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Brominous Quicksilver is a state employed chemist, examining the dirt near the Everfree forest for signs of change. As such, he rents a room in the townhouse that the Apple family decided to build to support their income.

A few years back, a drug swept across Equestria. But rather than inducing a high to the user, it causes them to forget a memory of their choice. The abuse that ensues has infuriated Brominous to the point that he decided to take the job opening near Ponyville in an attempt to escape the influence of the drug that was so oft used around him.

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Curious. I wonder who invented these pills. Why is obvious. But whom of the mane cast, if any, use them? And what do they choose to forget?:moustache:

360508 Maybe we'll find out, maybe we won't. :duck::trollestia: I have the story planned out already, so it won't be some 80 chapter epic that goes on and on. I'm hoping to finish this up within 8 chapters with maybe a prologue at some point. Expect the next chapter soon. BTW this is my first fic, so any constructive criticism on writing, style, grammar, punctuation, and even plot is most appreciated! Thank you for reading and commenting! :pinkiehappy:

Edit: The more I read this, the more I realize I need a pre-reader to catch stupid mistakes and make sure my paragraphs aren't as disjointed. After seeing my own writing style in action, I see a desperate need to ensure my paragraphs flow and connect between themselves.

Darnit, I forgot to italicize the thoughts. Good work genius, this is definitely the road you want to be going down if you want to submit to EQD... :facehoof:

Edit: There, I fixed them... My condolences to all who read it as Brominous talking aloud.

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