• Published 5th Mar 2014
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Brony in Black - Gray Compass

Rescuing stupid humans from Equestria, and saving ponies from psychopaths. That's part of our job.

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You never forget your first day...

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Brony in Black

"Good morning and welcome to the Pony Mesa Transit System. This automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Pony Mesa Research Facility personnel. The time is 8:47 AM. Current topside temperature is 69 degrees with an estimated high of 75. The pony Mesa Compound is maintained at a pleasant..."

A slight swing of the train pulled me out of a nice nap, my forehead skin was ridiculously flattened from the extended contact with the windows - thanks God, the wagon was empty. I really wanted to avoid any unnecessary attention, It was just my first day after all.

"...Please remember to present your ID card for validation at the central lobby authentication system. Your security is essential to us. This train is equipped with high pres..."

I checked my pockets and found it; a small black card with a glossy white stripe crossing its surface. 'Level 5 Clearance' Said the bold letters carved on it. I looked to my hands and sighed

Believe me, It was everything but easy to reach my position. After almost two decades working for CIA, countless scars (physical and psychological ones), and burnt digits later - here I am; on 'Equestrian Security and Research Center', just a fancy name to the corporation who keeps those silly humans away from aliens. Well, not aliens 'aliens'. I mean, reptilians, grays, tentacles, and all this kind of shit is responsibility of the seventh division guys.

If I remember well, their names are K and J, I'm not sure though. Anyway, our job is kinda different, we just deal with the ponies.

Yeah, you heard that... Ponies

When I got accepted in the Equestrian Security, the veterans said that the first contact made with their species happened about twelve years ago, after a disastrous incident inside the LHC. Yes, that huge particle collider in Switzerland. Records say that a pink creature randomly spawned inside the facility.

God save their souls...

Needless to say, the government was forced to intervene. In the end they said it was a meteorological balloon, and everything went out just fine.

Nah, I'm just kidding - actually, they evacuated the site and filled the whole thing with concrete. The pony... Well, it would likely be dissected, but the creature somehow persuaded the scientists to throw a party with her.

Some talks, money, portals and parties later, we finally achieved a direct contact with their leader. I will not describe all that boring diplomatic stuff, but both sides agreed to keep secret about the other's existence. The human race wasn't prepared to deal with magic nor the ponies with bullets.

Unfortunately, the layer between our dimensions is uniquely thin and delicate, this way, peculiar disturbances tend to occur frequently after the LHC incident.

And hey! Here's where our division takes place; we keep ponies away from humans, and humans away from ponies. It may look simple, but believe me; it is not.

"Agent S, good to see you. Any problems during your trip down here?" My partner and guide - Johnson, greeted me as I tripped on the platform steps.

"N-no, not at all..." I chuckled awkwardly " So, how are you, John?" I shook his hand.

"Oh, I'm the same as ever, boy." He smiled "Sylvester, I must ask you to call me J2 from now on, for security reasons, you know."

"S-sure, sorry for that, I'm still-"

"There's no need to apologize, son." The veteran nudged me. "It was just a quick reminder. Now let's go, let me show you the place and give your equipment, I have a busy morning planned for you today."

'Oh well, that's great...'

As we made our way through the complex, agent J2 pointed, described and talked incessantly about absolutely everything; from the coffee shop to the parabolic-quantum portals. I half listened to him, but to be frank with you, I just wanted a pillow - Or maybe a cup of coffee.

"... And right there, behind those silver double doors is where we stock the gadgets used on- Agent S! Are you listening to anything I'm saying?" He abruptly stopped in front of the doors, I almost bumped against his back.

"Y-yes, yes - I'm listening, sorry for that... " I stuttered.

"Yeah, don't worry boy, this tend to happen with everyone in this place." He patted my shoulder "People say there's something in the air down here, you know? To cause us amnesia... Bullshit - Now come here, I'm gonna show you some little toys." With a snap of his fingers, the doors went open.

As we stepped inside the room, all lights came on simultaneously, revealing a huge matrix-like room, lined by dozens, if not hundreds of shelves, stacked high with everything you could imagine.

"Welcome to the Inventory!" He said.

Wasting no time, J2 started to zigzag through the corridors, looking for something, I presumed. But I just stood there in the doorway, dazzled by the sight.

"Feel free to walk around and explore, just try to be careful." His voice echoed as he vanished from sight. "Some artifacts are enhanced with magical attributes, 'gifts' from Princess Celestia."

Princess Celestia

Oh, I remember the first time I saw her picture. Good god, I've never imagined that an equine could be so graceful- Okay, before you go around thinking I had some weird crush on alien royalty, allow me to explain myself;

Even if I had a crush - I could never get even close to her, firstly because she was like an Equestrian equivalent to Queen Elizabeth - Immortals, you know? And second but not least important; for security reasons, human visits to their world were strictly restricted.

As a matter of fact, since the two dimensions made contact, just seven humans were allowed to get there - Not counting those ones who accidentally reached their realm somehow.

The same law is applied to Earth. Unlike other alien species coming from the same universe, Equestria is a completely different place, it has different physical laws and a surely different way of interpreting things. While our cosmos seems to work based upon chaotic laws, their one is the extreme opposite. Harmony, love and etc...

Anyway, there were dozens of reasons justifying as to why humans couldn't date with ponies. It's sad, I know, but things work like that.

*Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip*

"I swear, I didn't touched anything!" I quickly turned around, looking for an activated bomb or- whatever. But just found J2, laughing at me.
"Hang on S, it's just my beep." He pulled the device out of his pocket "By the way, your equipment is right there waiting for you." There were some widgets placed over a table.

"Equip yourself, I'm gonna see what Senior Redwood wants, I'll be right back." I just nodded.

As he left, I approached the table to check my new belongings; a strange looking gun - 'UnMagic' written on its stock, I've used this on training lessons, it's a magic inhibitor device. Very useful against unicorns.

There were also a couple of medical supplies and Equestrian healing potions; aside from the inter-dimensional traffic control, we still kept close contact with them - two human ambassadors lived in Canterlot (secretly of course) as well two unicorns here in the base.

Back to my equipment, I noticed that peculiar little thing -

A slightly small cane-looking object, it had a red gemstone on its base and a pony head at the top. Well, I could say more about this, but unfortunately, it's confidential. A 'privilege' given to us by Princess Twilight.

As I grabbed my things, agent J2 opened the doors in a hurry and directly headed to a cabinet in special. A large, sealed one.

"What- Hey man, what's happening?"

From his belt he retrieved a strange silver key, wasting no more time, he opened it. Throwing papers and small objects on the floor, he grabbed a massive dark gun - from god knows where - and attached it to his cross belt.

"Pack your things S, we have a 171 here."

[b"Hey wait, w-we have what?!"

I tried to follow him, J2 ran as if his life depended on it, when we finally stopped I was panting as a beaten dog. I looked around, we were on the launching pads chamber.

"W-what the hell is a 171??" I asked, still slightly breathless. Ignoring my question, he just threw me inside one of the cabins.

"Hold your arms against your chest agent S, we must be quick now, Lyra came to earth again."