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The best time to release a new story is in the afternoon, round 4 PM. That's when it'll stay on the new story list the longest.

Releasing it now at night won't get you many views. Just a tip.

I would have thought this fell under that "no rewrites" rule, but I guess it technically doesn't count as one. Oh well, was the best thing in the collection, and does deserve to stand on it's own.

I'm once again considering breaking up my "peaches" story to let the chapter with Discord stand alone. It was far superior to the rest of it.

I don't submit stories purely for views.
I deleted the chapter in the collection to make this legal.

Hmmm... Seems familiar... :derpytongue2:

Still as awesome as it was when I first read it! Le talent. :moustache:

creepy!:fluttershbad: nice!:pinkiecrazy:


So, energy transfusion or murder for power?

Pretty much... or let the universe possibly be destroyed.


4183046 no no no, im asking if its murder or scrafice.

OH, well that is up to you to decide.

Taking a soul from another universe that resembles the subject, taking their potential energy for your own and sharing it with the chosen participants. In a sense, It could be a sacrifice... but I would relate it to Murder because it was planed and you know nothing personal to who you killing... but the person is you so how much to you know.

If i told you flat out if it was Murder or a Sacrifice... it would ruin the point of this story.:twilightsmile:


4183070 true but than it bring in to effect murpphys law, and the multverse theroy, both stating eather option is occuring at any givin point in any given ti eline such as if RD haddent made the rainboom in the first place. But it still leave the viewer to decree weather or not twi murdered or saved, or if she was gainig life energy for 'imortality'.

The real question is... Does she even know what she received?


4187388 ... loopholes are hard to find with this except what if she did and never wanted it?

Very good. I enjoyed it.

How did you come across this story?:derpytongue2:

yeah, i have no real clue what i read. i mean, i know what i read, but i'm not sure if i truly understood what i read. i could kind of get the 'need' for the ritual to be done in the first place, but continuing it after so many years...it just seems odd. especially if you consider that luna herself probably took part in it before the whole banishment thing. for it to keep going on for this long...it really just doesn't seem like it is worth it in the end.

also, what was cadance doing the whole time? it says she was there, but no dialogue or anything from her.

Lets just say I left out anything that was not important for this story.

if that's the case, why bother mentioning her?

Because her presence there is important. Though any bit of activity or dialogue from her is not. It's also part of the effect to wonder these things that makes this story, they are to be asked, but never explained.:unsuresweetie:

i see. so, she is there to show that she too has knowledge of this ritual, it's doings, process, and 'rewards.' guess it makes sense them to not have her talk if it's not needed. plus, it would be weird for the princess of love to talk about something like what was going on.

exactly. I was planing on having a segment with her talking to twilight about her feelings of the ritual, but I soon found that it distracted from the point. I felt it best to have her more of a ghost character. No, the real question is... why does this need to keep on happening? Is it really to protect Equestria like Celestia and Luna say... or is it because they only desire power.

i see your point. both for the character and your questioning. i shall offer this question: what would happen if the other universe(s) would happen to figure out what is going on? going on the fact that it seems to happen once a year and that there is always a cost, there would have to be more than one universe that they are 'accessing'.

The rules are, the subject for example 'Twilight' would have to find an alternate of herself. Sometimes it is Twilight who has to do this, she will have to find herself in the other universe. Each jump will lead to an previously untouched universe. In their perspective, the subject mysteriously vanished without a trace, never to be touched by this Equestria ever again.

you would think that the sudden disappearance of a pony would bring some kind of...something. though, considering the possible probabilities of trans-dimensional spells and magic, it's not like anything that is going on in the other universe would be known in this one.

Now your thinking to why this story can be so disturbing. Yes very much so, the question is... what can they do about it?:pinkiesad2:

Even I don't know the answer to that one, simply because I don't want to write a sequel to this story.

it's understandable. it would be odd, weird, and possibly difficult, to some extent, to write a sequel for this.

Creepy ass story but good all the same liked and favorited

You really should quit eating pizza and other dairy products right before going to sleep. It'll mess with your dreams.

Also, what are your favorite pizza toppings? Do I even want to know!?

Anchovies, Olives, Peperoni.

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I weep for your ability to slumber.

This seems like a case of they don"t actually need this and haven't for years. It may have helped once, but its uncessary now, with so many alicorns, students, allies, and the elements.

I was all like wait, people still read this?

Thanks for reading.

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