should have more views...:moustache:

365476 I think its between a human and fingers. Seeing as Jack is a Griffon and they have..talons (or claws) she excited about that...I dunno, maybe she love Griffon's all together?:twilightoops:

ā€œIā€™m not intolerant, I just want to be tolerant from a distance. Is that so bad?ā€

:rainbowlaugh: There's a hidden beauty to this line, that's for sure.

Oh this looks good!

I love this one so far

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