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Recently, i've taken an interest in reading other peoples thoughts, stories, and theorys for MLP. My most biggest interests for Fanfictions, is only dedicated to Lyra. She keeps my mind thinking...


Ink Rose is the daughter of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. She was named after the rose color of her coat and her talent with drawings. Her talent isn't just drawing though, its spreading love through drawings! Her main goal is to slowly make couples through the Crystal Empire and spread her known talent throughout all of Equestria!

Made by: Duke Melton and Nick Hom

Yay! The third chapter is finally finished! This chapter is a little shorter than the other chapters but I hope is supposedly better written than the other chapters. Hope you enjoy it!

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Such a sweet chapter! :scootangel:

This is awesome:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Wait, does the real inkrose know about this?

Duke do you even grammar brah :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe. Maybe not. Also have you been to Lambert's lately? Throwing muffins? Sounds like the home of thrown rolls to me.

Uh, I thought Ink Rose was with Twilight not Cadence. Might want to fix that.

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