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Hey! I'm Sara. I'm just a normal girl who loves writing fanfics. Other than writing fanfics, I'm either working at my job, or doing YouTube. Check my channel, RandomGamerSara, anytime!

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Not bad! It keeps it's own pony theme, but still has the Hunger games plot. Favorited!

Little short, but u gotta have them cliffhangers huh? All well.. Keep up the good work!

Twilight volunteering for Fluttershy doesn't have the same effect that Katniss/Prim did. Why does Twilight care more about Fluttershy getting picked than Pinkie Pie, anyway?

Hunger Games crossovers never seem to work with MLP, and there have been a lot of them... they just tend to fall apart after the initial reaping.

6931655 you have to think of it more as she isnt friends with the other mane 5 just Fluttershy who spends time with her

6930466 aw thank you :) I'll work hard for chapter 3! Just be patient :P

6930907 Don't keep your hooves up for a quick one. Again, be patient with me!

6931655 Like my description says, this is an Alt. Universe where the main 6 aren't friends. In the district of Ponyville, all Twilight really cares about is her good friend, Fluttershy. I hope that clears up confusion.

6932221 Right :) Thanks!

Wait... Sorry I'm confused, who's the 3rd male? And how did flash teleport, thought he was a pegusaus. Good story though, similar to the original but unique either way.

3rd male's not known...but I guess I kinda forgot XD whoops. I'll replace the Pegasus male with Flash and have the 3rd stallion be unicorn. Sorry about confusing you, but thanks for bringing it up!




It spells out NICE, just with a few numbers instead of letters...

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