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I am gonna try to make fanfic history!! Well...try anyways

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I have some questions. What is Shadow? What does Shadow and Autta look like? You never described them. How old is Autta? She can't be too old, yet her mother left her five years ago.

He hoped Autta would stop asking questions but his hopes went fulfilled.

This sentence is incorrect. I think you meant that 'his hopes went unfulfilled'.
I like the story so far. I just wish to know these things and I'm sure other readers do too.

3987118 Thanks for letting me know, I'll be sure to add descriptions in my next chapter :derpytongue2:, I'll also be fixing that typo. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

it a nice story sad but nice so here a favourite

3988219 Thank you very much! I'll do my best to keep it going and making it better! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for describing Shadow and Autta. A grey earth stallion raising a little purple pegasus filly. Nice to know. As for Luna, she really needs to learn how to read the labels. If this happens, this will REALLY complicate matters between these two. (I know...DUH!!)

3990319 Yep, she really does need to read things. But are you sure it wasn't on purpose? ;D

C'mon man you can't do that, but really great chapter, I enjoyed it tremendously. I just hope that you don't traumatize Autta, but i guess that I will have to wait and see:trixieshiftright:

:rainbowlaugh: I love ever thing about this made my day thanks you

4003939 I'm glad you enjoyed it, I'll try to make future chapters just as good

I wonder if Autta is going to see a little bit too much of her possible future mommy.:twilightblush: We can't have this ending too quickly, now can we?:raritywink: Let the courtship of Luna and Shadow begin!:yay:

4005522 Let's just say, everypony learns a little something in the end :3

This is actually pretty good. Now I'm not normally one for pointing out these sort of things but 'more kinder' is highly irritating. One does not simply place more before a word ending with 'er' without some negative feed back.

Do please consider that when doing work in the future.

4008639 I'll fix that and keep that in mind, thank you :)

:pinkiegasp: DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNN!

Nightmare Moon is going to have Shadow replaced and his ex is going to take his one reason for living away from him...things better start looking up in the next chapter. I will leave this story in a heartbeat.

4023132 Sorry, I wanted to add more than a simple love story to a clop fic, it ends on a good note but it's a long and bumpy road there. I understand if you want to stop reading.

4022952 Yep, there are gonna be some curveballs and obstacles for both of them

Is I ok to feel sad for him become that sucks for him :fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::fluttershbad:

4024329 Things will get worse before they get better

4027628 Hahaha! You underestimate me my good sir, the feels train has no brakes

will let me pay for my ticket and we can go :facehoof: I have no idea what am try to say here

4049914 The feel storm is still on it's way :scootangel::pinkiehappy:

I approve... Nuff said.

4049994 Thank you! I'm busy at the moment but I'll be pushing out chapters soon!

it´s not bad but i not like it that thiere seems to be not really ponies. I think their anthro ? It´s still not bad but i don´t like the idea of ponies being human kinds

i really want to know, are they ponies or something like humans here? It sometime´s sounds like their are humans i just want to know what is right^^

4091924 They are both, part pony and part human. Anthro means that, you can look up anthro pics of ponies so you can visualize what I mean

....I need more....:ajbemused:

4105548 I'll be pushing out a chapter or two soon, sorry for the wait

Luna began to brake the hug as Shadow started to turn and leave, as he was out of sight, she sighed and frowned

should be break
recommend fixing this sentence since it is a run-on sentence

4091924 I think they are anthros if i last checked the tags

urge to murder somepony... rising!

4515757 Hehe, I understand your feelings. You'll see her true self in later chapters :3

I do not believe in torture. However, I am willing to make an exception with Aurora.:twilightangry2: What the hell does she have against Shadow? What the hell did he do that 'brought this upon himself'? And what the fuck is Celestia up to? Shadow just lost the one thing he lives for and she sends him to the dungeon? I hope she has guards assigned for suicide watch. What the hell did she mean by her last sentence in this story?
I really hope we don't have to wait another 4 months for the next update.:duck:

4651455 Sorry for the late update, I'll try to pop out a chapter this week. Aurora's hatred for Shadow will be revieled in the next chapter and Celestia fears for what did happen that caused Aurora and Shadow to split

First, thank you for the quick update. I guess Celestia had a feeling this was why Shadow's wife left him, and why she hoped Luna could handle it. I still hate Aurora though. It also looks like Luna has to break it off with Shadow and/or let him go because she can't risk doing more harm to him than she already has.

.....The power of fuckery named Aurora and the mind

:unsuresweetie: I don't know how far this is going to go, but I'm interested.

"So, you act as if I care about laws or rules. You should have learned by now that I don't give a damn about anypony or anything."

Remember those words Shadow. Don't get burned twice. And Luna, she was the one who ended it. If she wants him, she and NMM will have to fight for him.


4659282 Hehe, he's just a hurt guy trying to find love but I see your point
:3 sorry for the rage inducing content, I'm purposely tugging people's heartstrings

4659030 Nice possible foreshadowing :D I do appreciate your comments and you might just be right ;D

4658840 It's gonna be a journey but trust me, it'll all make sense in the end and...Luna will be happy

I what to say shit about to hit the fan but we are way past that all say for shadow is to bend over and grab your ankles

My interest in this story is sky rocketing. I can't wait for the next update and I am glad Shadow used his head on his shoulders.:eeyup:

I'm glad Shadow didn't go for her right away. I wonder how long Aurora can keep Shadow in the dark? What happened to the guy that wanted foals with her? That is why she wanted Autta in the first place. And how come I think that what Nightmare Moon is doing is going to blow up in her face? I did say NMM AND Luna had to get him back. Right now, it just NMM.

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