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Just a wannabe screenwriter who happens to have a fascination with pony fanfiction.


Applejack has been thinking long and hard about Twilight. It's gotten to the point that she feels there could be something more to her thoughts. Eventually, she tries her luck and asks her out.

What she wasn't prepared for, however, was the whirlwind of events that would take place afterwards. Both for better and for worse.

Chapters (6)
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Good start, hope you keep up the work.

A bushel is an imperial and U.S. customary unit of dry volume, equivalent in each of these systems to 4 pecks or 8 gallons (9.31 U.S. liquid gallons). It is used for volumes of dry commodities (not liquids), most often in agriculture. It is abbreviated as bsh. or bu. In modern usage, the dry volume is usually only nominal, with bushels referring to standard weights instead.

Hullo! Love the story, but this was driving me nuts. A bushel is a unit of measure, not an item. They fill the baskets with a bushel of apples. There is no filling of bushels. Just saying..... :ajsmug:

Fixed. Many thanks for the clarification! :ajsmug:

Oh, I've GOTTA get more of this!

I like how this is going so far. I have hope for cuddles, in their future.

I'll be sure to check this out when there's more to it.:twilightsmile::ajsmug:

>>Looks at description.
>>"Applejack has been thinking long and hard about Twilight."
>>"long and hard"
>>Laughs all the way out

nice story and I like that you make is a bit more of a testing thing in the start rather than true-love at first sight, which I have seen waay to many times :ajbemused:
nice story and I find both AJ and Twilight totally in-character :pinkiehappy:

Do you have an editor? Given that everything in the fic happens from Applejack's viewpoint, some of the non-dialogue stretches feel a bit too narrator-y, if that makes any sense. And while it's technically correct (I think) to run dialogue and normal text together in a paragraph, it makes it a little hard to read in place.

Still, not badly written, I'm a sucker for TwiJack anyway, and I'm curious to see where this goes, seeing as 'hilarious missed chances to confess' and 'love interest blithely asks suitor to help pick someone else for the love interest to woo' have already been checked off.

Cute story :twilightsmile:
Do you have any idea what the update schedule is going to look like? Is it once a week, once a month, once-every-six-months-plus/minus-a-few?

You had me at TwiJack. I have nothing constructive to say at the moment, so I'll wait.

good start, it's interesting, I shall fave to see where this goes

Very solid start, overall. :) I'm favoriting and upvoting.

(And if you are looking for constructive feedback, it's a little telly, and the dialogue could be less perfunctory.)

I do have an editor, in fact, and I shall keep this in mind when writing up more chapters. Thank you for your input!

As of this point, my update schedule is update... when it happens. Sorry that I don't have a fixed system. :twilightblush:

TwiJack is one of the shippings I wish there were more of, keep up the good work!

Very interesting! I look forward to see more. Though, yes I know im being a little to much of a critic but, its marefriend not girlfriend... doesnt matter but, it through me off a little. Im liking this story and cant wait for more! Thank you for sharing this story with us!!! XD totally called twilight quessing macintosh!

I need moar!

Apple Sparkle (Twilight Jack?) is a horrible ship. The worst Mary Sue ever created paired with a background pony. That's like shipping Cthulu with Kim Jong Un.

Mr Cake x Chrysalis, ftw!

Comment posted by The Orange Nebula deleted Apr 26th, 2014

Oh hello friend
looks like we have the same icons(almost)

Sooo...what are you doing reading the ship if you don't like it?

Nothing wrong with not liking a particular ship, but what's the point of trash-talking? That's basically what anti-bronies do.

Cthulhu and Kim? Interesting.

...While I appreciate the effort in attempting to weed out a troll...
Please spell-check.

The strange thing is I'm a TwiDash shipper yet A Delicate Balance is my favorite romance fanfic.
This story seems promising, can't wait to see a new chapter. The flow and pacing are spot on and I see nothing wrong with the characterization so far. I'll see where this goes.

Nice start. I love where this is going

You gave me that feeling. That feely feeling that I feel when people make situations I have trouble reading lr watching sue to cringyness. I LOVE IT


pretty sure he/she was JKing....

Really? I clicked on his profile. Looks like it's his hobby.


huh. didn't look at his prof so >.>

Holy €&@$!! :pinkiegasp: that was simply beautiful! I'm so looking forward to this :heart:
You can do it applejack!! :ajsmug: :ajsmug:

I'm actually starting to cheer for AJ.
I don't recall ever doing that before in a shipfic.

Carry on :rainbowlaugh:

A wonderful continue of a great story! :twilightsmile: I'm so looking forward to read what happens next.

I really like this story. And your mention of Les Misérables, that really made my day.

this has potential, bravo bravo

Good update, hope you keep up the good work.

I love it!
I would love so much more of this!

Let's hope she doesn't pull a Twilight.

Don't pull a Twilight.

man, nice chapter.
this im liking alot and im normally not even in to a.j. ships.
well with the exception of 2 really good lunajack fics i read. but those were for the luna.

:pinkiehappy: great so far! I'll be waiting for more!


Interesting first date. I was expecting Applejack to try and pay for Twilight's meal as well as try to kiss her goodnight. Feel's like she took a more detached route which you could argue makes sense because of Twilight's indecision.

A typical first date. It felt so awkward.:rainbowlaugh:
I enyojed it. Keep going.^^

I almost didn't bother with this story. That would have been a mistake. :ajsmug:

Very cute. Lovin' it so far.

Good stuff :pinkiesmile:

Good first date. Just the two playing off of each other, not much more to say.

I need to see Les Miserables...

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