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Twilight did a little mistake with teleporting spell and send herself and her five best friends into new world which none of them knew.

How will they survive here? They don't know anyone and anything, luckly they will meet someone who will help them along the way.

Chapters (51)
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not bad I like it. a few spelling errors but nothing serious.

also the steady increase in words is nice.

Those ponies man, they're a bad influence. I like that unlike other PoE stories, Thomas doesn't try to hide that the characters are from a TV show.

Not bad, not bad at all.. Some spelling errors but nothing too serious except for:

Rebecca drugged me

You might want to fix that. I'll be watching this.


3989883 I'm really glad you enjoy reading my story, and thanks for poiting that little error out, fixed

new headcanon flutterrussian

awwwww sheet!!!


Just, yes.

Twilight, why are we waiting around for two hours next to this unconscious human just chilling our hooves? :ajbemused:

I... have no idea. :facehoof: Let's go everypony. On to adventure!

And he never saw them again.



nothing can go wrong:trollestia:

Why isn't Twilight an Alicorn´? She's ascended you know

Fluttershy’s new name will be Kazumi

That's the most stupid name I've ever heard


4000330 Kazumi is the name of Rarity's singing voice actor, as for twilicorn, well I'm not a big fan of Twilight becoming alicorn

Well... It's great that you came right out of the gate with 8 chapters.

But, you need an editor. I honestly can't critique the story itself because it had too many grammar issues for me to get past the first few paragraphs. Once someone has taken up the task of cleaning this up, I'll gladly check it out.

Also, since I haven't read through it, I won't vote on it as it would be unfair to vote on grammar alone.

And finally Spike appears

It's a quite good chapter, my friend, but the last sentence, well...how to tell you...oh yeah...


Why do you have to end it that way? So many feels(of sadness)! Other than that, awesome chapter!

“He said he will see you at Saturday?”
“Oh you mean this.” Rarity started to blush and smile sheepishly
“We have a date on Saturday.”
“WHAT?” Everypony yelled expect for Thomas, who decided that it’s simply too much for one day and proceeded to take his Jack Daniels glass from the shelves and then a bottle of whisky.

Confound these ponies, they drive me to drink.

“He said he will see you at Saturday?”
“Oh you mean this.” Rarity started to blush and smile sheepishly
“We have a date on Saturday.”

Poor Spike:derpytongue2:

Oh, Spike...:raritycry:

I can imagine Thomas waking up to see Spike eating something precious....

Pinkie Pie with Caffeine....oh boy:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie + coffee =

Tom, Tom...you still don't know the HALF of it:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Maverik deleted Mar 2nd, 2014

Definitely loving this story, can't wait for the next chapter!

Dash is so going to see Pinkie in a different way. I can tell. I also love that video & Cupcakes HD... But I can't watch the darn thing! Agh!

I have a feelig, this is not THAT Smile HD video :pinkiecrazy:

“Don’t you think that this would make a great blackmailing material?”
Albert thought for a few seconds, he looked over to the girls and saw that bottle stopped at Twilight who was now nervously looking at approaching Rainbow
“Do you have a camera?”...

“Hey Thomas.”
“You were supposed to show me this whole “Smile HD” video remember.”
Thomas stopped making his sandwiches for a moment. He then quickly summed up pros and cons and formed a mischievous smile on his face.
“Sure come with me.” Thomas said while laughing like an evil mad doctor on the inside.

4000330 its a Japanese name

4000330 its a Japanese name

I don't know...this is good, or bad? Ah...nevermind...
And looks like, I was wrong about the video...I could watch only a half minute max...:pinkiesick:

you basically just skipped spike right over, only Thomas seemed to help the the guy,
where the fuck is twilight? or anyone else for that matter?

Comment posted by EPP deleted Mar 7th, 2014

This will be interesting:rainbowlaugh:

I like reading FimFics and going on Youtube too.

I bet that in the morning, Tomas is holding her like a teddy bear :rainbowwild: and someone might take photos of the scene :pinkiehappy:

Is Russian Vodka
Is stronk Vodka
Best Vodka in vorld.

Sneaky devil, that Thomas.

Totaly worth it:pinkiecrazy:

OH MAH GOSH that ending was to good:rainbowlaugh: totally worth the getting punched in the face by Rainbow:derpytongue2:

:twilightsmile: I like this fic already

:moustache::pinkiegasp: DUN DUN DUUUUN

Bum, Bum Baaaaaaaaaaaaa

best meme EVER (or atleast ONE of the best)

why do i love this fic...cuz i should be doing my chores like NOW

lololololololololol more please:pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::raritystarry:

I saw that coming! I just KNEW IT!

That last question :facehoof:

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