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Holy hell, this story is fucking HAWT! 10/10 would read again! :twilightblush:

New Group Addition
The Grand Equestrian Futa Wrestling League added to Circle of Friends in folder Slice Of Life

Oh my Jeebus.


I haven't got to read much into it yet, but I'm loving the transformation spell parts~

Should be good, will have to read later.

13 upvotes and 7 views? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX

3988581 It is good; I worked mah magic on it. :twilightblush:


Views don't update in real time. Votes do.

3988691 As the editor, I can easily say that those scenes are definitely coming in future chapters.


Really hope futadash fucks the hell out of futajack and vice versa. Dash has to win, how else will Scootaloo be able to look up to Equestria's most well-endowed futapone?

3988756 Who's Chuck? :twilightblush: That his real name or his username?

3988784 Ah yes, him. I've seen him around the site, but I haven't talked with him.

...oh wow. this is something I'll have to keep an eye on...

We all know futashy will be unleashed! Shy pony= maniacal sex master


Thanks again for all your hard work! Although, given how many times you've already been over it, I would've thought you were sick of it by now. :rainbowwild:


I appreciate your interest. I enjoyed your Roommate Futaloo fic, so I hope it's to your liking.


That's actually a good point, but Rarity and Twilight aren't all that experienced at wrestling, or particularly violent. They know the basics of course, but I don't think you'd be seeing a lot of bodyslams. My goal here is to try and keep everyone relatively in character, but not so much that everything is utterly predictable.


But of course :scootangel:




:rainbowlaugh: All it needs is a trademark symbol at the end.

I....I..... I am speechless man.

Serious, I don't even know how to comment this. It's not bad, oh no, sir.... this is.... *head explodes:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::heart: from sexiness*

Who's next in the competish? ^^

Oh god.
I did not expect someone to actually do this

Edit: i didn't expect it to be that good...
Well done. Can't wait for more!

Yes, this was really really good. I enjoyed it immensely~

This was great. Needs more.

I can't wait until fluttershy makes her appearance. I expect her to either completely dominate or get completely dominated. :rainbowwild:


The question still is...what will happen when Pinkie Pie will make her entrance?

So it's like Futanari Fencing, but not as hilarious and melodramatic?

Think I'll pass.

3990137 That's a good point actually, they said magic wasn't allowed, but nopony can explain the stuff Pinkie does.


Yup. It would take all the contestants plus the Princesses just to take her down! And maybe Derpy, too.

Oh wow, is that picture a preview for the show?
Where did you get it, that's awesome.

Okay, I'm completely sold on this concept.

Damn, now I even want to write some of it...

Just here to express my wtf, not gonna read...:twilightoops:

Is there a name for this kind of fic? Where it's fetish porn, but the fetish is treated as completely normal and built into the society?

Like, the equivalent would be a story where society is based entirely around bondage or foot fetish or something.

oh good, this fic got featured. I had a feeling that was gonna happen. It really is one of the better clopfics I've read in a while.

Oh man, I shouldn't be reading this on a Sunday. :raritydespair:

That's because the Japanese, as well as anyone in Asia who creates hentai, professionalize in creating hilariously terrible dialogue in their work.


That would be telling, but rest assured you won't be waiting too long.


This is the internet. Ask and ye shall receive (as long as it's porn).


Who knows? Maybe this will become a trend.


I don't know of one, but the idea is intriguing now that you bring it up.




Patience, grasshopper.

Should I read this? I'm very tempted to do so but not quite sure. I got nothing against the genre. I mean, I liked reading The Milk Chamber so this shouldn't be a problem. I'm just not entirely sold, I guess, yet.

3990608 Trust me; you'd regret it if you don't.

Oh, fine. Its half-past ten and I need to get a leg up anyway.

Why not ? There's nothing really freaky and it's not very long. The worst that can happen is you waste a bit of your time...

I'm already envisioning a 2vs2 competition... :trollestia:

Why is the internet obsessed with futa? Is it some kind of suppressed homosexual urge? I'm thinking so, as these stories seem to become popular faster than the regular clop.

3990822 I think it's because people love girls and watching/reading about them getting fucked. When you combine the two, everyone loves it. That is, that's how I see it.:twilightblush:

sweet Celestia, that was hot :rainbowwild: i can't wait to read more :yay:

But... they're not girls. The addition of a penis kinda puts the kibosh on that. Now if it was, say, Big Mac railing Twilight with a functional vagina then yes, I'd agree with you.

3990903 What makes them not females? Just because they now have a magical dick doesn't make them any more of a male. They are still them. Now if it was a full genderswap spell, then yeah, I'd agree with you.

Hm... all right. I'll see it from your point of view. I suppose I'm a bit of a puritan when it comes to proper genitalia but I don't want to look down on anyone else's fetish.

3990594 Well, obviously, but I've come to expect some reasonably terrible writing from fanfic authors too.

3990822 It allows you to have a standard penetration sex scene, but with more women and less men.

I like to think of it more as an aversion to men than a desire/attraction to homosexuality.

Wow, low-balling your expectations much there? There are good number of successful clop writers here. Most of the more recent ones are starting writers so if their work isn't masterpiece of erotic fiction, give them time. I'm sure they'll get better. With enough support and feedback, they'll write something hot.
And this is only talking about clop writers. How long have you been here? There are hundreds of amazingly written fanfics.

3991012 I have actually given feedback to numerous clop authors on this site, and the vast majority of the most popular ones are committed to not improving. If you would like to discuss this further, you are welcome to PM me/comment on my user page--I'd rather not create any more off-topic discussion on this story than I already have :derpytongue2:

I'd rather not because its not worth my time in the slightest.

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