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After the Doctor saved the world and got a new companion, Twilight Sparkle, he has been told she is moving. Her mother Twilight Velvet has a request for him. To go to check out the new school Twilight will be attending. But when he gets there he is thrown into a new adventure where he meets a strange Twilight, as well as an energy source in this school. Meeting old friends and helping bring together friends, the Doctor is in for an adventure even he has never done.

Chapters (4)
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So Carrot Top and Ditzy? I look forward to this...

Aloe and Lotus.


Derpy and Carrot Top.

what happen next?

I demand MORE!

wonder if doctor find out this twilight is from equestira and twilight from equestira find out that doctor had meet the other twilight in this world?

4078981 actually, there is no Doctor in equestria, but he does look like a guard twilight hasca crush on back home

This just hit me. Flash Sentry as Rory. I love the idea of Twilight as the Doctor's companion but not as a ship. I don't usually like ships but I do find the whole Flashlight thing amusing. And it fits since he just wheat threw the 11th Doctor's first episode.

4235987 flash wasnt in episode one of my fic. Sorry, but I just dont like flashlight, I like flash, iust not the pairing

4237782 it's your fic. I'm just puting in my two cents

4237864 its possible for a doctor/twilight, maybe a fic focusing on pony twilight and pony doctor

Why do I think the master. I'm probity limiting myself since I haven't seen much of the classic doctor who

WHOA WHOA WHOA BACK THE FUCK UP:twilightoops: FUCKING SHOOTING STAR THE ASSASSIN!!?!? THE DOCTOR REGENERATED INTO ANOTHER UNIVERSE ASSASSIN!?!?:pinkiegasp: he just regenerated into Shooting Star. :pinkiecrazy: i'm done. i'm so done.:eeyup:

4348922 actually if i am correct the force the doctor meantioned is satan since some how you cant have adventures trough time with out satan but last time i saw the episode fear it self or satan if you prefer that name did fall into a black hole :twilightsheepish:

4585142 oh i though it was already huh well then i wach way too much doctor who :twilightsheepish: since i noticed the little facts yet i cant get my english grade above 7 :facehoof:

Hopefully the next update won't take as long! Also, Bob. That is all.

4829044 how DARE you accuse me of such a crime?

look like doctor finalley get the awanser and and who the mystery voice in sunset mind? i can't wait for next chapter

Comment posted by Leurunner deleted Dec 20th, 2014

4829161 "Flashlight" seriously?

It's been almost a year since the last update! What the heck!:rainbowhuh:

Whoa! This dialogue is similar to Equestria Girls 1! Anypony think the Doctor was helping Twilight win the crown from behind the scenes?:trixieshiftright:

"Yes.... the plan is going smoothly. Soon I will be unleashed and away from this wretched prison!"

Please tell me that's not who I think it is.:twilightoops:

Just out curiosity are you still writing this fic?? Its been way over a year since the lastchapter was added.

Wonder what human Discord looks like...have you read the fimfic where he is the school's janitor with adult wisecracks?

Oh No! What happens next?
Wonder what happens if two Twilights meet each other.
Keep up the good work!

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