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Something's changed on Pandora. Could it be the recent arrivals? Certainly, a few ponies and an ordinary human can't change too much, can they? Whatever the case, one such pony wakes up at a bus stop. Next to this human. It doesn't take long before things get complicated...

I do not own My Little Pony, nor do I own Borderlands.

Note: The rest of the mane 6 will be added to the character thingy down there as the story progresses.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 24 )

"Mad Mel", not "Mad Max".

YES! BORDERLANDS!!!! I love you.

Needs description. Pretend that somebody who's not a Borderlands fan is reading this: what everything (or at least everything important) look like? Without details to flesh it out, it's just a bare skeleton of a story, and not very interesting either.

Good luck with this.
In all honesty, you may not get very far. Believe me, mine didn't. But hey, you may get much farther than I did.
Once again: good luck.

The Prologue seemed a little... guided; RD seems to know what to do without even having to think.
It's alright so far, not very 'well written' though

379910 Whoops, slipped up there.

379975 I love you too :D

379979 Alright, as I said, first story, but that's no excuse. I will try to do so. I'll probably update the first few chapters sometime. Probably soon.

380167 Thanks :3

381023 Well, maybe. Will see what I can do later.

381664 About SugarPesticide's complaint: do a little worldbuilding, describe things like scenery and items. Characters and situations, too. Not everypony here is a Borderlands veteran.

You don't have to rewrite this, just put extra effort in the next chapters.

We cool? :moustache:

"Oh, there ain't no rest for da ponies,
Money don't grow on trees.
We got bills to pay,
We got mouths to feed,
There ain't nothing in this world for free.
We know we can't slow down,
We can't hold back,
Though you know, we wish we could.
No there ain't no rest for da ponies,
Until we close our wings for good".

P.S. damn cliffhanger...

Is it cheating if my Hunter is level 999 with 40,000+ HP and 21 billion shield and a Pearlesent Anarchy Aries that does 1456 x3 damage with a x4 Shock?

All right, cool! Not only are you working more with character interaction, you are creating reasonable in-universe explanations for things! That "war skags" story actually made me laugh, good one :rainbowlaugh:

503396 You really wrote all that just not to say "first comment?"

503396 .... Yes.

504169 Glad it did :D I had to come up with SOMETHING, and Hyperion guns are deadly accurate. Maybe a little too accurate :P

504259 So accurate, even a skag won't miss with them! :pinkiehappy: And don't take the troll seriously.


first comment? To what exactly?


and you, Troll? You know not the meaning.

Love it so far!
The reactions of the vault hunters made me laugh!

Only pinkie could turn a room full of raging psycotic psychos into partygoers... Tracked, btw.

awsome storie dude cant wait to see the rest

Hm... I suspect... yes... Applejack is going to be with skagzilla... that or the Hive Queen monster.

I would love to see rarity with moxxi and twilight with general knoxx [yes he a bad guy but he's the best and wisest man i know on pandora!just like twilight!]

The entrance area had a small tented shelter with a few vending machines, and a split path, 1 being a high road, and the other a low. Both were connected to the next area, so it mattered little what road you took.

'one' instead of the number '1'; try to avoid using low digits in descriptions.

"Ah, good, so I'm not getting insane."

going instead of getting.

other than that seems good, keep going.

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