• Published 22nd Feb 2014
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An Arrancars Justice. - spetsnaz pinkie pie

A cosplayer dressed as the 3rd Espada of Hueco Mundo, finds themself in Equestria with the power of the Arrancar Tier Halibel..

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yay a new chapter! I would give you a hug but I cant reach you so you are going to have to make do with a internet hug.


It's comic-con, shit always happens there.

heh, wait till 'her' reality comes out.

Maaaaan everything is crazy! :pinkiegasp:

For some reason, if the ending is like "and then Harribel killed the Princesses and left the Elements crying their eyes out" I wouldn't be sad. The thing is these ponies may seem nice and good at first but they tend to be quite hypocritical and aggressive towards beings that are different. Heck, their first assumption and solution to meeting a powerful being is mostly the same in fanfiction (heck maybe even in the show) "This being is dangerous. It has too much power. We must get rid of it. Forget about getting to know it or the magic of friendship."

But seriously though! I hope Harribel makes it by the end of the fic. Really hope things end well with her.

See's that story has updated.

"Hell yes!"

See's its still on hiatus.


5298758 ooo police for crazy people with there real weapons ,dangerous props and add perverts attempting sexual assaults/harassment. Still oddly overkill I can accept well arm security and police but all three? were they expecting an attack or suicide bombing?

Will this be updated soon?

You know, this is fairly interesting from the stand point of a former fan of Bleach. Tier Harribel as a Displaced leaves open several variables, including survivable reiatsu levels in different worlds. Like one world actually being spiritually dead despite the ponies running around, or a world where there is so much just on principle that it's ill advised to go there alone due to the pressure of the worlds spirit energy alone, never mind the souls, both living and dead, running around.

Grimmjow roared with laughter at this just before his eyes turned to me. "Hehe, it's a good thing too, I'm tired of being in this damn sausage fest. Nice to finally see this sweet piece of ass here in Las Noches."

I would feel sorry for Displaced-Grimmjow but considering he's Made of Iron, I don't pity him.

6768220 thanks for the reply i personaly kind of quit with modern animes now i am going retro

Grimmjow is going to get his ass beat, and I will be so super glad if the main character kills the Princesses, Discord, and some of the others because seriously it's always these kinds of stories that make me glad to see death cause they are so hypocritical about what they want. They say 'there's always a chance for everyone' and then turn around and see something of greater strength and say 'oh no we have to stop him/her/it cause they're different!'...but please update quickly cause I really want to see more of this!

When can we expect an update on this fine piece of a story.

Got to say the Cross dresser part was kind of awkward. But other then that i enjoy the story. Even though i payed very little attention to the show. But i got to ask do plan on making any more stories or updates. Its been a long time sense anything was updated or and new stories were made. Just curious . You are my favorite person that does Stuff where a man gets sent to equestria and turned into a chick. Also got to ask How about either a Female shepard or Female Undead from Dark souls. Displaced story. Don't know if you ever played those.

I wonder if the auther simply forgot he had written this story

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